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30 Casket Nails

With celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner rocking casket nails, it is very tempting to try out the trend ourselves. The nail shape instantly dresses up your appearance, and looks striking, particularly with bold jewelry. From classic greens and nudes, to holographic and sophisticated designs, with this list of 30 gorgeous casket nails, you’ll get inspired to get your own casket nails manicure.

1Sparkle Surprise

If there is one polish you must have for occasions, then it has to be a glitter polish. It will instantly elevate your nails and make even the simplest of manicures look snazzy. Match your jewelry to your glitter, with some bold silver statement jewelry and throw on your fave LBD for a striking contrast!

2Baby Blue Beauty Casket Nails

Sometimes the simplest one color designs are the best! Baby blue is so Fall/Winter 17, it is the most iconic color of the season. That is why you should try out this shade on your brand new casket nails. Clash with yellow gold jewelry for a luxury feel.

3Hot Holographic casket nails

If it’s good enough for Asos and Skinny Dip London, it’s good enough for us! Holographic accessories and outerwear have made another comeback for this season, and if you are like us and want to get in on this trend, you have to try out this look. ILNP have a range of holographic polishes to rock the look, and Dream Girl matches the polish used here. You’re welcome!

4Spooky Sister black casket nails

We know this look isn’t on casket nails, but you have to admit it would look even spookier in that shape. This design is perfect for that badass rock chick, or even just for Halloween. Don’t forget to take an Instagram pic of this haunting design!

5Dark Side Coffin Nails

Black and silver are one of our favorite color palettes. They turn black from gothic to party/festive in just a few simple steps. We would go for this nail for a festive occasion like Halloween or Christmas, with your best party outfit. Make sure to not chip your nails opening those presents!

6Sparkly Style casket nails

Instead of glitter, why not just go all out and stick nail jewels on the whole of your nail? It adds texture to a simple look, all whilst looking slick and elegant. Match your jewelry to your nail jewels and you will look SO put together!

7Electric Blue Babe casket nails

Another blue you should try out this season is electric blue. It turns your look from casual to night out in a flash. It looks insanely amazing with any shade of pink too! We recommend Nailmatic’s electric blue shade, Charlie, for this look.

8French Mani casket nails

How can you change up your standard French manicure? By trying it on casket nails, that’s how! The shape also allows for extra long white tips, making it look like you’ve just been to the salon and also making your nails look lusciously long. What’s not to love?

9Classy Khaki casket nails

Khaki nails are ideal for rocking with a burgundy or millennial pink bag this season. We love a this dark khaki tone to kick start our colder months. We recommend Essie’s Fall In Line for a perfect match!

10Silver Sophistication casket nails

Silver and pink make quite the duo here. Light, girly silver sparkles with pastel pink compliment each other perfectly, and are a great choice for a wedding or just for a night on the town with the girls! If you want to make the look even more over the top, we recommend sticking nail jewels to the bottom of one or two of your nails. Subtle sophistication in seconds!

11Burgundy Brilliance casket nails

You have to agree, burgundy is the perfect autumnal color! It is dark, yet stands out against any other shade, and compliments all skin tones. Why not try the shade in a matte polish for a flawlessly chic look? Get your hands (or your nails) on Barry M’s Matte Nail Paint in Burgundy Crush!

12Glam Lace casket nails

Adding lace to your nails will not only make them look glamorous but also adds texture and changes them up from your average manicure. Use a pastel use under the lace for a surprising yet feminine contrast. Doesn’t it just look amazing over this dusty pink shade?

13In The Nude casket nails

You can never go wrong with nude-colored nails. They are extremely chic yet so easy to pull off! To get this gorgeous embossed effect, paint your nails, and on the second coat, press the stamp against your nail. Then, add nail jewels or beads to jazz them up. Paint your other nails in a wine color for a dressy night out.

14Glitter Extravagance Nails

Don’t be afraid to go crazy on the glitter! There is nothing wrong with having OTT nails, and a whole gold nail can make your nails go from bland to fab. We also love the clashing silver nail jewels so you get the best of both worlds! We would wear these nails with a navy blue lace shift dress for maximum effect.

15Pretty In Pink casket nails

For a feminine nail, pastel pink with black polka dots is girly and dainty, just like you! This is a great everyday design with light blue jeans and a frilly top, or with your girliest Princess-like dress. The casket shape makes them a bit more grown-up and elegant.

