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White Acrylic Nails

White nails have become a go to color choice for women everywhere. Regardless of the time of year, white nails always look chic and modern. Of course you can keep it easy with white acrylic nails painted in a solid manner, but if you’re anything like us there are definitely times you want
to spice up the classic color with your own personal twist added to it.
Sound like you? We’ve been feeling a bit bland in solid white nails ourselves so we’ve been scouring the internet for white acrylic nail inspiration and, naturally, we’re sharing some of our favorite designs with you. Scroll through for white acrylic nail ideas you’re guaranteed to love!

1Abstract Twist

We love the marble like design added to simple white acrylic nails. It’s a small touch of color that’s just enough over white. The addition of black lines to two of the nails gives some sharpness to the design, too.

2Stars and Moon

Whether you love astrology or just love the stars and moon, this manicure is great inspiration for you. Adding stars and moons to classic white nails instantly elevates the look of the color. Not into all the rhinestones? Use another nail polish color instead!

3Classic Colors Combined

No nail polish colors are more classic and chic than black and white. So why not combine them?! Painting black and white in rotation onto nails is super simple to do and looks even better.

4White Outlined

How fun are these white acrylic nails?! Outlining solid white polish with black adds a major pop to the nails. Use tape to create the outline in a straight line. Keep it simple and edgy with the outlined nails, or add in the design like they did to one nail here.

5Cool Toned Marble

6Butterfly Style

Butterflies are symbolic for many reasons, but they’re also just plain cute on nails. Keep one of your acrylic nails clear and apply white butterfly glitter pieces to the top. It’s the cutest compliment to solid white nails and doesn’t require any painting on your end – you just need the butterfly glitter!

7Designer Inspired Glam

For the woman who loves her fashion designers like Chanel, this mani is amazing! Add the logo of your favorite fashion designer in black, over white nails. You can mix it up with different textures and embellishments to the other nails like they did here, or keep it simple with solid white.

8Pink French Ombre

Girly girls, this white acrylic nail design is perfect for you. What color is gorgeous paired with white? Pink, of course! We love how they created an ombre, French manicure look with white fading into pink. The super shiny finish added to the top adds an edgy vibe.

9Clearly in Love

Painting hearts onto nails has always been a favorite of ours. We love the twist on hearts they’ve done with these white acrylic nails! Instead of actually painting the heart design onto nails, leaving the space blank. It adds a modern aesthetic to the classic shape.

10White Metallic Stripes

Stripes are one of our go-to ways to spice up simple nails because they’re pretty easy to apply to nails. These white striped nails get a whole different take with not just metallic stripes applied to white polish, but also adding some blank space stripes.

11Clear Stone Glam

Clear polish is likely going to become a go-to for you, it’s become a huge trend in the nail world and looks great paired with white for a modern, soft appeal. Instead of leaving one nail completely blank with clear polish add some glamorous edge with rhinestones strategically placed around the nail.

12Blank Stripes

These white acrylic nails are BEAUTIFUL! Aren’t they?! We love how edgy and modern they are. Not to mention these are pretty simple to create yourself. To get the clear lines, tape off the areas you want the lines placed onto your nails and simply paint the rest of the nails. Doesn’t get much simpler!

13Head in the Clouds

Mixing in various textures and subtle designs is a great way to transform the look and feel of white acrylic nails. These nails have a cloud-like look to them. Use a sponge to create a similar polish finish onto your nails.

14Edgy French Mani

Love white acrylic nails? How about French manicures? You’re in for a treat because these nails give you the best of both worlds, but with an updated twist. The way the white tips were painted on adds major edge to these acrylic nails. They’re great alone, but we love that they added a few rhinestones for some added glam.

15Autumn Vibe White

Now that we’re approaching the fall season, we thought these nails were the perfect way to transition white acrylic nails into the season with a floral vibe. Add flowers onto one nail in fall specific colors. Not only is it
gorgeous for the season but the colors pop beautifully next to white.

16Evil Eye Design

Evil eye designs have grown in popularity in jewelry design, we love that they’ve transitioned the trend into an acrylic nail design. Using black polish to paint an evil eye and other simple designs onto white nails is stunning!

17Floating Flowers

How gorgeous are these white acrylic nails?! The key to achieving a look like this is to have the flower pieces applied INTO the acrylic nails. It creates such a unique take on floral nails – like nothing we’ve ever seen. Rhinestones are, of course, optional but definitely add something extra to the design.

18Glamorous Florals

White ombre nails are the latest take on French manicures that have really swept the nail world. We’re definitely not mad at it because it offers a modern vibe to the design. Add something extra to the design with white flowers and rhinestones – there’s really no going wrong with those additions!

19Simple Glam

We’re all about finding easy ways to add glam to nails. Feel us on that? While elaborate designs always look great there are definitely times you just want something easy to create. These white acrylic nails are the epitome of simple design, loaded with style.

