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Best Stamping Nail Polish Art

Ever wonder how to get those seemingly PERFECT designs onto your nails? Well, we’re going to let you in on one of the secrets many people have started to use – nail stamps! That’s right there are actual stamps with various designs that make nail art SO much easier to achieve. No art skills required! Nail stamps are great for at-home manicures, but also make it easier for nail artists as well. Because this is a fairly new concept for, we decided to round up some of our current favorite stamping nail polish art to show you just how gorgeous (and easy) stamps can make nails.

1Autumn Art

Give your nails an autumn vibe with leaf stamps! These leaf stamps make it easy to create a modern, fashionable fall inspired design. Using silver chrome for the leaves adds gorgeous contrast and texture to the design.

2Toes in the Sand

Heading on vacation? We have your nail art covered! These beach designed nails are so adorable – they’re perfect for a vacation manicure. Seashell stamps make it easy to take this design to the next level. Applying the shells to the tips of nails gives this a French ombre type of look.

3Edgy Florals

Detailed floral designs are not easy to recreate, unless you’re an artist yourself. Thanks to nail stamps you can recreate flower designs with ease. We love this edgy take on flowers using black polish for the floral design, placed on top of pale pink for the perfect amount of contrast.

4Golden Feather

Birds of a feather! These nails are so stunning. Starting with black nail polish, make sure you add a little extra shine finish to the nails. Once that has dried use a stamp to apply gold metallic feather onto a couple of nails. Place the stamp in different areas of the nail for more interest in the design.

5Gothic Design

Another edgy design that also combines some classic design elements. This gothic-inspired design would typically be very hard to achieve but with the help of a nail stamp you’re covered! Apply the stamp in black polish, over nude polish to get that added pop to highlight the design.

6Geometric Mix

How fun are these nails? It has kind of a French manicure inspired design. Paint the nails a pretty nude color and allow it to fully dry. Then use a geometric style stamp to get a design like this. The key to getting the overlapped aesthetic is allowing the first stamping to fully dry first.

7Ombre Flowers

Floral nail stamps really give you an opportunity to achieve extremely detailed nail designs, easily. This design looks incredibly intricate but once you have applied the stamp detail onto the nails and it dries, then complete the look by applying black polish in an ombre effect to the ends of the nails.

8Changing Placement

Applying floral stamps to different areas of each nail will give you a manicure like this. We think the use of changing up placement really takes this design to the next level and adds even more personality. Do this with any color scheme you like – it’s perfect for spring/summer!

9Blue Snowfall

We don’t have to tell you snowflakes can be a tricky design to recreate because of all the little details we associate with the winter themed design. Now you can simply stamp them onto nails! Apply white snowflakes over glitter polish for a touch of glam.

10Metallic Flower

These stamped nails are so pretty, we can’t get enough! This is a gorgeous way to rock flower nails in the fall and winter months. The deep purple nail color adds that deepness we often associate with the cold weather seasons. Using silver chrome for the flower stamps adds a little extra pop that we love.

11Chevron Shapes

This is an incredible, modern nail design. Don’t you think? They’re really showing us how to elevate neutral nail colors. Playing with textures like a matte finish combined with shine adds gorgeous depth to the minimal design. Of course, the triangle shapes and chevron design are the standouts here.

12Butterfly Stamps

We’ve noticed that butterflies have become really popular among the nail community – we’re definitely not mad about it. Butterfly stamps allow us ALL to get the gorgeous fluttering design onto any nail. Use chrome polishes, like this, for an edgy take on butterflies.

13Detailed Dimension

Add even more detail to nail stamps, like this incredible design, by applying multiple colors to the same stamp. When you paint two colors onto one stamp design you’re able to achieve an ombre-like effect when it’s placed onto the nail. Just make sure you’re steady when stamping the nail!

14Stamped Circles

Circles have never looked this chic. In our opinion, that is. Starting with a silver chrome or glitter polish base gives added shine to this design. Using white polish for the circles makes the stamped design feel a bit monochromatic and doesn’t take away from the silver polish.

15Coffee Love

Coffee lovers – this design was made for you! If you love coffee, nail stamps make it incredibly easy to have fun with some of your favorite things and apply them right to your nails. Mix in different stamps to really play up the personality of the design.

16Sweater Inspired

Christmas nails don’t have to mean Christmas trees and Santa Clause. With nail stamps you can give your nails Christmas aesthetic, with a modern appeal. We’re in love with the use of neutral nail colors combined with sweater-like designs here.

