cute almond nail designs

35 Almond Shaped Nails

Almond shaped nails will instantly make your hands look longer and more feminine, and because of its lengthy shape, there are endless manicure ideas you can do with almond shapes nails. Whether you choose an acrylic almond nail design or would prefer to play with gel polishes, we’ve got your back with a list of 35 stunning almond shaped nail designs.

1Unicorn Vibes Almond Nails

If the lavender and patel blue ombré wasn’t beautiful and unique enough, this nail art also features a gorgeous, shimmery top coat that makes it a true, unicorn manicure, perfect for festivals or night outs with a simple, black or white dress.

2Crystal French Almond Nail Art

Instead of the regular, nude and white French manicure, this almond shaped nail art look uses crystals as French tips on the ring fingers, and the outcome is absolutely luxurious.

3Glossy Finish Pointy Almond Nails

Although the black, burgundy and brown ombré is unique enough by itself, it’s the super glossy finish that makes this nail art stand out from the crowd, and the different shades look beautiful with the almond nail shape.

4Metallic Rose Gold nails

With the metallic rose gold, there is no need for any other element – this nail art is perfect in its simple, yet eye catching way.

5Summer Lavender Almond Nails

If you are looking for a very simple nail art that you can easily accessorize anytime, go with this beautiful, almost matte lavender shade. Besides looking great with both silver and gold accessories, it is also makes your summer tan pop even more.

6Porcelain Short Almond Shaped Nails

Almond shaped nails don’t necessarily have to be super long to look gorgeous. This pretty nail design features pastel pink and white with adorable bows, polka dots and a porcelain-like effect on the ring fingers.

7Pink Mosaic Nails

On the other hand, long almond shaped nails are great if you’d like to experiment with colors and shapes, such as this amazing mosaic design, featuring white, shades of pink and taupe. If you feel more daring, try this mosaic look with turquoise, orange and beige!

8Classic Red Almond Nails

Instead of any crystals or nail décor, these red nails are perfectly complete with a glossy top coat. Red and burgundy is a great choice if you would like to make your manicure feminine and sultry.

9Neon Colorblock nails

The actual almond shape in this manicure is in the background, as the mix of neon yellow, black, white and beige is in the focus. We love how this nail art features geometric shapes and an edgy version of French tips!

10Gold Flakes Round Almond Nails

A bit more rounded almond shapes look stunning with golden and silver details! Instead of a regular, gold nail polish, this nail art features tiny gold flakes with nude nail polish, and it creates an exquisite overall look.

11Aztec Print Nail Art

Mauve and black might be a surprising combination for a tribal inspired nail art, but it works really well together – both with the almond shaped nails and with the whole concept of an Aztec, tribal inspired detailing.

12Matte Marble Almond Shaped Nails

This nail art takes our breath away with its simplicity. The matte shades, the marble print detailing and the color choices of baby pink and classic, black and white marble looks great with almond shaped nails!

13Chaotic Blue Almond Nails

You might think simple nude, black French tip nails don’t match well with more chaotic and abstract, blue detailing, but this nail design proves the exact opposite.

14Hello Sailor! Nails

The gold, nude and royal blue is a perfect match, especially with the stripes and the gold glitter detailing on the ring fingers. Another small idea that could make the nail design even more special is adding red stripes or red dots instead of gold ones.

15Long Floral Pink Almond Shaped Nails

The glitter flakes and the warm baby pink polish looks beautiful with the porcelain rose inspired detailing on the ring fingers.

16Luxurious Gold Nails

This simple, nude ombré manicure has special elements of chunky gold polish – instead of regular nail polishes, this stays on the nails thick and has a more luxurious, almost jewelry like effect.

17Pastel Beads Almond Shaped Acrylic Nails

Another beautiful, pastel summer nail art look can be created with peach, baby blue and pink nail polish shades. To create the beaded illusion, use acrylic polish to create polka dots and use a golden nail polish with a thin brush to “frame” and separate the beads.

18Almond Shaped Acrylic Nails  With Shades of Blue &

This beautiful acrylic almond nail design features various shades of blue, from matte baby blue to dark, royal blue glitter polish, all mixed with nude and silver glitter. For a more over the top look, mix different shades of glitter (such as gold, burgundy or green).

19Teddy Bear Detailing

If you’d like to have fun with your manicure and use fresh colors, this is the right choice for you! Besides the hot pink, white and grey, there is also an adorable bear sticker on this almond shaped nail design.

20Blue Butterfly Nail Art

With the white and blue color combo and the beautiful, detailed butterfly, this can easily become our summer go-to nail art look! The almond shape definitely comes in handy with this manicure because of its long, angled shape.

21Iridescent Peach Almond Shaped Nails

We are not even sure where to start with this look: the iridescent polish that reminds us of a mermaid, the beautiful peach shade or the black detailing on the ring fingers all look stunning!

22Burlesque Nails

The lace nail art with the contrast of the black and nude polish definitely has a classic, feminine Burlesque vibe to it, and it would surely look beautiful with a red or burgundy dress.

23Almond Monochrome Nails

The double, black and white French tips with the nude base polish look beautiful, and it goes really well with the extra long, sharp almond shape of this nail art.

24Alice Inspired Nails

The blue, black and white with the chaotic, yet beautiful mix of stripes, polka dots, crystals and bows reminds us of the classic Alice in Wonderland story. If you want to take a spin on it, add floral stickers instead of the polka dots or the striped design.

25Polka Dot Color Block

Purple and green might sound like an interesting color combination, but after seeing it, we are 100% convinced, even with the fun, oversized polka dot prints with the nude, yellowish base polish. This design would look gorgeous with an all-black outfit!

