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Dip Powder Nail Color Ideas

Dip powder has become incredibly popular. Some feedback we’ve heard from women is feeling as though there are limited color ideas when it comes to dip powder nails. We wanted to give you some fresh ideas if you’ve felt this way about dip powder, because there are plenty of color options with this nail option. Need some ideas? Start scrolling through for some of the most popular dip powder nail color ideas!

1Beautiful Blues

Looking for the perfect color to bring in the spring and summer season? Look no further! This light blue shade is gorgeous for the warm weather months. It gives you a little pop of color, with a lighter feel. Because it’s such a pretty color it’s great on its own.

2Galaxy Inspired Glitter

For the times when you want a little edgy glam twist to your dip powder nails, black glitter is a perfect option. This particular glitter is giving us galaxy type vibes. Between the black base tone and silver glitter pieces it’s neutral, edgy and so pretty.

3Black & Navy

Black and blue used to be colors that we were told not to wear together. That rule is SO old school. Now, we’re all about mixing these two classic hues. Black and navy look stunning together, as you can see here. Keep both solid or opt for a glitter version like they did with navy here.

4Coral Chic

This coral color is making us crave summertime. You too? Coral is one of those colors that feels so appropriate for summer, or a beach vacation. It’s definitely one of those warm weather manicure colors. Add some glitz to coral by using rose gold glitter to match the warm undertone of coral.

5Cool Toned Colors

Flipping the script from the previous dip powder nail color, we’re in love with this cool toned ombre design. Mixing colors looks incredible when all the tones are in that cool color family, it makes it easy to mix unexpected colors together too.

6Barbie Pink

There’s something about solid pink nails. We don’t think there will be a time when it doesn’t look great and isn’t a good choice. Make a feminine, classy statement with your dip powder nails with a bold pink color. We adore this shade of pink.

7Red, Red Wine

Ohhh these are stunning! This deep red hue has a wine-like feel to it that makes it a gorgeous color option for dip powder during the fall and winter months. When you want a little color, but still want to stick to a darker color scheme this is a perfection choice.

8Pretty Purple

Ok, we cannot get enough of this bright purple glitter. It’s such a fun bright pop of color for dip powder nails. The color itself gives nails this gorgeous brightness, but the addition of glitter mixed in gives a little touch of texture feel to the color.

9Golden Brownie

Brown isn’t a commonly used nail color, but when we stumbled upon this brown hue it’s starting to change our minds on the color. You too? This coco brown dip powder is a great dark hue, that’s a bit softer than the traditional black many of us lean on. Adding a gold glitter accent nail gives a splash of shine.

10Marvelous Mauve

Neutral nail colors are the go-to for many of us. Whether you typically go to white, nude, black or any other variation of a neutral nail color – they’re easy to wear. This mauve dip powder is a stunning color that gives the feel of a neutral shade, with just enough of a warm/pinky undertone for a touch of color.

11Green with Envy

Your friends will be green with envy with this dip powder nail color. Emerald green is another one of those colors that tends to be overlooked. However, when you have a gorgeous deep green with glitter mixed into the dip powder you get an elevated aesthetic.

12Galaxy Mixed Glitter

Get a customized dip powder nail color look by combining two different colors together. Dip powder is just like regular nail polish in that you can rock different colors on different nails for a unique manicure. We’re head over heels for this galaxy inspired glitter. It’s edgy, colorful AND glam.

13Gold Metal Glam

Anytime you apply glitter to your nails you can count on a winning manicure. Dip powder is no different! Gold glitter dip powder is anything but basic, but it offers your nails an ultra glamorous aesthetic that’s perfect for a special occasion.

14Turquoise Twist

Like we said, we’re all about mixing different dip powders together in one manicure. With spring and summer around the corner, make sure you save this look for your dip color inspiration. It’s monochromatic with a pop because of the contrasting colors used.

15Jewel Toned Mix

Hello jewel tone gorgeousness! We instantly fell in love with this dip powder nail design. Mixing various jewel tones together is absolutely gorgeous. To make the look even more interesting, mix jewel tones in various textures/finishes like they’ve done here.

16Glow in the Dark

Heading to a party this weekend? Opt for a glow in the dark dip powder! Your nails will be glowing throughout the party – you will be the talk of your friends with this manicure. We thought this was so fun for a night out.

17Light Neutral

Neutral nails don’t have to mean they’re boring. We’re all about finding ways to add delicate touches to your neutral nails transform the look completely. This light grey dip powder nail color is a gorgeous neutral shade, it gets the perfect update with ombre silver glitter applied to just 1-2 nails.

