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35 Pretty and Simple Nail Designs

Nail art can be so fiddly. If you’re the kind of girl who can’t deal with the pressure of doing intricate detailing, and who doesn’t even have the time or patience for it – we feel you. Who has the time for all that? Still, that doesn’t mean your nails should be bare! Here are our favorite easy and simple nail designs for girls on the go..

1Dusty Pink Minimalist Nails

Dusty pink is one of the hottest colors around and flatters every skin tone under the sun. That’s why it is perfect for your nails. It will add a much-needed pop of summer color to your look without having to embrace neon trends. You shy girls will love this! Our favorite polish in this cute color is Essie’s In Stitches. Use a nail dotter and gently dab white spots onto the ends of your nails, and there you have it – a simple and effortless design!

2Pastel And White Simple Nails

Pastel colors are a great way of adding a splash of summer into your nail art. Cut out triangle shapes from tape and place them there where you would want the nail to be bare. Through this, you will create a cut-out feel all whilst incorporating the geometric trend. Remember that all-important layer of transparent polish to protect your design!

3Simple Dainty Daisy nail Art

Daisy designs are cute, simple and are IN! Use OPI’s Charged Up Cherry for the base and then, with a finer nail art brush, draw on the petals in white. Add a splash of yellow in the corner to create the flower head. We think this would look cute with a girly white lace dress for a casual day out with your pals!

4Olive Branch Nail Art

Olive branches are a sign of peace or victory, so this is the ideal design if you have something to celebrate! Team lilac and dusty pink – this summer’s it couple – for a girly but neutral look. For the olive branch, fear not, it doesn’t have to be difficult! You can find olive branch nail stencils all over the internet at very cheap prices – we recommend checking out Ali Express!

5Simple Glitter Glory Nails

It’s difficult when you want something special for a party but haven’t got the skills (or the patience to do so). Luckily, we have found you this gorgeous glitter design that is special, but so easy to do! Revlon has a great range of sparkly polishes, including pastel pink, so you have plenty of choice for your next event!

6Pink And Mauve Nails

Let’s just say it now, you are going to get an awful lot of dusty pink! Mauve is another girly color that will look hot on your nails this season. Team them together to create a powerful duo, that is perfect for day time and night time! Simple, yet cute!

7Minimalist Chevron Print Nail Art

This Chevron print is elegant and is the perfect summer pattern. Create triangle shapes out of tape to get even print all the way round your nails. Black and white contrast perfectly with the girly pastel pink to give you a timeless, stylish look. We would add silver jewelry to contrast even more with your design.

8Leopard Print Simple Nails

Though leopard print looks tricky, it isn’t that hard. If you have a dotting tool or even a toothpick, you can do this look in minutes! We love the mix of manicure and reverse manicure to spice up your design. Use beige and brown for an authentic leopard print or use pastel tones for a fun, summer-ready design.

9Simple Girly Glam Coffin Nails

You will definitely need to try this next look for your next night out. Team a classic little black dress with glittery nails for an extra hint of glamor. We recommend Models Own’s Holographic Disco Dust polish for this look, along with that must-needed layer of transparent polish!

10Marble Mani

Marble print is an easy way of expressing your inner artist. Use vibrant colors to respect this season’s trends, and also jazz up your nail art. Adding white borders draws attention to your design and brightens it up too!

11Ombré Manicure Simple Nail Design

This design gets us dreaming of foreign places and sandy beaches. This ombré design that ranges from a sky blue to a crisp white is perfect for a day on the beach. Get your hands on Essie’s Coat Azure to get the look!

12Minimalist White Love Nails

We just LOVE this design (see what we did there?) – it is cute, simple to look at and simple to do! What’s not to love? Write “love” with a dotting tool or use Daily Charme’s foil nail art stickers to glue your very own golden “love” onto your nails. White and gold look just as lush!

13Electric Blue Long Nails

Electric blue is part of the neon trends back this season. Imagine your outfit, a black cropped Bardot top, with white high-waisted flared pants and these gorgeous nails to set it all off! Use acrylic nails or use a longer-lasting gel polish if you are planning a party week end!

14Pastel Power Nails

Use striping tape to create this simple striped look. We love the combination of sky blue and pastel pink for a girly design. Team these nails with gorgeous rose gold jewelry to compliment the pastel pink in this look.

15Pinstripes Wedding Nails

Pinstripes are one of the trends we are fully embracing this season. They instantly make a look classy and sophisticated – so why not try it on your nails? We recommend using a toothpick to get super thin and even lines on your nails. Easy and cheap – you don’t need to splash out on special tools when you have the right ones at home!

16Polka Dot Nails

This polka dot design is cute and feminine. Whether you want to use the pastel colors used here or black or white for timeless elegance, these are adaptable for all situations. Use a dotting tool to dab the perfect polka dots onto your nail, or use nail transfers if you are really feeling lazy!

17Reverse Mani

The reverse mani makes your nails look longer, without the hassle of having to grow them out. Paint on two layers of your base coat, before creating a small half-oval shape at the bottom of your nail. We love this mix of matte polish with glitter, as it adds texture to your design. Perfect for a romantic dinner for two, even your crush will love your nails!

18Stunning Stripes

Coral and gray are our favorite summer combo. A pop of color thanks to the gorgeous coral give your look a hint of summer. It will look lush with a girly white tea dress! Anyone can do this look, so what are you waiting for?

