grey chrome glitter acrylic nails coffin

Coffin Acrylic Nails Colors and Looks

Interested in a chic, statement nail look? Coffin nails could be exactly what you need in your life. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of coffin nails, we know you might be wondering “what are coffin nails?” So glad you asked! Coffin nails are a long nail shape that’s rounded, or curved, just until you get to the tip of the nail where it is squared off. Coffin shaped Acrylic nails have grown massively in popularity because of it’s unique, modern aesthetic. If you’re looking for something totally different you will want to check out some of the 30 + best coffin acrylic nails to try this year.

1Glammed in Uniform

This army green color is a fun take on a neutral. Even though it is a green hue, because it isn’t a bold green it acts more like a neutral. The subtle metallic finish added to one of the nails gives these coffin acrylics a glam touch.

2Marbleized Matte Acrylic Nails Coffin Style

Marble nail designs are everywhere this year, and we’re definitely not mad at it. It’s such a chic style on nails and because it doesn’t have to be perfect to get the look it’s easy to DIY. The matte black on all of the complimentary nails gives the marble an edge.

3Splattered Black Acrylic Coffin

We’re all about a matte black coffin acrylic nail. It’s simple but loaded with style. If you don’t want to go with ALL matte black on your coffin nails break it up with one or two nails in a nude tone, to tie the colors in together splatter some black onto the nude.

4Black and White Coffin Acrylic Nails

We are convinced black and white will forever be chic, especially on nails. Give the classic color combo an update with a matte finish and by adding simple designs to each nail. Play around with different stripes and rhinestones for a whole different look.

5Chromed in Grey Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nails

You can expect to see a lot of grey acrylic nails in 2019. These grey coffin acrylic nails feel spring/summer appropriate with the lighter grey hue mixed in with chrome and glitter. Combining the neutral vibe of grey with glam is the perfect combination if you ask us!

6Spring Marbling Long Coffin Acrylic Nails

Didn’t we say marble nails were a thing? The good news is you can adapt the trend with different colors to switch things up to accommodate your personal style. We’re in love with the white and turquoise marble nails here. So chic!

7Cool Pastels Coffin Acrylics

Nothing says spring quite like pastel hues. Add two nail trends together for a totally fresh coffin nail look like this manicure. Pastels + monochrome = springtime perfection. Stick to cool pastel tones like blue and green to get the monochrome feel.

8Blue French Tips Nude Acrylic Nails Coffin

Coffin acrylic nails are long, obviously, but you don’t have to have a bold color on the entire nail for a stylish look. This design is a fun take on the classic French manicure we all know and love. Adding cobalt blue to just the tips is so cute! We love that they created a triangle shape on the tips to really emphasize the shape of the coffin nails.

9Look Into Those Baby Blue coffin nails

Baby blues aren’t just gorgeous blue eyes – these coffin acrylics are proof of that! Isn’t this pastel blue nail color pretty? Coffin acrylic nails look amazing in one solid color. Particularly a color this stunning.

10Peachy Ombre Acrylic Nails Coffin

Our jaws dropped when we found these coffin acrylic nails. Ombre acrylic nails are always stylish but this is a whole different take on the design. Adding peach to just the ends of the nails and fading in a nude tone gives this mani such a modern vibe.

11Candy Coated Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nails

Whether you’re a candy kinda gal or not these nails are perfection. Paint each nail a different color for a candy coated type of nail look. To get the best look choose colors that are all the same tone for a cohesive aesthetic.

12Racing to Yellow

Racer girls unite! Add some racing edge to your nails by painting the checkered flag design on one nail. Since that is a bold design you can just add it to one nail and paint the rest a complimentary color, like this
bright yellow.

13Cobalt Blue Nails Coffin Chic

When you opt for a color like cobalt blue you don’t need to add anything else to coffin acrylic nails. The color is amazing on its own. We love the matte finish on this manicure for a bit of an edge.

14Edgy Florals Coffin Acrylics

Florals for spring? We know, groundbreaking. This floral design got a major update with an edgy twist. Don’t get it twisted, florals are just as pretty in darker tones.

15Faded Hot Pink Acrylic Nails Coffin

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty certain we will never get tired of pink nails. With neon being such a big trend this year try a HOT pink on your coffin acrylic nails. Break up the pink with an ombre effect.

16Dipped in Iridescent

Iridescent nails are mesmerizing. Aren’t they? The multi color finish of an iridescent nail polish gives you a little bit of everything. Try adding it to just one of your coffin acrylic nails to let the finish really pop next to white.

17Freshened Up White Nails Coffin

White nails are one of our favorite color schemes for the warm weather months. Most of us end up using dark nail polish colors throughout the winter so it’s a fresh change. Add some white glitter to your nails for a monochromatic look with a glam touch.