16Luxurious Monochrome casket nails

Sometimes the most luxurious of looks are the most simple. A French mani, with a few nail jewels and a splash of pink is minimal but chic. If you want to impress on a date, but you are not sure of what you are up to, then these are the best nails ever – they don’t scream high-maintenance, but still look like you have made an effort.

17White Wonder casket nails

With the right white polish, you don’t look like you have used Tippex! Use nail tape to replicate this cut out detailing and be ready to dazzle. This would be perfect for the warmer months, or for Christmas, with a festive red sweater dress. We can’t wait to try this one out for ourselves!

18Floral Fun casket nails

Nothing beats a gorgeous floral pattern. Summer may be over but you can rock floral all year round. Look around Etsy for one-of-a-kind nail stencils that no one else will have. Finish off the look with a few sneaky nail jewels for extra edge.

19Flirty Flowers Nails

Another way to rock the floral trend is through a girlier vibe. Two types of pink is in no way too extra, and with clashing gold jewels, dresses your nails up and makes them look fancier. For the base, our favorite pastel pink is Butter London’s Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer in Pink Knickers, plus, it doesn’t peel, crack or chip for ten whole days!

20Leopard Love casket nails

Another winter, another season where the leopard look is back. Painting a leopard spots onto your nails is the most perfect way to test out the print without over-facing yourself. Could you just imagine these nails with an all-black outfit and leopard print pumps! *in love emoji*

21Metallic Pink casket nails

If you want to spice up your pink manicure, use two different types of polish. A metallic polish will make give your look texture and will give an urban edge. To match this gorgeous metallic pink shade, Zoya have just the polish – buy their shade Joy now!

22Grungey Grey casket nails

Dark grey polish adds indie vibes to your look and look spectacular with yellow gold jewelry. It is the perfect color to wear when you are dressing pretty casually, as it doesn’t draw too much attention all whilst showing you made an effort.

23Psychedelic Baby casket nail color

A holographic blue shade is so 60s! If you are a fan of the retro look, this could look pretty badass with some denim kick flares and a printed shirt. This could also put a twist on your little black dress for a special occasion. Pick Ilnp’s shade Harbour Island for an exact match!

24Blue Beauty casket nail art

There is something tropical about pairing electric blue with pastel pink. It is reminiscent of our summer, and though we may have to wait another year for those lazy days walking along the beach, we can rock this look all year round! Dip your nails in blue glitter or nail caviar for a pearl-like effect.

25Lady In Red casket nails

After neutral colors being the face of catwalks, bright red is back. Match your nails to your clothes or your statement handbag, and be the talk of the town! Red suits all skin tones, making it an easy yet perfect choice. Why not go all out and wear bright red lipstick too?

26Fabulous And Fancy nails

Nails can never be too over the top! If you have a big birthday bash coming up, then these will be the nails you will be needing! Light lilac for the base, with over the top jewels, pretty much means a princess look. Wear your most fanciest dress and be the Belle of the ball (or the party!).

27Pink Princess coffin nails

If you want nails that express the princess you truly are, then pink and glitter are the two polishes you will need in your collection! Despite it being extremely girly, the shape of the casket nail makes them more grown up and modern. Throw on your favorite skater dress and strappy heels and you’re good to go!

28Ladylike Lace casket nails

Lace is an elegant way of adding texture and femininity into your design. Nail lace is so easy to get hold of, and easy to apply. Be sure to apply a layer of transparent polish to lock the lace in, and paint the other nails a crisp white for the perfect monochrome look.

29Dreamy Diva mix casket nails

For the girls who love a bit of fuss, this design will be your favorite. They are the nails for a glamour puss, and the pink and gold make the right balance of girlyness and extravagance. We are thinking of doing this design for a date night, or for a night out with the girls!

30Oh My Ombré casket nails

Ombré is just perfection all year round, but for the winter months, we do recommend using darker or neutral tones to stand out against your everyday outfits. We love this dark mauve color, and fading into an off-white is the best way to wear it. To get the look, look out for Essie’s Demure Vix!

31Crystals and Matte Nude Nails

32Glam Burgundy Nails with Diamonds

33Ombre Casket Nails with Crystals

34Deep Purple and Pink Glitter Casket Nails

35Sparkle Baby Pink Casket Nails