19Marble Madness Nail Art

Marble nails are an innovative way of adding texture to your nails. Easy, stylish and sleek, no one can deny the fact these nails are hot! We love marble nails in black and white for a timeless, Parisian vibe. Team with nudes and pastel tones for a laid-back look.

20Simple Sweet Look

A look that’s good enough to eat! This sweet, girly design is easy to replicate, especially if you are an avid nail polish collector. Open up that abandoned drawer and find those long lost cute polishes to get the look. Grey and white polka dots are a great way of doing spots like a grown-up. Add glitter for a bit more glam!

21Feeling Blue Pastel Nails

Baby blue looks gorgeous with white, don’t you think? This refreshing chevron print with a touch of glitzy glam will add a little sparkle to your day. As the pastel blue is laid-back and gives off chilled vibes, you can get away with wearing a bit of glitter during the daytime. Team with khaki to dress up your military outfit!

22Minimalist Black And Gold Nails

Black and gold nails are your go-to for your next party. Sassy, on-point and sophisticated, these are flawless! Team with lovely gold jewelry and the must-have little black dress for a look so classy that Audrey Hepburn would be jealous!

23Goldfinger Simple Nail Design

Feeling lazy? Nail art can be such a drag… well, this is simple enough! Cut gold nail foil into a rectangle and layer it across one (or several) of your nails. Add a layer of transparent polish to lock that gold in and away you go! Wear it over pastel tones for a fresh and feminine look!

24Mirror Metallic Effect Nails

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? With these cute nails, that will be you! We love these metallic polishes that give an almost mirror effect. They stand out, especially if you tend to head straight for monochrome outfits! Keep your accessories to a minimum to let your nails do the talking.

25Winky Face Nails

This winky face design is so easy to do, and is such an Instagrammable look! Think the Willow filter with these babies! In black and white, the design looks classy and grown-up. Draw on the eyelashes yourself, using Winstonia’s Berry Wine nail art brushes, they have fine tips, giving you thin, perfect curves, like real eyelashes.

26Rose Gold Wonder Polka Dots

Add a bit of a luxurious feel to your standard polka dot design with a splash of rose gold. It instantly makes your look seem more sophisticated. Paint your nails in Nostalgia (pale pink) by JINsoon, before adding cut outs from rose gold nail foil. We recommend looking through Etsy to find your favorite nail foil! Then add a layer of transparent polish to lock it all in!

27Simple Floral Nail Art

Who doesn’t love a bit of floral? Though these look complicated, there are so many cheats out there! Nail art doesn’t have to be difficult. We recommend buying nail stickers or transfers from Etsy – there are so many handmade ones to make sure you have a truly unique design!

28Minimalist Heartlines Nails

Another easy look for you to do! Whether it is for an important cause, or you just think it looks cool, this look only takes two polishes and a fine nail art brush. We recommend looking at Winstonia’s wide range of pro nail art brushes for the best quality out there. Keep the heartlines to the two middle nails and trace white lines on the other to get an authentic and low-key look.

29Cat Crazy Nails

Let out your inner crazy cat lady with this cute design. All it takes is a thin nail art brush and some creativity! It doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed, as long as it looks super cute and fun, that’s all that matters! You have to admit – these nails are adorable!

30Tricolor Nails

If you want to go simple, then who says you have to have designs? Just chose three colors that compliment each other perfectly, and get painting! Though we love this off white, cappuccino and black combo, another beautiful trio that we would love are nude, mauve and pastel pink. We recommend cutting your nail into a squared oval shape or the ballerina shape (with a straight tip) for a professional look.

31Simple Nude Nails and Glitter

If you haven’t got nude polishes already, we recommend getting them asap! They always come in handy as they are so versatile. Paint all your nails nude for a casual look, or vamp them up with a bit of glitter! Nude colors compliment every skin tone too, making them go-to polishes!

32Rainbow Nails

How about this for a splash of color? Paint your nails every color of the rainbow for a look that will brighten up everyone’s day. If you have got colored hair, this would look amazing – we are sensing serious mermaid vibes here! Keep your accessories to a minimum and prepare to dazzle with these fun nails!

33Burgundy Babe Coffin Nails

Burgundy makes your look more glamorous. Looking for those nails that are flirty and fab? Paint them burgundy. We love this ombré into black to show off your dark side! Team these with a little black dress and burgundy lips for a sexy and flirtatious look.

34Gothic Lace Nail Art

Put a twist on your everyday mani with a touch of lace. Cut off bits of nail lace and layer them over the edge of your nails, then apply transparent polish for cutting around the edges for extra precision. This is perfect for your next party, or if you are planning to dress to impress!

35simple Red For Summer Nails

Red is back this season, and it is unavoidable! You HAVE to try this fresh color out somehow! Red compliments any skin tone and instantly makes you look glowing. Use Daily Charme’s Hibiscus Nail Stencils to get the look!

36Nude and stripes Nails

A very subtle design with black stripes.

37Stars Nail Art

To get this look, you can simply buy mirror nail stickers and nail decorations/ornaments of your choice.

38White Black Striped Nail Art

39Minimalist Design With Silver Cuticles

40Pink French Nails

41Simple Lilac Nails

42Blush Pink Short Nails

43Simple Neutral Nails

44Powder Pink Nude Nails

45Coffin Ombre Nude Nails With Diamonds

46Short French Ombre Manicure

47Simple Grey Gel Nails

48Milky Purple Chrome Simple Nails

49Simple Pink Matte Nails