17Dreamcatcher Design

Make your dreams come true with a dreamcatcher themed manicure. We thought this was such a unique nail design. Using shades of pink and white add a lightness to the feather dreamcatcher stamp. Embellishments really complete the look.

18Textured Snow

Snowflakes get an edgy twist here. Painting nails matte black is a different take on winter themed nails and we really love this. Silver chrome used for the snowflake stamps adds texture contrast next to matte black.

19Falling Leaves

Another great way to use leaf stamps to get a modern, trendy fall season design. This is such a unique color combination that really works for a fall aesthetic. Grey polish paired with copper glitter = modern fall perfection!

20Laced Elegance

Instantly elevate your fall/winter black manicures by adding stamp details to them. The great thing about this type of design is all you need to do is paint your nails a solid color, like black, and then top it off with a fun design like this lace inspired look.

21Glamorous Winter

Make your holiday manicure feel more glam by using gold glitter! Few things honor the glam feel quite like gold well…anything. We love that they added gold rhinestones to the snowflake stamping for even more of a glam touch.

22Criss-Crossed Edge

Creating straight lines onto nails is not something that’s all that easy to execute. That is, until you have fun stamps like this to work with. Whether you have a straight line stamp, or something that already has this built in criss-cross line design using a stamp will make this easier than ever to apply to nails.

23Houndstooth Chic

Houndstooth has come back in the fashion world. You may have noticed a lot of clothes and accessories with the classic pattern added to them. Well if you love houndstooth you can add it to your nails for a super chic look like this. Combine with bright red polish for added pop.

24Knitted Shine

Get a sweater inspired manicure with this knit-like stamping. How fun is this? Using stamps you can really have fun with a sweater inspired nail look. We really love that they applied the knit stamp to two nails entirely, and then just one straight line down the center of the other nails.

25Matte Metallic

Use one stamp and two different nail polish colors to achieve a manicure similar to this. Even though the colors used with the stamp are very different, because it’s the same stamp it creates a lot of cohesiveness to this design.

26Mermaid Shells

Love the Little Mermaid? Bring your love for your favorite movie right to your fingertips! These seashells get such a real-life look thanks to nail stamps. Because this stamp is just the outline of the nails it gives you a chance to add more color and texture to the look.

27Leaving Leafs

We’ve shown you a few different ways you can use stamps to apply a leaf design onto nails. While those were much more fall-like, this is a leaf design that you can really rock any time of year. The branch detail and the way the leaves look more like a plant makes this a year-round design.

28Demask Design

These nails are so pretty! Demask gets an edgy take when it’s applied using silver chrome polish. We love that they used dark blue polish for a softer feel from classic black. Adding a couple of simple silver embellishments really brings the color scheme together.

29Floral Neutrals

Layer different flower stamps to really take your flower design to a whole other level. This is one of the things we love about stamps is how easily you can add dimension to a design and not have to worry about being a professional artist. We love this unique color scheme here, too!

30Pretty Peacock

Peacocks are beautiful birds and their feathers look beautiful when painted onto nails like this. Keep the colors neutral with metallic to let the colors within the feather design to really pop. Place the stamp in different areas of the nail to add even more interest.

31Chrome Chic

These nails are the epitome of monochrome – and it’s stunning! Monochromatic design is anything but basic thanks to the fun stamp design. Use a metallic or chrome polish that’s very close to the other color polish you use to achieve the monochromatic feel.

32Pink Lace

Ahh we absolutely adore this lace stamp and how it’s been placed onto the nails. Adding more of the stamp to some nails, and just a touch on others is everything. It really enhances the feel of this manicure. Make sure you use contrasting colors, like pink and black, to highlight the design.

33Printed in Plaid

Plaid isn’t just reserved for your sweaters this year. Stamp a plaid design right onto your nails! Use any color scheme you like to get this type of look. Just make sure you play with textures (i.e. chrome, matte, shine) to add more dimension to the design.

34Royal Roses

Roses are…purple?! Yep! You can use any color(s) you like to make your stamped nail design unique to you. This detailed rose isn’t intimidating when you’re able to apply color to a stamp and, well stamp the nail. So easy!

35Laced with Flowers

Elevate neutral nail art by using various stamps within one manicure. Here they’ve used a different stamp for every nail and it looks so great. Including a few rhinestones placed within the stamp designs brings the looks together beautifully.

36Illustrated Rose

37Extending an Olive Branch

38Mixing Geometry

39Aztec Design

40White Lace