26Green Jewels Nail Art

This nail art design is a true masterpiece! Besides the almond shape (that matches the angled, green French tips perfectly), the green added jewelry takes this manicure to a whole other level.

27Rusty Metallic Almond Nails

This metallic has a really special shade of both silver and rose gold, making the nail look edgy and daring.

28Nude Caviar Nail Color

The peachy nude base nail polish is the perfect accessory to the golden, beaded focus point of the nails. You can easily achieve caviar nails by applying tiny beads (or a caviar nail set) with a toothpick and setting everything in place with a clear top coat. Although it is a longer process and can take up to 30 minutes, the result will be breathtaking.

29Queen of Hearts Nails

This nail art idea uses the almond shape beautifully to form hearts at the tips of the nails. Besides Valentine’s Day, we can imagine this nail art look for any occasion because of the simplistic, nude base polish.

30Monochrome Graffiti Black Nails

This nail art look reminds us of a very minimalistic, black and nude graffiti with the XO at the ring finger. If you’d like to add something extra to this look, you can play with neon shades and heart shapes to match the XO sign.

31Broken Marble Nails

Instead of the regular, black and white marble, this nail art design incorporates a gold, “broken marble” effect as well, which makes the whole manicure more interesting. If you would like to experiment more with this nail art, try out a dark blue or emerald green marble base with silver cracks in it!

32Red & Nude Almond Nails

Red and nude is a classic combination that fits any occasion or event. This look has unique placements of clear crystals and an adorable bow, creating a more feminine vibe. Rock this manicure with a white summer dress!

33Golden Frame Almond Shape Nails

This off-white, ivory nail polish is a match made in heaven with the golden detailing. Another thing we love about this nail art is how the gold polish follows the outline of the almond shape and creates a frame around it.

34Hello Spring! Pink Nails

For this beautiful almond shaped nail art, grab your two favorite shades of purple (you can mix warm and cool-toned polishes as well), a white and green polish and get creative! Use a tiny, angled brush to create the floral shape on the ring fingers.

35Unique Almond Rainbow Nails

Say goodbye to usual rainbow shades and grab a few metallic, iridescent shades of blue, purple, orange and pink to create a girly rainbow inspired nail design! You can either replicate this look and use different polishes on each nail, or have an ombré effect on your nails by mixing together the polishes and applying them with a sponge.

36Unicorn Nails

We’re obsessed with these gorgeos unicorn nails! This sparkly look has a mix of pastel purple, white and glitter.

37Glitter Cuticles Nail Art

Adding glitter on your cuticles really can really jazz up your nail design. This grey and black manicure is easy to do and perfect for any occasion.

38White and Pink Glitter Nails

Pink and white are 2 colors that go so well together. Combined with a simple gold design like this one, makes a very unique and eye-catching look!

39Christmas Reindeer Nail Art

What a stunning and elegant nail art for Christmas and the holidays season.

40Fall Season Nail Art

All these different hues match so well together! This is a great color combination for fall or winter season.

41Nail Art With Caption

Want to add your favorite quote or phrase on your nail art? This design features lack matt color, blue glitter and one matching pink nail with a cute designed phrase with a little-added sparkle at the tip.

42Pastel nail art

What makes almond shape nails such a unique trend is the sculpted subtly pointy tips. Use these tips to create beautiful nails like this birds design on pastel hues.

43Cute nail designs

Want to add a cute anime on your nails? When you can’t draw, nail art stencils will definitely come in handy!

44Subtle pink almond nails

Go subtle with a nude o pink shade like this one! Your pointy nails can look so elegant with just one natural color!

45Red and Pink

his fresh color combo is great for summer and looks so chic for and every day look!

46Nude Crystal

This simple nude shade is enhanced with an addition of stunning shattered glass design in one of the nails.

47Black Ombre Nails

We love ombre also on nails! This smokey ombre is edgy and creates a special effect and chic look.

48Nude Nails with Hearts

Adding tiny hearts on your nails is super cute and works with any color you choose.

49Brow Gold Unicorn

Another elegant unicorn design with beautiful browns and gold shades.

50Glitter Nude Nails

A stunning combination that’s perfect for a night out or a party!

51Golden Almond Nails

White and gold is a great color combo! This design is perfect for special occasions and weddings.

52White Blue Spring Nails

Looking for a nail design for this coming Spring? This white blue design is simple yet so beautiful!

53Matte White Glitter Nails

Another elegant nail design that’s perfect for weddings! If you’re a future bride and looking for matte nail design, we think this nail look is absolutely perfect!

54Beige Almond and leaves Nail Design

This nail art design combines beautifully beige with black and will be perfect for the winter season.

55Blue and Silver Glitter Nails

These almond nails ha a very gentle round shape and features a stunning combination of silver glitter and pastel blue shade.

56Blue White Sparkly Almond Nails

Another favorite nail color combination is blue and white. We love this mix of matte and glitter design.

57Beige Short Almond Nails

These almond-shaped nails are very short and look so elegant with the beige and floral design.

58Cactus Nails

Love cactus? What a cute cactus design to add to your green matte nails!

59Pink Sparkle Almond Shaped Nails

60Simple Nude Almond Shaped Nails

61Chrome Silver Ombre Nails

62Pink Glitter Ombre and Matte Almond Nails

63Long Light Pink Pointy Nails

64Green Almond Shaped Nail Polish

65MAtte Fuchsia Pink Almond Nails

66ROund Purple Ombre Nails

67Elegant Matte Black Nude and Silver Almond Nails