18Pink Pastels

Baby pink dip powder is giving us life on these nails. The color is always going to be a good choice if you ask us. Applying a baby pink glitter to the accent nail plays into the monochromatic trend with a feminine aesthetic.

19Lilac Love

Spring vibes galore! Whether you’re just not into pink, or you want a different color option to work with this spring/summer – pale purple tones are a great alternative to pink. We love the soft feminine feel this purple tone offers.

20Muted Blue

We are all about a matte finish on nails. When you have a gorgeous dip powder nail color you can keep it simple, yet edgy by finishing the color with a matte finish. This is an interesting shade of blue, because it’s not super bright, light or dark it’s a great color to wear all year long.

21Matte Moss

Another great example of adding a matte finish to a solid dip powder nail color to transition the feel of the manicure. Although, we have to say this deep green shade would look just as great with a shiny finish. We love this for the fall and winter!

22Neutral Shades

We told you it’s all about the neutrals! One way to make your neutral manicure different? Combine multiple neutral shades together into one design. Choose 3-4 different dip powder nail colors to achieve this type of look.

23Muted Glam

You saw a simple mauve manicure a few slides back, but we wanted to show you how to use dip powders to add some glam to a mauve color. This light color glitter dip powder is a great compliment to mauve. It adds a little freshness to mauve.

24Mossy Greens

Isn’t this green manicure so fun? It’s such an interesting shade of green and we really adore how they combined it with green glitter. When you want a simple manicure with some design feel, applying glitter to an accent nail is an easy way to achieve that.

25Fall Blue Vibe

Another gorgeous blue dip powder nail color! We love all the variations of colors that dip powders offer. Mix up the feel of solid colors by changing the shape or length of your nails. It’s a subtle change that can really elevate the feel of a solid dip powder nail color.

26Nicely Navy

One of the things we’ve always loved about navy is how it gives nails that gorgeous dark hue, yet feels softer than black. Let’s face it, as much as we love black nails it can feel harsh sometimes –which is why navy is the perfect alternative. Lighten your navy dip powder up by splashing silver glitter onto an accent nail.

27The Perfect Nude

Finding the perfect nude nail color can be a challenge. Thankfully, because dip powders come in so many different shades, hues, and textures it makes it easier to find the perfect nude. We love a classic and sophisticated nude dip powder look. Especially when it compliments your skin tone so beautifully.

28Neutrally Pink

We loved this pink dip powder nail color because it’s so light it almost looks like a nude nail, but with a splash of warmth. So pretty, right? Keeping it simple can make your life a little easier when heading to the nail salon, or if you’re DIY your dip powder.

29Golden Glam Neutral

Neutral dip powder colors doesn’t have to mean it lacks glam! These nails are showing us how to utilize nude dip powder AND gold glitter to get the best of both worlds wrapped into one manicure. Apply the colors to every other nail to get this gorgeous design.

30Subtle Glitz

Can you tell we’re all about ways to elevate neutral nails? At first, these nails look like a very light nude dip powder color. But when you take a closer look you can see that there’s actually shimmer mixed into the color. We’re really feeling the subtle use of shimmer in this for just a very slight touch of glam.

31Pale Pink Glamour

If the subtle glitter isn’t really your thing, this may be more your speed! We are all about a dip powder that gives you a full on glamorous manicure. Pale pink glitter doesn’t need anything else – as you can see! Keep it glam and feminine.

32Mellow Yellow

Give your nails a touch of sunshine with pale yellow. Don’t be afraid to play around with different pastel colors this spring and summer. Dip powders are great for applying solid colors to your nails and leave them looking stunning.

33Pumpkin Spice

We don’t know about you but this dip powder nail design is giving us all the pumpkin spice vibes…and we’re feeling it. Burnt orange gets a golden glam transition when gold glitter is applied in combination with it.

34Rose Gold Chrome

The good news? Dip powders now come in all different types of finishes and textures! Thankfully, just in time for the chrome nail trend making its presence. Chrome nail color is so fashionable – do yourself a favor and give it a try using dip powder.

35Beautiful Bubbles

Give your nails a French ombre type of look using dip powders, but with a little upgrade. Instead of sticking to the classic white tips swap it out for white glitter at the ends of the nails and fading it out towards the base.

36Sky Blue Shine

37Soft Whites

38Bright in Turquoise

39Winning White

40Yellow Sun