Best Purple Nail Designs

Purple Nails Designs

The Pantone colour of 2018 was Ultra Violet, an incredibly rich neon purple shade that inspired an increase in the popularity of purple nail designs that has carried on well into 2019. There is so much choice when it comes to purple nails – there are deep and dark tones, right through to soft and delicate pastel shades. Then there are textures – matte, glossy, or glitter. Once you have you chosen shade and texture, you can think about the design you might like to try, and what embellishments you could add.

There is so much to experiment with, it can be a little overwhelming choosing your next purple manicure. Well, we have selected some of our favourite purple nail designs to give you some inspiration.

1Simple and Beautiful Lilac Nails

Of course, there are lots of outrageous and detailed purple nail designs to choose from, but sometimes you can’t beat a little simplicity. These glossy lilac nails are absolutely gorgeous – the sugared almond shade is so beautiful and is a great day-to-day colour for long or short nails.

2French Manicure with a Purple Twist

A French manicure always looks good, but if you are looking to jazz up your French tips, why not add a little bit of purple glitter. The sparkle looks beautiful and the purple contrasts so well with the bright white tips. Love it!

3Elegant Roses

The rich mauve shade of this nail polish is to die for and it is perfect for the winter months. This lovely mauve has been used to create a super elegant rose motif on pale pink nails. Feminine and chic.

4Purple Multi-Tonal Geometric Design

Multiple tones of purple work so well together, particularly in this geometric design. The lines are so sharp and crisp and the addition of of a glitter polish adds a lovely hint of sparkle and texture. To get these sharp lines for yourself at home, invest in some nail tape to mark off sections – super straight lines everything.

5Tattoo-Inspired Floral Nails

The lovely lilac shade of these square nails have been given a gorgeous tattoo-inspired floral and leaf print in a darker purple shade. The design is stunning and believe it or not, you will be able to do this yourself at home with a stamping plate and stamping tool, which can be picked up for just a few pounds.

6Matte Nails with Tartan Print

These lovely purple nails are giving us ‘Clueless’ vibes thanks to the chic tartan print in feminine colours. The matte finish is elegant and stylish, and the cute addition of a heart motif and a few black jewels takes these nails to the next level.

7A Little Bit of Leopard Print

Animal prints are always a great nail design choice and who can resist a little bit of leopard print? The rich purple glitter nails would be stunning on their own, but they really do pop thanks to the addition of a super shiny silver nail, with a purple leopard print. Roar-some!

8White and Purple Marble

These square-edged nails have been given a super convincing marble effect, using strategic streaks of purple and grey polish on a shiny white base. This nail design will be fun to practice and experiment with at home with some fine nail brushes.

9Glossy Heather with Statement Glitter Nail

The greyish-toned purple of this heather nail varnish is so classy and chic, perfect for all occasions. In recent years, the popularity of painting a ‘statement nail’ – usually on the fourth finger – a contrasting colour or design has increased dramatically. Here a pewter glitter has been used to fully accentuate the grey tones of the heather varnish.

10Matte Purple Ombre Nail Design

The ombre effect has to be one of the most popular nail designs of the moment. A jewel-toned purple graduates to a pale pastel lilac, which is almost white at the tips. Very effective in the matte finish. Create a similar effect at home by painting stripes of darker to lighter tones of purple onto a make-up sponge and dab over the nails until the colours blend.

11Galaxy Nails

Those that love to look at the stars are sure to adore these galaxy effect nails. Purple, ocean blue, and navy shades of nail polish have been used to create a nebula of deep space, and white specks replicate the millions of stars that make up a galaxy. Out of this world.

12Silhouette Against the Night Sky

Sticking with a starry night theme, these Gothic-feeling nails feature the silhouette of a trailing plant against a magical night sky of a magical purple glitter nail varnish.

13Chrome-Effect Purple Nails

A fairly recent nail art innovations are glitter and metallic powders that create stunning effects when brushed onto the nails. One of these super easy to use powders has created a gorgeous purple chrome effect, which looks extremely polished on neat, square cut nails.

14Purple Nail Design with Silver Polka Dots

The metallic sheen of this purple nail polish has been enhanced with the addition of a unique polka dot design in silver glitter and white. A relatively simple design that will work on all nail shapes, from short oval to long stiletto nails.

15Black Glitter Tips

Deep purple and black complement each other beautifully as can be seen in these wonderful nails. The rich purple base is luxurious but it has been given some edge with some black glitter tips. A great nail design for the rock chick.

16Precious Stone Nail Design

Have you seen those stunning agate precious stones, which have amazing swirls of colour and sparkle once the rock has been broken open? These gorgeous purple nails have replicated the beautiful natural phenomenon with multiple shades of polish and glitter. A skilled nail technician should be able to replicate this for you, but it may take some time.

17Matte Lavender with Silver

Looking for beautiful nails for a wedding? Then look no further than these effortlessly chic pastel lavender nails. The colour is so soft that it almost works as a nude shade, but the touch of silver sparkle adds just the right amount of glam.

