Natural Looking Acrylic Nails

Natural Looking Acrylic Nails

How many times do you find yourself stuck on what to wear because you realize your nails are going to clash badly? Do you struggle to decide what nail look to go for because you don’t want to be clashing with the diverse outfits you’ve got planned? We’ve been there. The way we believe this could be solved is to go for natural looking nails. Don’t get us wrong, this does not mean just plain nude looks only. No! You can still experiment with nail art and design and a variety of shades to make your acrylic nails look unique and still natural. Here are 40 of our favorite natural looking acrylic nail designs.

1Clear Marble Nails

Nothing more natural than absolutely clear nails. But that is way too boring. So jazz it up with a subtle marble effect using white polish.

2Delicate Floral Acrylic Nails

Make your natural look more natural by adding nature to it. Add small flowers on different corners of your nails for a subtle pop of colour.

3On the Dot Simple Short Nails

The simplest nail art you can create but elegant in it’s own way. Keep your nails nude and natural and just add a dot at the centre of your nail bed.

4Vine Edges Acrylic Nail Design

Keep your nail art leafy by adding stems of leaves in black across your nail beds. This delicate nail art will go well with a nude base.

5Abstract Nail Art

Your nails can look like the wall of museum. Express your artistic side by adding abstract facial art on each nude coloured nail.

6Shell It Up

Add elements of the sea by decorating your nail tips with shell pieces. Stick these on a pearl white base for a more spring summer natural look.

7Put a Letter On It Acrylic Nails

Add a letter on the ring finger nail. Maybe the first letter of a loved one with a little heart as a hint to put a ring on it.

8Undercover Disco Nails

Over your nude base create a gradient effect with a small glitter polish then add larger glitter pieces on the nail tips. Perfect for a night out.

9Subtle Roar Leopard Nails

So many different animal prints in nature. Leopard print is the best one to go with nude. Using hints of black and orange-brown, recreate the print on accent nails.

10Tuscan Villa Marble Acrylic Nails

A rustic look using orange based nudes and gold. Create an orange-brown marble effect on an accent nail and you can add gold to another nail.

11Secret Garden Nail Art

Using more earthy and muted colours draw a different type of flower on each of your nude nails. Add a butterfly to re-create the perfect secret garden.

12Rose Gold Nails

You can never go wrong with rose gold. This shade is the perfect natural looking metallic. Add glitter for extra sparkle.

13Golden Sparkle Long Acrylic Nails

Natural doesn’t mean you can’t shine. Coat your natural nails with a gold glitter polish. No base colour needed.

14You’re a Star Nails

Super easy and a quick one. Stick stars straight onto a layer of clear base coat on each nail. Then a layer of top coat and you’re done.

15Dark Nude Acrylic Nails

There are different shades of nudes. If you opt for a darker more brown based nude you can create an ombre effect with a lighter nude.

16Nail of Roses

The rose is a special flower which can come in a nice baby pink shade. Add a couple on an accent nail to match a pink nude nail look.

17Natural Sparkle Nails

A gradient layer of small glitter polish over a nude ombre will create an iridescent effect perfect for an evening look.

18Simply French Acrylic Nails

French manicure is one of the most natural look you can go for. You can add to the design by create a double line to the nail tip.

19Natural Nude Nails and Glitter Cuticles

Another way to make a pinkish nude ombre more special is by adding a lining of rose gold polish to the edges of your nails.

20Pink Squoval Acrylic Nails

No precision required for the next look so it’s a good DIY look. Add random to strokes of light coloured polish to an accent nail.

21Golden French Manicure

A twist to the French manicure by swapping your white tips to a different shade. Choose a golden shade for a more unique look.

22Stalks of Fern Round Nails

23Baby Pink Decor

24Rose Gold Accents Nails

25Nails of a Feather

26Polka Dots Nails

27Golden Swirls Nail Design

28Beyond the Line Short Nails

29Cute Marble Pointy Acrylic Nails

30Golden Accents Nail Design

31Shelltastic Nails

32Glitter Ball Nails

33Make It Matte Nails

34Holographic Acrylic Nails

35Matte Nude Acrylic Nails

36Love is On My Nails

37Rhinestones and Ombre Nails

38Back to the Future

39Tribal Acrylic Nails

40Coffee Please

41Almond Acrylics

42Natural Long Coffin Acrylic Nails

43Pastel Short Acrylic Nails

44Natural Matte Acrylic Nails with Diamonds

45Simple French Acrylic Nails

46Long Pink Coffin Acrylics

47Ombre Glitter Nails

48Squoval White Acrylic Nails

49Simple Natural Pink

50Short Nude-Pink Acrylic Nails

51Sheer Pink Acrylic Nails

52Coffin White Nails


This list has some really gorgeous natural nail colors and designs. Some women may question the option of giving your nails a more natural look over bold colours and designs. If the above designs haven’t convinced you already to opt for natural looking nails, we have a few reasons for choosing this look which we will gladly share and explain.

It is a perfect look for the folk whose life is busy and their daily lifestyle calls for various outfit changes and looks. You want a nail look that will match every outfit especially the more special events where the refined and complete look is essential. No one has time to be matching the outfit to their nails. More importantly, no one wants their nails to clash.

Acrylic nails are long lasting so, unless you choose differently, you will only be going back to the salon within two to three weeks from your last appointment. A natural nail look will ensure that your nails will be fit for every occasion within this time. Also, when your nails grow longer and your nail beds start showing they will blend in better with nude shades rather than bold colours. So, if you’re very busy and can’t fit a trip to the salon you can stretch your look a bit longer.

Others may argue that ‘natural’ is ‘boring’. The above designs we’ve shown you in this post is proof that this is simply not true. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from to make your acrylics more fun and fit for any season, look and occasion. Give this look a go on your next nail appointment and we’re sure you’ll change your mind.