nude nail designs

30 Nude Nail Designs

Nude nail designs are just perfect for any occasion: as they give a very natural, pretty base, you can let your creativity free and create endless designs using nude nail polishes and different décor elements. From light nudes to mattes and florals, we’ve gathered 30 of or favorite nude nail designs for your inspiration.

1Matte With A Twist

This nail art features a cooler-toned, almost taupe nude as the base color, but besides its simple, matte designs, there is also a glittery element, which looks absolutely stunning with the minimalistic matte vibes.

2Ombré French

A beautiful reinterpretation of „nude” is this ombré French that has shades of pink, nude and white. Because of the very soft polish shades and the short, square shape, the overall effect is a natural, nude nail look.

3Nude Roses

If you’d like to give the regular nude tones a twist, give your manicure a floral makeover. This nail art design uses roses in deep red and pink shades, but this manicure will look stunning with other flower and color combinations as well, such as pink peonies or yellow sunflowers for a more summery look.

4White Pearls

If you are looking for something subtle and soft, yet very unique, apply tiny, white or gold pearls to your ring fingers or middle fingers. To complement the small pearls, choose a warm, pinky nude nail polish.

5Contrast Disney

Nude with a hint of shimmer…what else could make this look more Disney and fairytale like? Mickey’s iconic logo! You can either create this nail art with a black Mickey Mouse sticker (or any other character) or create the Mickey logo yourself with an angled brush.

6Geometric Shapes

The little triangle shapes with the clear, nude and silver glitter nail polishes go great together with the almond shaped, long nails and create a clean, yet fun nail design. If you want to make it more interesting, add a pop of color (such as yellow or turquoise) to one of the triangles.

7White Details

This cool undertone, taupe nude nail polish is a match made in heaven with the white nail art. If you are unsure if you can create something that detailed, try to use a very thin, clean eyeliner brush for applying the nail polish, or simply search for white, boho chic nail stickers. For summer, this nail art could look really cool with neon pink details.

8Pink Nude

From the soft, glossy pink to white ombré to the small crystals placed, this nail art is ideal for special occasions, and even for your wedding day. There is nothing that could make this manicure more sophisticated and beautiful!

9Glitter Tips

Because they have a very neutral, soft shade, nude nail polishes can be varied with any type of glitter, even with lighter ones, and this manicure proves how stunning glitter tips can look with a nude base and small, square shaped nails.

10Striped Nude

This nail art takes a glitter version of the nude nail polish and mixes it with elegant white on the ring fingers…and it’s definitely a delicate, special nail design!

11Asymmetric & Metallic

To create this look, choose a cool toned nude base polish shade. After applying two coats and waiting it to completely dry, apply an asymmetric, French line of metallic (either gold, rose gold or silver polish) and wait for it to completely dry down. To make it more interesting, you can also add glitter tips or small, clear crystals on your ring fingers.

12Contrasted Nudes

For this manicure, look for two, contrasted nail polish shades (such as pastel pink and a deeper nude or taupe and matte beige), and place small gold or silver beads or crystals on the contrast line to pull together the whole nail art.

13Nude and White

Nude nail polish can work beautifully together with white, especially if you mix it together with different prints and patterns. For a fun manicure like this, search for different nail stickers, stamps, and crystals and have fun while doing your nail décor!

14Beaded Florals

Square shaped nails can be beautifully divided into two parts, just like this nail art design with the nude and white floral pattern, and to make the contrast even more visible, this manicure features small, asymmetric beads.

15Simplistic Taupe

Small, squared shaped nails with a matte, grayish taupe shade is the perfect minimalistic, nude nail design with a slight twist to it. Because it’s a neutral color, it can be worn with any outfit, such as a casual T-shirt and jeans combination or with a beautiful maxi dress.

16Iridescent Nude

This manicure looks like gorgeous seashells because of the reflective, nude nail polish! To achieve this pearl shine, try to find a metallic, glossy finish nude nail polish or a pearl shine top coat, which can be used for any other nail polish as well.

17Turquoise Twist

Who says a regular nude polish can’t be interesting? This manicure shows the wild side of nude nail art with turquoise and black elements and with a few crystals – and it can be the perfect glam manicure for a pool party or any summer holiday.

18Mermaid Nude Nails

This mermaid nail art is absolutely stunning and something we haven’t really seen before: instead of a simple glossy finish or a wild, metallic finish, it is somewhere between iridescent, pearly and glittery, and it makes the basic nude shade turn into absolute magic.

19Nude Marble Nails

Creating a marble nail art at home can be quite tricky, but with the help of a beige and nude marble nail art sticker, you can easily recreate this manicure. The details we love the most are the harmony of the different shades (the white, beige and tan nail polishes) and the small, gold elements.

20Reflective Stripes Nails

This pretty pink nude with the stunning, reflective stripes is a sophisticated yet cool nail art design for any occasion. Although these metallic stripes could look pretty eye catching on any other, bold color, it looks just perfect with a soft pink or nude polish. If you can’t find stripes, just purchase reflective or metallic nail stickers and cut them up into small stripes.

