Burgundy Nails

30 Burgundy Nails

Nails guides for Spring are often full to the brim with pastel nail colours for us to try. However, not all of us are fans of lighter colour on our nails. With that in mind, here is a great selection of 30 nail looks for this season that all incorporate a gorgeous, dark, burgundy colour. Some have an injection of pastels colours more traditional to this time of year, some are dark and sumptuous. Whichever you choose, these nail looks are sure to enhance any spring ensemble you’ve got going on!

1Burgundy and Nude Coloured Florals

Don’t fancy an entirely dark colour? No problem! Try this mix of nude and burgundy shades, then use those two colours to decorate a couple of your nails with a floral pattern on a white base for a light spring look.

2Embellished Matte Burgundy and Black Nails

This is a wonderful look for an evening event where your outfit is particularly dramatic. We love how the embellishments have been used to slightly lift the matte finish on these burgundy and black nails.

3Extra Long Patent Burgundy Nails

These nails scream confidence, great for the days when you’re feeling particularly fierce and can wear these extra long shiny nails with pride! Wearing just one piece of jewellery is great with this look at is mimics the radiance of the polish but doesn’t take away from the look at all.

4Natural Burgundy Nails with Gold Transfer Design

For a more natural look, try painting your own nails instead of getting false ones and adding in a pretty detail like these lovely gold foils. They’re super easy to apply and give you a bit of sparkle without having to fiddle about with glue and rhinestones.

5Stiletto Nails with Heavy Embellishment

Blake Lively recently rocked a nail look very similar to this one and we all adored it. We are sure she had professionals work on hers for hours on end, but why not be bold and try it yourself! Yes, it’s a daring look but one that’ll give you great confidence and be a lot of fun to get creative with!

6Burgundy Nails Featuring the Base Coat

This is a very clever way of decorating your nails, especially if you have a very limited supply of colour options. Instead of making additions on top of your burgundy colour, leave a specific part of your clear base coat on show for an interesting, less ornate finish. It’s a look that’s beautiful yet casual enough to wear for everyday.

7Burgundy Glitter on Your Ring Finger Nail

This is a wonderful idea for a winter bride. The burgundy colour is great for the colder season and the glitter on your ring finger is a lovely way to highlight your new married status.

8Pink Glittery Ring Finger Nail

You don’t just have to stick with burgundy for this idea, paint the nail on your ring finger based on the colour scheme used in your wedding design.

9Burgundy Nails with a Glittery Base Coat

Use a clear base coat infused with glitter to create this subtle sparkle on your beautiful burgundy nails. The first step will only take you a few minutes but it makes a huge difference to the overall result of your manicure.

10Burgundy Nails with a Purple Hue

This deep burgundy polish has a lovely purple glow that we love for matching with floral prints in our spring dresses. We love this colour to be worn with similar purple shades or emerald greens to enhance the purple even further.

11Burgundy Spring Nails

We are totally in love with these gorgeous floral embellishments. It’s like having mini spring sculptures on your fingernails! It’s a good idea to stick to just a couple of these embellishments and let them stand out as they are rather than putting them on every nail where they may loose their wow factor.

12Decorative White and Burgundy Nails

These decorative nails with the bright white color against the deep burgundy are a great option for a daytime event such as a garden party or birthday lunch! Even for a wedding whether you’re attending as a guest or as the bride.

13Burgundy Nails with a Gold Stripe

We really appreciate the very subtle decoration on these nails, the single gold stripe is striking yet very sophisticated. An easy look to create, this is another option that you could happily wear to the office and on the weekends.

14Burgundy Love Nails

Whether it’s valentines day, your wedding day, an anniversary or you’re just feeling particularly smitten! Try these totally adorable heart nails for yourself and fall instantly in love!

15Burgundy Nails with Bow Detail

We’re not sure we could find a more beautiful and feminine way to decorate your nails than with a bow! We love how this look combines pastel pink and burgundy together and even has one nail with both colors, separated by a vertical line of diamontes.

16Dark Burgundy Nails with a Black Rose Detail

For those that love florals but aren’t so fond of spring pastels, why not try something like this? You have all the beauty of a beautiful bloom but in a color that you can base your outfit around not compromising your personal style.

17Pink and Burgundy Embellished Nails

If you’d like embellished nails but are worried about going overboard, try painting your nails in alternate dark and light colours and then adding some details to just a select few. It’ll really stand out but ensure your look remains more on the subtle side.

18Matte Burgundy Nails with Gold Jewellery

If you’re going for just one color on your nails in a matte polish, use some elegant gold jewelry to lift the overall finish of your nail look. This is great for weddings, big birthday celebrations or if, you know, you just want to feel super fancy at the supermarket!

19Sparkly Stiletto Nails

A look for when you really want to go all out, these nails have it all. They’re sharp and fierce with sparkles and embellishments that really shine! Wear this daring look with a plain outfit to let them be the focal point of your ensemble.

20High Shine Burgundy Nails with Silver Diamontes

The crystal additions to the base of these high shine nails really work well to highlight the reflective nature of the polish. The long length here also creates a beautiful vertical glow all the way along the nail.

