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Hello Kitty Nails: 30 Hello Kitty Nail Art Designs

Hello Kitty was pretty much everyone’s obsession when they were younger. We are all guilty of getting the stuffed toy, the duvet cover, stickers – if that cute cat’s face was on it, we were having it! Hello Kitty hadn’t cropped up in your mind for a nail had she? Well, she isn’t just for young children you know! We have found some super cute nail art designs of her and we will prove that you do not need to be five years old to love them!

1The Basics

If you are not too good at drawing cats, or Hello Kitty isn’t really your thing, then this design is ideal. The design features her little bow, and a mix of fuschia and pale pink stripes for an extra touch of girliness. Remember girls to use tape to get super straight lines!

2Kitty Cupcakes

Love Hello Kitty? Love Cupcakes? Well why not combine the two loves of your life? For the cupcake wrapper, use a baby pink for the tip of your nail before using a darker one to draw thin short lines. This design is really pink yet basic and would look great at school or at work!

3Kitty Manicure

A Japanese spin on the French manicure. This design features Hello Kitty on the tips on your nails. Instead of using a skin-colored nail polish, you should use a glittery clear polish to feel like a Hello Kitty princess. We recommend Essie Set In Stone for the best glittery topcoat!

4Kitty Manicure

This design is also a cute manicure but isn’t it just gorgeous? If you are a nail art pro, you should totally go for this! It has everything you would expert from a Hello Kitty design – reds, pinks, glitter and bows! You can even add a nail jewel instead of drawing on a bow to change it up!

5Kitty Manicure

This is a lot more simple than the last design and asks a lot less work. All you have to do is paint your tips white, and use a small nail art brush to draw on her eyes, whiskers nose and bow! This design is so fresh and flawless, we want to get practicing right away!

6Angelic Kitty

This is probably one of our ultimate favorites! We love the precision and the color scheme, what would Hello Kitty be without a bit of pink? OPI have a Hello Kitty collection, the colors used here were Hello Kitty by OPI (fuchsia) and Hello Kitty Small + Cute by OPI (pastel pink). The Angelic Hello Kitty wasn’t drawn on, let’s face it, you’d really have to be an amazing nail art guru to draw it. You can buy Hello Kitty nail stickers from Amazon by just typing “Hello Kitty nail art stickers”. At $4, there is nothing to loose!

7Om-bow Hello Kitty Nail Polish

The Hello Kitty nail polishes by OPI make another appearance in this design. This design is so girly and pretty, isn’t the bow just adorable? The white to fuschia ombré is perfect for the summer too! Want to know how to do ombré? Click here to see our tutorial!

8Shy Kitty Hello Kitty Nails

If you can’t have vibrant nails because of work or school restrictions, but are wanting to try these designs out, this gives you the best of both worlds. Use a subtle light pink like the OPI Hello Kitty Small + Cute or Essie Mademoiselle for an even lighter color. Just buy the Hello Kitty stickers off Amazon and you’re good to go!

9Hello Kitty In Love

If you are not a big fan of pink, why not try red? We love the retro vibe with the red and white spots! Use a white nail polish, like My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI for a crisp white that doesn’t like you invaded your pencil case!

10Flower Kitty

This flower and glitter combo would be great for a party, why don’t you do your little sister’s nails like yours? For consistent flowers we recommend using flower templates, Ali Express has got you covered! For the glitter polish, you should get China Glaze’s polish in Nova. It’s full of sparkle, just what you will need!

11Ocean Kitty

Blue makes you nails look ready for the summer vacation! We love the blue glitter polish used here, which makes the design remain girly without the pink overdose! You should use China Glaze’s Wizard Of Ooh Ahz Nail Polish Collection 2009 in Dorothy Who?. It is the same sparkly marine blue as the one used in the picture!

12Baby Kitty

This design is so subtle and lush. It shows us that even Hello Kitty can be classy if the right colors are chosen! These nails are perfect and are obviously nail transfers! You can find similar, fresh styles on Ali Express for under $4, click here to learn how to apply nail transfers!

13Rock Kitty

Another thing we are all guilty of is having too much black in our closets, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of black on your nails! You can find similar nail transfers in black and white at the NCLA online store, they have a Hello Kitty nail transfer collection where they offer loads of multicolored designs! Their Mod Hello Kitty pack is quite similar to this one.

14Star Of The Show

Why bother with all the stripes and bows when all you want is that cat’s face on your fingernails! Use a pack of Hello Kitty stickers for an easy, everyday look! Ali Express sells packs of 24 Hello Kitty nail stickers, so you can really have her on every single fingernail!