18Wined Up Burgundy Acrylic Nails

Burgundy and wine tones are going to be a huge nail trend come fall/winter 2019. Get a head start on the trend with a matte finish added to your coffin acrylic nails. The color is so beautiful. Proof wine isn’t just great with dinner.

19The New Nude Acrylic Nails Coffin

Nude and other neutral hues are a great go-to when you’re trying out coffin acrylics for the first time, or when you just want something that’s subdued. It’s stylish and looks great no matter what you wear. If you’ve been on the neutral nail color train and just want a different look, try matte!

20Blue Coffin Nails Goes Metallic

Ok, how insane is this nail color? We’re officially obsessed. Metallic nails always look great but this year why not try a BLUE metallic. You’re still getting the glam factor metallic hues offer but in a bright color.

21French Mani Peach White Coffin Acrylic Nails

22Neutral Marbles Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nails

23Shiny in Ombre Pink Nails

24Touched in Glam Coffin Acrylics

25Pale Statement Long Acrylic Coffin Nails

26Summertime Style Long Coffin Acrylic Nails

27Embellished in Pink

28Baby Pink Edge Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nails

2950 Shades of Pink

30Fit for a Royal Purple Acrylics

31Go Red Acrylic Nails Coffin

32Rhinestoned Coffin

33Skies of Sparkle Coffin Acrylic Nails

34Springtime Pastels

35Light Done Right Acrylic Nails

36Simple White Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nails

37Shined Glitter Grey White Coffin Acrylic Nails

38Neon Acrylic Nails Coffin Design

39Easter Chic

40Dreaming in Style Black Coffin Nails

41Bright Summer Acrylic Nails with Glitter

42Grey Acrylic Nails Mani

43Wedding Coffin Acrylics

44Shiny Blue Nails Coffin With Blue Glitter

45Light pink coffin nails

46Neutral coffin nails color

47White nails coffin acrylics

48Short Nude acrylic nails coffin

49Coffin white nails and diamonds

50Yellow Matte acrylic nails coffin

51Sky blue coffin nails

52Spring coffin nails

53Pastel coffin nails

54Neutral Glitter Blue Coffin Nails Acrylics

55Marble pink white coffin nails & diamonds

56Matte pastel coffin nail design

57Pastel peach blue coffin nails

58Pink Glitter and Nude Color Coffin Nail design

59Ombre light blue coffin nails

60Light grey acrylic nails

61White coffin acrylic nails with gold

62Bright nude acrylic nails coffin

63Glitter pink grey acrylic nails

64Glam French white coffin acrylic nails with diamonds

65Tiffany blue coffin nails

66Dark grey acrylic nails

67Chrome nude acrylic nails coffin

68Light blue coffin nails and glitter ombre acrylic nails

69Pink crystals acrylics

70Pink ombre acrylic nails

71Light pink nude and glitter nails

72French glitter ombre acrylic nails

73White chrome coffin nails

74Baby blue ombre acrylic nails

75Red wine fade and glitter nails

76Pastel peach ombre acrylic nails

77Rainbow acrylic coffin nail color

78White fade acrylic nails ombre

79Ombre blue glitter acrylics with pealrs and gems

80Mint green ombre foil mandala nail art

81Peach and nude coffin nail design

82Glam pink purple foil nails

83Acrylic coffin nails with stars


Feeling inspired? We sure are! It’s no wonder why Acrylic coffin nails have become such a big trend in 2019. One of the easiest ways to give your nails a whole new vibe is to change the shape and length. Most of us have all stuck to the basic nail lengths and shapes for most of our lives at this point. It’s a new season and the perfect time to switch things up. Not to mention, coffin acrylic nails give your hands and fingers a slimmed effect. Because of the elongated shape of the nails it gives your fingers a similar illusion. Pretty cool, right?

The good news is even though coffin acrylic nails are more of a bold shape, you can keep the color and nail art aspect of your manicure simple if you need to keep it professional for work. Of course, you can still go all out with rhinestones and other detailed nail designs. It’s really all up to you, your personal style and what works for your lifestyle.

We love some of the bright and light color tones that are popular for spring/summer this year, such as white, pink, nude and grey acrylic nails. The solid colors look beautiful on coffin acrylic nails. One of our favorite coffin nails is the sky blue color with rhinestones added to one of the nails. It’s such a pretty color for the warm weather months and the rhinestones add just enough glam without feeling like it’s a little too much. As far as a bolder coffin acrylic nail we’re in awe over the hot pink ombre look we stumbled across. Neon is EVERYTHING this year, even with your nails and really you can’t ever go wrong with pink nails. The ombre effect really emphasizes the coffin nail shape for even more of a pop.