21Burgundy and Pink Decorated Nails

A dark lace effect on lighter pink nails, alongside burgundy glitter polish and dark rhinestones, sounds like a recipe for disaster but this look absolutely works and even though it incorporates a lot of varying styles, the end result is a stunning one.

22Burgundy Glitter Polish

A quick and easy look for those with a limited amount of manicure time is a simple coat of glittery burgundy polish. It’s still a bold color choice all on its own so even without any extra embellishments, your nails will look gorgeous.

23Burgundy Nails with Gold Floral Detail

We adore this look for a winter wedding guest. The delicate gold flowers look beautifully ornate and the burgundy undercoat really amps up the glam factor! You could even select this as your nail color and use it as inspiration to find your outfit.

24Burgundy Polish with Silver Sparkles

We know it’s only May right now, but this look is giving us a seven month advance on our Christmas vibes! The high shine on these nails is stunning and we love the addition of the silver in place of gold that we often see used with burgundy nails. The silver is just as eye-catching but gives the finished look an arguably more polished finish.

25Burgundy and Glitter Polishes with Animal Print

Unleash your wild side and try adding in an accent nail with a bold animal print that includes, and therefore highlights, the colors on your other nails.

26Burgundy Nails with Subtle Gold Detail

The glittery gold V stripe on these nails is a lovely way to add in some glamour to your nail look in a fun but a relatively subtle way. Mix it up and try it with a zigzag, a wavy line or even some polka dots, just make sure to keep the lines relatively thin to keep this look delicate.

27Black and Burgundy Matte Nails

Use matte polishes to create this look and make one of your nails an accent nail using both polishes and tape to create vertical stripes. It’s a really cute idea and we love it for the office!

28Burgundy Nails with a Black Lace Effect

For the drama queen in you, try these extremely deep burgundy nails with the amazing effect of black lace on the accent nail. These particular nails are a rather racy choice and will look great with an LBD and heels!

29Gold Mosaic Effect on Burgundy Polish

We really love this idea of having the accent nail on each hand be so dramatically different from one another. The gold mosaic style lines on one and the black rhinestones covering the other juxtapose one another beautifully as they are both offset by the burgundy. This is another look that you could play about with and find various ways to create different accent nails that effectively complement your burgundy polish.

30Skittle Burgundy Nails

What a gorgeous skittle nails combo for fall! This multi-colored swatching of deep purple burgundy, silver gold glitter and whiteish gray is so shiny and elegant!

31Burgundy Glass Nails

Give life to your wine burgundy nails by adding a shattered glass design polish. Shattered glass nail art is the latest hottest nail trend out of Korea and you can DIY this design using nail stickers or by cutting little pieces of cellophane.

32Gel Burgundy and Glitter Nails

These gel nails have a really unique and impressive design. The glitter and stripes design really adds elegance and complement this burgundy polish.

33Cute Burgundy with Glitter nails

There’s such a wide range in colors for Fall season, but burgundy is definitely the color to wear on your nail this fall. These gel burgundy nails with a touch of glitter is a great combo for a day at the office or a night out.

34Nude Burgundy Nails

Nude is also a color that’s trending right now and is great for fall. A mix of mat nude, rose gold glitter and wine colored nails creates different textures in your mani and a super chic look!

35Gel and Mat Burgundy Nails

What a gorgeous combination of 3 different types of burgundy; shiny, mat and glitter.

36Gold Accents Burgundy Nails

pice up your burgundy nails with by recreating this studded golden accent nail look!

37Matt wine nails

Sometimes less is more! Matt wine color is one of the hottest trends this year and one of the best colors for fall.

38Golds and burgundy nails

Want to know which color works well with burgundy nails? Gold! Especially when you team it with nudes and other burgundy shades.

39Diamond coffin burgundy nails

If you want to add glam to your nails, add some large crystals/diamonds to one or two of them. These nails are stunning and are so perfect for winter holidays!

40Dark Gel

If you like deep and dark colors, this deep burgundy gel nail color is so elegant and you can wear it for an everyday look or for a special occasion.

41Almond purple burgundy nails

Burgundy color work both for short and long nails. This deep wine color looks amazing in combination with purples and silver golds.

42Rose gold nude burgundy nails

We absolutely love this color combination of matt burgundy with nude color and matching rose gold nails.

43Coffin Burgundy Nails

These coffin nails are very Christmasy and beautiful. If you’re looking for a color that’s bold and stands out this deep burgundy with a bit of glitter is a great option.

44Ombre Burgundy and Gold Nails

This style features gorgeous coffin nails with 3 color combination of golden glitter, deep burgundy, and whiteto red ombre. Stunning!

45Matte Burgundy Nails

Matte nails are such a hot trend right now!  These Almond shaped matte burgundy nails look gorgeous with the added silvery glitter color.

46Rose Gold, Pink and Burgundy Nails

Another sparkly and pretty burgundy nail design with a touch of rose gold and baby pink shades.

47Short Burgundy Nail Look

If you like it simple and classy you should definitely go for a shinu look like the one in the picture with only one burgundy glitter fingernail.

48Coffin Burgundy Nails with Silver and Diamonds

We are in awe of these stunning coffin nails! The mix of diamonds and silver creates a look that’s super elegant and chic.

49Deep Burgundy Wine Nails

Matte, shiny and glitter wine color nails mixture. Just stunning!