21Glass Hologram Nails

This nude has a feminine, fun vibe to it with the glittery hologram pieces. Instead of a regular, full-hologram nail art, these little hologram pieces are all over the nails, creating a vibrant, pretty effect.

22Nude Pink Stars Nails

Although it is quite loud with the rose gold glitter, gold stars and pink metallic detailing, it can still be considered a stunning, nude nail design. To tone it down a bit, switch from metallic pink to a matte taupe or beige.

23Nude and Black Nails

Nude and black is such a classic combination, even on nails! This nail art captures this classic, feminine vibe with a cute, black leaf design on a yellowish toned nude. If you are not a fan of the strong contrast, try to imitate the leaf pattern with a different shade, such as yellow, mint, maroon or pink.

24Lengthened Nude Nails

If you want to keep as minimalistic and simple as possible, take a look at this extra long, full-nude nails and get inspired! Play with different nude shades and find the one that suits your personal style the most.

25Mix of Nudes Nail Designs

Couldn’t choose your favorite shade? No problem, you can also create a manicure by mixing your favorite nude shades from a yellowish latte shade all the way to deep toned nudes, pinks and even grays, as long as the overall effect is a neutral manicure.

26Geometric French Nails

There are endless ways to play with the classic French manicure (such as reversed, colorful or glitter tip French manicures), but this one has to be one of our favorites with the vibrant white, geometric shades. For this look, use manicure staples to help you draw straight lines.

27Rose Quartz Illusion Nude Nails

This nail art features a pink toned, rose quartz illusion, which is absolutely stunning! What we love the absolute most about this manicure is the reflective, pink polish details that create the rose quartz effect. If you want to play more with this technique, try out purple and blue shades as well.

28Nude Lady Bug Nails

This is probably the cutest manicure idea from our list. The nude looks great with the 3D lady bug sticker – and because of the color contrast, it is still a clean, polished nail art design. If you want to make the lady buy pop even more, apply red and black polka dots to one of your nails.

29Crystal Princess Nails

Take your nude manicure to princess level by adding reflective crystals to your nails! Start by choosing a coffin or almond shape (or any long shape that allows you to place lots of crystals as décor) and get creative with the placement and color of the crystals.

30Nude Caviar Glitter Nails

Adding texture to your nails is a great way to make a nude nail art more interesting, so experiment with tiny beads, crystals, and the caviar nail technique to create a 3D effect, textured manicure!

31Nude Nails With Designs and Nail Stones

Upgrade your simple one color nude nails by adding different designgs such as dots or decorative nail stones.

32Glitter Nude Nails

How stunning is this combination of glitter and different shades of nude nail colors! Nude nail color comes in a variety of shades, and mixing a few different shades on your nails can really create a beautiful color combination.

33Nude Beige With Glitter Nails

Glitter can add so much glam to your nails! To Create this look, simply cover two of your nude nails with one coat of glitter nail polish. This will create a two-tone flawless look.

34Gel Nude Nails

This neutral gel color blends well with golden designs.

35Nude And Mirror Nails

Spice up your typical nude mani with a glitter and mirror accent nail. This mirror-effect nail polish is simply magical!

36Monochrome Nude Nails

If you want to jazz up your nude nails, add some matching color and monochrome design. Matt hues are so trendy right now add they add a modern and chic touch, along with the minimalistic monochrome design.

37Natural Coffin Nude Nails

If you like coffin nails, without going over the top with bold colors, neutral colors like this seethrough nude will look gorgeous and so elegant on your nails.

38Winter Nude Nails

Sometimes a simple design like a heart or a star shape can catch everyone’s eye. These nude nails are simple, yet absolutely stunning and elegant.

39Nude and Glitter

Glitter cuticles is of the latest manicure trends this year! These nails featuring a plain nude base with a touch of sparkle at the cuticles.

40White Nude Nails

White and Nude are both neutral shades that mix so well together. White is such a versatile color and this simple design really adds chic finish to these stiletto nails.

41Nudes and Diamonds

This design features a unique mix of white nude shade and an ombre beige color with elegant diamonds added in one of the nails.

42Party nails

If you’re looking for a festive nude nail design for Christmas eve or a party this spiral and its beige-white-glitter design is eye-catching and super unique.

43Matte Nude Nails

A simple nude shade nails yet so elegant and can look great with any outfit!

44Stars Nail Design

Spice up your nails with stars nail designs like this nude shade with black and white stars.

45Color Splash Nails

We love these long pointy matte nails with the added silver color splash design on one fingernail.

46Classic Nude Color Almond Nails

Go for a classic design and color for an everyday casual look. Simple yet so chic!

47Pointy Unicorn Nails

Unicorn nail inspired design are the new hottest color trend! We love these round almond-shaped nails.

48Black-Nude Design Nails

Spice up your nude nails with a touch of black. Black color goes perfectly with neutral colors so go ahead and try this combination!

49Nude-Ombre Nails

This subtle ombre-nude shade is simple yet far from boring!

50Light Pink Nude Almond Nails

Simple and classy pink-nude color almond shaped nails.

51Red and Pearl Nude Nails

Glam nude pearl color nails and bright chrome red.