18Deep Purple with Rainbow Glitter

This deep mauve shade of purple is great for the winter months and the chunky rainbow glitter will twinkle every time it catches the light. Lovely!

19Gothic Crackle Design

Just a hint of purple can transform a monochromatic nail. These black coffin-shaped nails could be a little severe on their own, but a few nails have been given a crackle effect revealing a pop of metallic purple underneath. A striking effect and not hard to do as there are loads of crackle nail polishes available everywhere.

20Iridescent Pink and Purple Nails

These nails have a real heavenly feel with that opalescent finish, like the shine on a beautiful seawater pearl. The pale pink nails help to pick out the lighter pastel tones of the iridescent polish. Dreamy!

21Silver and Purple Nails Design

This design must be inspired by the graphic flame print that was everywhere in the ’90s (you know which one we mean). The flame print has been recreated using purple, black and silver nail polish, and despite the cool colours, this design is on fire!

22Matte Deep Purple with Stripes

The beauty world has been obsessing over matte nails the last few years and it isn’t hard to see why. There is a certain chicness to a matte finish, but we love the touch of fun added with the stripes to the fourth nail.

23Paisley and Floral Nails

The white base colour of these nails is the perfect choice to make the purple and pink tones of the paisley print to stand out. The print really pops thanks to a bold black outline that is so crisp thanks to a stamping plate. Such a winning design, don’t you think?

24Glitter, Floral and Bling Embellishments

If you are a fan of crystals and nail embellishments, then these could be the purple nails for you. There is a little bit of everything here from gorgeous nail jewels, to sparkling nail beads, and a skilful floral detail on the little fingernail. The matte finish to the nails really lets the sparkle of the gems shine at their brightest. Such super nails.

25Purple Mermaid Nails

The mermaid trend is here to say, so why not embrace it with some adorable mermaid nails. Choose a glitter polish and stamp a scale print over the top…voila, pretty mermaid nails.

26Matte, Marble and Crystal Nails

Long stiletto nails are not for everyone, but if your job enables you to wear these killer nails, why wouldn’t you? The bright marble detail with geometric lines makes for such a unique design, and the dark silver jewels are the perfect complement. An over-the-top design it may be, but no one can deny how beautiful they nails look.

27Cute Little Stars

From the over-the-top to the simple and subtle. These little purple glitter stars against the pastel background are absolutely adorable. The design is quick and easy, but is just as effective as more complicated designs.

28Silver Cuticle Detail

If you want to add just a small amount of detail to you nails, a contrasting colour around the cuticle is seriously effective. A metallic silver is the perfect contrast against the matte lavender, wouldn’t you agree?

29Matte Two-Tone Purple Nails

All tones of purple work so well together as this elegant and simple design shows. The dark and light tones of purple both complement and contrast with each other, whilst the single crystal embellishment is wonderful against the matte finish.

30Purple and Teal Cat Eye Polish

Cat eye polish is a really great way to create standout nails with ease. Once the polish has been applied, a magnet is held over the nail for a few seconds and it creates that stunning cat-eye effect. These nails have been taken to the next level with a gorgeous snakeskin effect and some jewel embellishments. Divine!

31Wine Purple Nails

These mauve purple nails with a touch of ombre glitter is so gorgeous. If you love coffin nails this style is so elegant for special occasions!

32Pink Purple Glitter Nails


34Grey Purple Matte Nails

Grey matte nails with glitter purple design.

35Shiny Purple Nails

Shiny and sparkly purple and glitter nail design.

36Light Purple Glitter Nails

Gorgeous elegant coffin nails with ombre light to darker purple color and sparkling ombre glitter nails/

37Coffin Purple Nails and Glitter

Another bright lilac purple nails with glitter on one fingernail.

38Short Coffin Purple Nails

A short coffin nail design with lilac purple color.

39Radiant Purple Nails

Looking for a party nail color? This neon like shiny purple looks amazing!!

40Pale Purple Nails

If you prefer a purple shade that’s good for winter and fall and is not too bright, this pale lilac is an excellent choice!

41Deep Violet Purple Nails

These coffin nails are super long and we absoluetly love their gradient like deep violet purple shade.

42Matte Purple Nails and Diamonds

A very elegant nail design for special occasions, this dark purple matte color looks amazing with diamonds and ornaments.

43Deep Wine Purple Nails

A unique style that features, deep wine purple color with diamonds, glitter and ombre design. Breathtaking!

44Blue Purple Nails

For all the girls with short nails, why not try this dark blue-purple combo and a touch of glitter?

45Blue-Purple Mirror Coffin Nails

46Lilac and Glitter Nails

47Matte Lilac Nails

48Lilac & Purple Glitter Ombre Party Nails

49Purple Mermaid Nails.

50Pearl Ombre Purple Nails

51Dark Purple and Glitter Nails