20Golden Accent

Another great example of how you can instantly transform a simple white acrylic nail look into a whole different look. Applying gold glitter to an accent nail is one of the easiest, chicest ways to do so. This looks great on any nail shape, too!

21Touched in Gold

Of course there are ways you can add more gold glitter to white acrylic nails, for those times you want more design in the mix. We love the addition of blank space added to these nails, along with the stripe of gold glitter down the center. There are so many ways to incorporate white and gold glitter together.

22Metallic Stripes

Didn’t we say stripes were a favorite of ours? There’s something about stripes added to white nails that never gets old. Maybe it’s because there are so many ways to add stripes to white nails in unique ways. Try using a gold metallic polish or sticker decal to add stripes. We encourage you to mix up the placement of the stripes, as shown here, for a completely unique design.

23Simple Gold

Keep the stripes simple and shiny with gold metallic stripes added to just two white acrylic nails. The placement of the stripes on these nails is just enough for some added contrast. Great even for a professional setting!

24White Iridescence

You’ve probably noticed by now that iridescent nail polish is a HUGE nail trend this year. Why not combine classic white polish with iridescent polish?! These nails show us it’s a winning combination. The rhinestones are a bonus, only if you want to go full on glam with your nails.

25Pearlized White

Adding a different finish to the top of white acrylic nails gives them a
whole new vibe! It really is that easy. These white acrylic nails were painted with a clear iridescent polish over the top so you get just enough of the iridescence to reflect different colors, while allowing the white to be the main color.

26Leaves of Style

We love the summer vibe of these white acrylic nails! Adding green leaf designs to the top is a stunning compliment to white polish. Mixing and matching different style leaves adds even more personality to these nails.

27Leafing Touch

Another fun way to paint leaves onto white nails. These are a bit more of a simple leaf design, when you just want a touch of the greenery added. We suggest using a small paint brush to get the leaves onto nails easily.

28LV Style

Designer lovers, unite! These white nails get a street style vibe with the Louis Vuitton logo added to them. You can use whatever color you like to apply the logo onto white nails, and of course you can mix it up with various brands.

29Chic Marbling

Marble designed nails aren’t “new” but they’re definitely stylish. Adding marbling to one nail, among white acrylics, is so chic. We love that they took it up a notch by adding gold metallic stripes to the marbled nails.

30Crescent White

Inspired by the moon? Paint a dainty crescent moon onto one nail in black polish like these white acrylic nails. The simple moon design doesn’t overpower the lightness of the white polish, but contrasts so you still enjoy the design.

31Pearl Style

Pearls aren’t just classic on necklaces – but also on nails! Applying pearl embellishments to white nails is absolutely gorgeous. The pearls are the perfect complement to white acrylic nails. Leave some blank space like these nails have, or keep it easy with all white.

32Personalized White

There’s nothing like personalization, is there?! We don’t think so. So often we forget that we can personalize our manicures. White acrylic nails are the perfect base for personalization because of the simple slate the color offers. Paint an initial, date, name or anything else you like for a manicure that’s YOU.

33Artsy Pink

Instead of just adding simple black stripes onto solid white acrylic nails, add a little extra glam with pink glitter polish. The pale pink adds a subtle color the white polish, and gives a feminine twist. To give it that artsy vibe, play around with different stripe placements.

34Glitzy in Pink

When you want major glam and girly vibes on your nails, these are great inspo! Bold pink glitter adds major glam to white acrylic nails. We love that the glitter was applied in an ombre effect for a smooth transition into the white polish.

35Rainbow Bright

Solid white acrylic nails offer a great foundation to build off of to create a gorgeous nail design. Add a rainbow to one nail for major personality! We love that they kept he base of the rainbow design nail clear for a modern take.

36Modern Take on Stars

Keeping in line with the clear base theme, these star designed nails are EVERYTHING. We’re having major nail envy over these white acrylic nails. Stars are pretty easy to paint onto clear nails, just use a stencil! We’re definitely not mad about the added rhinestone details, either. Of course that’s optional.

37Rhinestone Designs

White acrylic nails get a glam upgrade with rhinestones. Mix it up by applying rhinestones in different designs and placements on each nail. It makes the entire manicure much more unique that way!

38Glitter Done Right

White polish gets just a touch of glam with silver glitter and simple rhinestones. We love that this manicure mixes things up by making the glitter accent nail on the pointer finger. The perfect white acrylic nails look for any nail shape and length.

39Easy Glam

Do you love minimalist nail designs? This is for you! Proof that you can add something as simple as ONE rhinestone to just ONE nail and achieve a stunning look. White polish is gorgeous on its own, which makes it a great color choice when you want a minimalist aesthetic.

40Combining Designs

Make a statement with white nails while keeping it in the neutral color family with a nail design like this. Incorporating blank space into designs is (clearly) a big trend and such a fun way to mix up a white nail design. It allows you to stick with just one nail color, too!