red and black nail designs

40 Red and Black Nail Designs

There is so much you can do with your nails, especially if you want to experiment and try new and exciting colours. Red and black nail designs have been around for a long time, the two colours contrast each other perfectly which means they’re often a favorite with nail lovers from all around the world. Take a look at these red and black nail designs we can find online, to help you to create your DIY nails and get you inspired.

1Rose Design Nails

This black rose design painted perfectly on a shimmery red nail polish base is beautiful. It takes a lot of skill to be able to create such a stunning nail art design so if you want to try it, you may have to try it out a few times.

2Fall Leaves Nails

Do you want a nail design that is perfect for the fall season? We love this square shaped design and think the black fall leaves contrast perfectly with the red glitter background.

3Triangle Nail Design

To create this look use two strips of tape and stick them onto your clean nail in a V-shape and then paint the inside of the tapes black. Carefully then take your red nail varnish and paint the remainder of the nail.

4Studded French Tip Nails

A cool way to separate the black French tip to the red base is to add some gold studs, like this nail art design displays. It doesn’t take too long to do and it’s such a chic design.

5Red and Black Ombre Nails

Creation of this ombre design is super simple too, color your nails with your desired black nail polish and then use a small sponge with red nail paint on and gently dab it. You’ll have perfectly ombre nails in no time.

6Valentine’s Day Glitter Hearts Nails

All of those love bird out there can rejoice at how pretty these short square nails are. The black background and bright glitter red hearts create a stunning olor contrast.

7Queen of Hearts Nails

Perhaps you’re attending a fancy dress party or you just simply love the Queen of Hearts? This nail art design combines red and black stripes, hearts, and gold accents. It’s a great nail design to try if you love unique and exciting art on your nails.

8Thunder Bolt Nails

Nail stickers are a perfect way to get even nice-looking nail designs when you aren’t too good at creating them yourself. If you’re lucky enough you may be able to add thunder bolts to your nails for an edgy and fun aspect!

9Mozaic Nail Art

The design may seem complicated, but metal nail pressers are simple to use. Add your desired colors onto the press, scrape the remaining nail paint off and then use the provided presser to push onto the nail.

10Minnie Mouse Nails

Who doesn’t love Disney characters? These nails are perfect for anyone who is making their way to Disneyland on vacation as they’re cute and totally go with the Disney theme. The Minnie Mouse design can be created by drawing three circles (in the shape of Minnie) and then adding a small red bow on top.

11Polka Dot Nails

Having polka dot nails looks super cute and you’re sure to get tons of compliments. Red, black and white contrast perfectly when they’re in a polka dot design so try it out for yourself.

12Chevron Matte Nails

Keeping with the black, white and red theme we’re loving this chevron matte nail art design. Use tape to cover half of your nail and carefully paint the colored lines onto the visible half of the nail. Once that’s done, do the same on the other half of your nail.

13Black and Red French Tip Nails

Change up your regular manicure and switch your French tip for a black and red version. Create your own red and black French tip similar to how you would do a typical French tip but add an addition color.

14Rose and Lace Nails

Combine the sexy aspect of lace with a little chic rose. The lace nail look is created by using a sticker and the roses are added on later.

15Red and Black Ruffin Nails

No other nail design says class and sophistication quite like a ruffin design. Adding rhinestones to this design just makes it even better.

16Spiderweb Nails

If you’re looking for the ultimate Halloween nails, these spiderwebs are sure to be just the right amount of creepy and spooky.

17Matte Nails

To create this beautiful matte design you can use our French manicure method described earlier then add polka dots wherever you want.

18Glitter Ombre Nails

Red glitter makes everything better so what could be a nicer nail design than a reverse ombre with black polish under red glitter! This stiletto nail shape looks amazing too but you could rock this look with any nail shape you want.

19Hearts and Stripes Nails

Create this look using the stripe method (carefully craft lines on your nails!) and then add as many red hearts as you see fit.

20Red and Black Hawaiian Hibiscus Nails

Take yourself to a tropical island with thes Hawaiian Hibiscus nails and change it up using a red and black design.

21Freehand Black and Red Nail Art

Anyone can create this nail art design, all you need is some normal red nail paint and some thinner brushes to add your accents. Black and white accented lines and dots work perfectly as they stand out against the red background.

223D Flame Ombre Nails

Take your nail art to a new level with this 3D flame ombre art, most professionals will easily create a design like this but if you can master it, it’s sure to look perfect too.

23Evil Queen Pointy Nails

Beauty and the beast inspired nails are something we’re living for after seeing these beauties on Pinterest. You may want to go to a salon so they can add all the nail art and beautiful gems, but you could attempt to recreate the stiletto shaped nails if you’re feeling confident.

24Plaid with Gold Glitter Nails

Gold glitter combined with red and black plaid is such a trend right now. Instead of keeping it plain we would recommend designing your plaid nails and then adding gold glitter wherever you can.

25Red and Black Camo Nails

If you’re looking for a bold design, these red and black coffin camo nails are stunning! Add a matte top coat over the top and you’re ready to go.

26Ladybug and Flower Nails

These ladybug nails are not a typical design you would see everyday but the black contrast with small elegant rhinestones are beautiful. Adding some black glitter onto the designs makes them even better.

27Geometric Triangle Nails

Create this design by painting some of your nails completely red and the others use the v-shaped method we explained in our 3rd design on the list.

28Chinese Red and Black Nails

It’s just been Chinese New Year, which means the Chinese style nails are trending. This design incorporates a red nail paint with small black detailing and some rhinestones for extra chicness.

29Gold Stripes Nails

Gold Special nails

Anyone can DIY this design by simply painting their nails black and red then using gold nail tape over the top and sticking it on.

303D Flowers Nails

Purchasing some 3D flowers is definitely the way to solve your problems. Paint your nails red and black then add on your 3D flowers wherever you like.

31Blood Drips Nails

Another Halloween design, these blood dripping nails have a cartoon effect and look spooky! We love that they’re coffin shaped and they’re matte too which is even better.

32Gothic Pentagram Nails

If you love dressing in more gothic styles, then this ombre red and black design with an accented pentagram is the perfect choice. Use our ombre method from list #5 then use tape to create your pentagram shape on your accented nail.

33Cherry Red Nails

Want to spice up your red nails? This cherry and stripes red and black design is girly and fun!

34Lacey Corset Nails

It’s essential similar to the one we listed at #3 but there is more detailing on the middle red part then a cute gold gem at the end.

35Lace Black French Tip Nails

These lace black French tips are subtle and elegant. The classic black tip is made better with some lacey detailing.

36Red Glitter and Matte Black Nails

Spice up your matte black nail paint with added red glitter and this stiletto shape nail.

37Halloween Nail Art

Another Halloween special for you to try out, this cool design incorporates a mouth with vampire teeth on the ring finger and red glitter on another. It also has a red glitter blood drip on the index finger.

383D Quilted Nail Design

Using string, you can create this look in minutes. After you’ve applied the polish to your nail and a top coat, take the string and gently push it into the nail paint in the design you like.

39Shimmer Rose Nails

Rose designs have frequently come up on this list of red and black designs (because they look amazing!) but adding a shimmer over the top of your designs can make them look even darker.

40Halloween Special Nails

The spider web combined with the blood drop and the shiny red nails is amazing. Plus, the stiletto shape is fitting if you’re wanting to be an evil witch this Halloween.