chrome nails

Chrome Nail Polish Designs

Chrome nail polish has been a huge trend this season: with its reflective shine and various color combinations, it is a scene-stealer look that you can mix and match with almost any look and outfit. With these 25 chrome nail arts, you’ll get inspired to create your own chrome manicure.

1What is A Chrome Nail Polish?

Chrome nail polishes (also called “mirror” polishes nail polishes) are known to be reflective, metallic nail polishes that feature various different shades. What we love about this design the most is its versatility: you can easily wear it on its own or style with other nail art designs, such as marble or matte nails. It is definitely an edgy and modern choice, and it takes confidence to rock it, but you are guaranteed to fall in love with it! To recreate this nail art, we recommend searching for a chrome nail polish (such as the Sally Hansen Chrome Polishes), or for metallic chrome nail stickers if you’d like to spare time and effort with the application process. On the other hand, if you would like to sprinkle just a bit of chrome shine to your manicure, buy some metallic detail stickers (such as polka dots or flowers) or a chrome powder, which you can easily tap on your polish to make it reflective.

2Mermaid Chrome

No wonder why it’s also called the „oil slick” or „mermaid” manicure: the chrome polish gives the illusion of beautiful scales with the combination of purple, green and blue, especially with the adorable white scale detailing.

3Rose Gold Vibes

If rose gold wasn’t luxurious enough for you, take a look at this beautiful, deep rose gold with a chrome shine to it! Besides the metallic vibe, the square nail shape goes great with rose gold too. If you want to spice it up, add a few clear crystals to your manicure!

4Turquoise Peacock

This manicure proves that peacock, chrome and glitter looks absolutely amazing together. Besides the dark blue chrome polish, this nail art also features a beautiful, turquoise polish and detailed peacock feathers on a white base. If you are not a manicure expert yet, try to find peacock stickers instead of trying to paint it on with a brush.

5Nude Chrome

Chrome nails don’t necessarily have to be bold and colorful – just take a look at how stunning this nude chrome nail art is! Besides the nude chrome nails, there are also amazing crystal and glitter elements in this manicure.

6Bronze Goddess

Another manicure that features beautiful shades such as bronze, brown and caramel with crystals and chrome polish. This nail art would be great for a beach or pool party, or during a summer holiday with a white or beige summer dress.


From the shade of soft chrome blue to the coffin nail shape, this nail art is the perfect representation of a modern Cinderella look, and we just love it! You can rock this with almost anything from a simple jean and T-shirt combination to a baby blue maxi dress.

8Chrome Edges

If you are not sure if this trend is for you, start by only applying chrome polish to your tips. This French manicure features blue, green and purple chrome polish with a geometric edge and the beautiful, triangle placement of the small clear crystals. Because of the long shape, this whole manicure looks perfect.

9Matte & Chrome

Mauve and rose gold look amazing together, especially with a mix of metallic and chrome nail polishes. While the matte mauve polish covers the nails, the rose gold chrome nail polish is only on the tips of the nails, creating a sophisticated look. We love how this manicure still has an interesting twist with the unique tip shapes.

10Blue With A Twist

If blue wasn’t bold enough by itself, try out a silver or light blue chrome nail polish to spice up your manicure! Another thing we love about this manicure is the matte nail polish: instead of a shiny or pearly blue, the electric blue has a matte look.

11Peach Princess

This nail art is absolutely perfect for a summer vacation or night out. Besides the neon orange base polish with the small gold studs, this nail art also features beautiful, orange chrome nail polish. Match it with gold or rose gold accessories.

12Smokey Bronze

Warm shades match perfectly with chrome nail polishes, such as warm bronze, gold, mauve or caramel. Because of the reflective polish, this nail art plays with shades of caramel, rose gold, copper and bronze, creating a beautiful, luxurious manicure.

13Reflective Shell Manicure

While most chrome nails match with longer nail shapes, this light, reflective nail polish looks stunning with smaller shapes as well. We also love the simplicity of the manicure with the simple, light chrome nails.

14Edgy Vibes

The little black studs, the dark chrome, the glitter and the matte black polish together might sound too much, but this manicure will change your mind about it. If you are looking for something edgy without being too colorful or loud, this is the perfect nail art for you.

15Marble & Silver Chrome

Marble and silver together is an amazing combination, whether with clothes or accessories or with nail art designs. This beautiful manicure combines the classic black, white and gray marble nails with silver chrome polish. To get the perfect marble look, try out nail stickers!

16Black Edge

Besides the traditional green and purple chrome polish, this nail art also features a beautiful, black chrome line alongside the edges, creating an almost invisible ombré effect. This is perfect for you if you want to spice up your modern, minimalistic style with something similar, yet more daring.

17Barbie Chrome

Mixing pink and baby blue, this chrome nail art is the perfect, classic “Barbie” manicure. To recreate this look, make sure your nails have a coffin or almond shape and play with different shades of cool pink, blue and turquoise chrome nail polish.

18Pop of Silver

This sharp almond nail shape is accentuated with silver sparkles, and we would love to rock this nail art for a night out or birthday party! Besides the pop of silver, the mix of the silver and pink chrome and pearl finish polish is beautiful as well. If you are looking for something girly and fun, you will love this nail art!

19 Pink Princess

This is such a simple, yet stunning nail art design! The pink chrome manicure looks amazing with the long, coffin nail shape. You could easily make this manicure even more interesting with a few stickers or glitter polish.

20Diamond Shapes

Because of its texture, you can easily experiment and play with different textures and patterns. We love how this chrome nail polish was created with a silver diamond effect, but you can also reach the exact same texture with other colors and nail polishes as well.

21Baby Blue Chrome

If you are not a fan of the full-Cinderella look with the blue chrome nails, take a closer look at this beautiful coffin nail shape with the baby blue and silver chrome details. You could easily take this manicure to the next level with a few crystals or glitter tips.

22Silver Florals

Looking for something really extra special and outstanding? This silver, chrome nail art features beautiful, geometric details and of course, amazing acrylic flowers in the same color. Go to a nail salon or beauty supply store to get these unique, acrylic flowers in various colors and use nail glue to secure them in place.

23Orange Queen

This orange, almost copper chrome nail reminds us of a beautiful sunset, but it’s definitely a versatile nail art that can be worn anytime for any occasion. The detail that we love the most is the gorgeous, golden crown that makes the whole manicure more “royal” and luxurious. You can also use bronze or red crystals to make it even more interesting.

24Mix & Match

Although it’s definitely a loud and over the top polish choice, chrome nail polish can work beautifully together with other different techniques and textures as well. We love everything about this nail art the contrast between the tan and black and the unicorn chrome polish, the length and shape of the nails and of course, the different chrome polishes.

25Subtle Chrome Details

Another way to add chrome polish to your manicure is to use subtle detailing, such as small stripes or polka dots. Because of its reflection, it is a shiny, scene-stealer detail even if you don’t apply too much of this. With this manicure, we love the placement of the chrome elements as well as the nude and pink nail polishes!

26Lavender Princess

Last, but definitely not least, we had to feature this lavender princess nail art. While the dark purple chrome nail polish is simply gorgeous with its reflective “mirror” shine, the lavender matte polish with the crystals is just as gorgeous. To recreate this nail art, start off by shaping your nails and making them a bit shorter – this way, your manicure will be very sophisticated and classy.