15Boom Kitty

We…need…this…now! It combines our love for Hello Kitty and retro styles! It reminds us of pop art with the comic book style “boom” and the spots. Believe it or not, all you need is to buy the nail wraps from Ali Express. Who said nails had to be hard work?

16We Heart Hello Kitty

If you think some of these designs are too easy for you, crank it up a notch with this cute yet detailed design! We recommend using acrylic nails to get the best stiletto shaped nails ever! Finally, as you can see in the picture, get the Red to Pink Thermal Color Change Nail Polish by Beyond the Nail available on Etsy.

17Bling Kitty

We love this, the lime green totally makes a change from the pinks we had seen earlier. We have found a similar color by Essie called Mojito Madness, it is so vibrant and girly! If you find the drawings too detailed, why not cheat and use nail stickers instead? Finally, just add a nail jewel from Daily Charme as a finishing touch!

18Fuchsia Kitty

We know you have been missing the pink designs! Here is another feast for your eyes! As you can see in the picture, this rich fuchsia color is in fact Escaping Reality from China Glaze’s Cirque Du Soleil “World’s Away” Collection. To get perfectly round dots and not gross splodges, use a dotting tool, you can get the Nailz set of dotting tools for under $3 on Amazon!

19Starring Kitty

Stars also make a cute addition to your nails! Whatsupnails’ have the best template for this design, called “Stars Stickers and Stencils” for under $4. Paint them in different shades of pink for a feminine but more grown up look. The Hello Kitty cat isn’t the easiest to draw, especially with a tiny nail brush, so just add a Hello Kitty nail sticker!

20Kitty Scratches

We think this style is so original. You have the Hello Kitty manicure design, similar to the previous ones, but with added scratch marks for a feline touch! We recommend using a toothpick to get the fine scratch marks! Add a transparent top layer for salon-worthy nails!

21Little Bows

You can’t have a Hello Kitty design without her bow! This design is simple yet so charming. If drawing isn’t your cup of tea, we have found similar nail wraps from NCLA! Hello Kitty Bows are the transfers you will need to achieve this look!

22Spring Kitty

Why didn’t we think of this cherry blossom and Hello Kitty combo? They are some of the most re-blogged pictures on Tumblr after all! Cherry blossoms in Japan represent the shortness of life, so deep yet so important – live life to the full, and don’t hold back! Try these nails for their spiritual, important meaning.

23American Kitty

Despite being a Japanese franchise, Hello Kitty is famous all over the world, particularly in America. Be patriotic and trendy at the same time with this sweet design, it would look great on the fourth of July when you go to see the fireworks with your friends. Well, actually, they will probably be paying more attention to your gorgeous nails!

24Halloween Kitty

If you are already brainstorming for Halloween, we are here to help! Hello Kitty dressed up as a pumpkin is just the most adorable thing ever! Purple and orange are the best colors to pick to spook up those nails of yours! Cut your nails into a stiletto shape for the perfect witch’s nails!

25Ice Cream Kitty

We are so digging the oddness of this design, Hello Kitty as an ice cream, seriously? It works, and its quirkiness has won us over! For the perfect dripping effect, why not use Whatsupnails’ Dripping Stencils? For the cone color, we have found a lush light brown called Hot Cocoa by Essie! You can also wear this on its own with acrylic nails, just remember to take a pic for us and put it on Pinterest!

26Ombré Whatsupnails’

A simple design, with a touch of blue for a perfect beach vibe! Whatsupnails’ have a bows stickers and stencils set that will get your bows perfect and professional! We see ourselves riding up to Malibu beach with this baby on our nails!

27Sailor Hello Kitty Nails

An easy design that you will never want to chip! Red and blue always looks so nautical and elegant! Yes, believe or not, Hello Kitty designs can look classy! The sailor look will forever be on trend so you have no excuse not to be!

28Hello Leopard

Who would have thought that Hello Kitty could look so great with leopard print? This leopard print brings edginess to a basic Hello Kitty manicure! Do you want to know how to get the look? Look at our tutorial here to DIY it!

29Dark Kitty

Wine purple is so hot and brightens up those dark chilly days! It also looks beautiful with the pastel pink of Hello Kitty’s bow. This rich color is Skirting The Issue by Essie, you will never want to take it off! Add a few Hello Kitty nail stickers and voilà! You have got the look!

30Golden Hello Kitty Nails

We really like the touch of gold here to brighten up this design even more! Use Good As Gold by Essie for the shiny dots! We also love the texture added thanks to the fish egg style beads, the Born Pretty store has got what you need to spice up your nails!
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