30 Silver Nails Ideas

A gorgeous silver manicure is a great way to experiment with something daring yet feminine! Whether you are looking for a subtle, matte silver nail design or something more crazy and over the top, you can easily reach any effect with silver nail art!

1Icy Silver

We love how this beautiful silver manicure mixes the traditional French element with a twist of metallic and shimmery silver. Besides using the shimmery silver polish as the base instead of a nude nail polish, it also features a metallic detailing right under the white tips.

2Silver Plaid

Pastel pink, gray, white and silver go well together. Although it sounds like lots of colors all at once, but since these are all subtle shades, they won’t be too over the top. In this manicure, the silver is featured with super thin lines and a few crystals.

3Iridescent Nails

A great way to spice up a regular silver manicure (if it’s not popping enough for you already) is to add an iridescent polish. If you don’t want to go full unicorn all at once, you can experiment with applying the iridescent silver only on the ring fingers.

4Geometric Silver

There is something really special and unique about the mix of silver and clear nail polish. Unlike most manicures, this nail design features geometric shapes of gray and silver on a completely nude, clear base polish. You can easily recreate this look with the help of a thin nail polish brush to create the geometric lines.

5Shimmery Coral

For summer, probably th best idea is to mix the shimmery, icy silver with something vibrant and warm, such as a coral orange or pink! We not only love the contrast between the two colors, but also the striped design.

6Pretty in Pink

Another geometric, pastel, white and silver combination that shows the versatility of these shades and geometric manicures! This silver nail design would go perfectly with a gorgeous, silver or monochrome white look.

7Black Contrast

If you want to create something easy but very surprising and fashion forward, try out this white, peach, silver and black contrast nail art design. To create straight, polished lines for this manicure, apply the polishes with a help of a tiny brush and clean up the edges with a Q-tip.

8Minimalist Triangles

Looking for something super simple? If you are not a fan of fake nails and crazy patterns, try out this manicure! Start off by applying a clear polish and apply the silver triangles on top. Whether you use a smooth, metallic finish silver polish or a chunky glitter one, set everything in place with a top coat.

9Blue and Silver Nails With Hearts

For a cool undertone manicure, mix royal blue and silver together! We love this color combination because it’s edgy, but still feminine and wearable, especially with the stripes and the adorable, small heart pattern.

10Pink And Silver Nails

Pink not only goes well with gold, but it also looks completely stunning with silver too! If the neon pink and silver is too much for you all at once, we recommend experimenting with a third shade, such as a soft pastel pink or white.

11Cotton Candy Pink and Silver Nails

Who says you can’t mix different shimmery colors? The silver is gorgeous with the glitter pink and rose gold, especially mixed with the stripes, swirls, and beautiful clear crystals.

12Silver Disney

What can make a Disney or Mickey Mouse inspired nail art even cuter? Yes, a pop of silver! Besides the theme, the silver glitter also matches with the contrast of the black and pink here, creating an overall beautiful nail art design.

13Pastel Blue Dream: Light Blue and Silver Nails

Silver looks beautiful on any blue polish, especially on lighter, pastel shades – and this manicure perfectly proves this! Instead of crazy patterns or shades, this nail art features a soft combination of baby blue, silver glitter, and stripes.

14Silver Glitter

Perfect for birthdays, New Year’s Eve, Christmas parties… or basically, any other event where you want to feel and look special! To make sure the glitters stay in place, we recommend applying a base and top coat. Besides protecting your nails, these polishes will also make the glitter last longer and prevent any fallout.

15Black and Silver Edges Nails

Black and silver is another beautiful and surprising mix, especially if you choose a shiny black polish and chunky, silver glitter! What makes this coffin nail design even more special is the edgy placement of the silver glitter.

16Adorable Polka Dots Silver Nail Art

Polka dots will never go out of style: they are cute, girly and will instantly make any outfit more interesting! If you would like to spice up this manicure, switch from the gold, black and silver polka dots and play with turquoise, orange, silver, and pink for a more youthful vibe,

17Matte and Metallic Nails

The matte Barbie pink is even more girly and fun with the chrome silver nails! You can easily get a reflective silver or metallic polish at any drugstore to recreate this manicure. We also love the pop of crystals on the pink nails, which tie the whole nail design together.

18Silver Studs Nails

Spice up a simple white and gray manicure with the help of metallic stripes and small studs! You can find these nail decor details at any drugstore – and with a nail or eyelash glue, you can secure every little stud in place.

19Blue And Silver Mandala Nail Design

If you want to show off a really detailed pattern (whether floral or a more edgy design), choose a vibrant, dark base polish such as emerald green, red or royal blue to make the silver patterns truly pop.

20Crystal Princess Nails

Don’t have a silver polish? No worries, you can easily add a luxurious silver splash to your nail art with clear crystals! If you are planning to stack the crystals and apply more than a few at once, try to stick with a neutral base polish, such as baby pink or nude.

21Metallic Stripes Nails

Always wondered how to get this beautiful, metallic chrome silver effect? Get a sheet of metallic, sticky silver nail art paper at the drugstore and cut them up to tiny stripes. To keep them in place, apply a clear top coat once you finished your nail design.

22Hologram Nails Polish

A creative, very innovative way to use silver in your nails is to play with holographic, reflective nail polish! This nail art, although it is super easy to recreate, is definitely one of the coolest manicures we’ve ever seen!

23Ombré Silver Nails

Instead of a light to dark gradient nail art, this design features a mix of silver and gold slowly turning into a gorgeous off-white shade. Besides shorter nails, this design also works well with longer shapes, such as almond or coffin nails.

24Mirror Nails

Forget the glitter nails, the Mirror manicure is a huge and the hottest trend right now! This shiny and chic metallic design, also known as the chrome manicure, is actually a powder and not easy to DIY. With the right tools, you could still achieve this design by yourself, but if you’re not into DIYs better find a nail pro to chrome up your nails.

25Blue Marble Nails

Apply a subtle silver shade with this stunning blue marble manicure design! We are in love with everything about this nail design from the long, almond shape to the „broken” blue and silver marble design. If you are not sure how to recreate this nail art, we recommend looking for blue marble nail stickers.

26Lavender and Silver Nails

A simple, minimalist lavender square nail art can turn into a more playful and fun manicure with the help of silver glitter! For a gradient look, apply the chunky silver glitters loosely on the top of your nails and apply a clear coat on top to make sure everything stays in place for a few days.

27Hey Sailor! Anchor Nail Art

The mint, the white, the polka dots, and the glitter…how could this manicure get any better? Instead of the regular blue, red and white sailor color combination, this nail art features mint, silver, and white together and adds other fun patterns as well, such as the polka dots and the anchor.

28Crystal, Pink and Silver Nails

This manicure is the true Barbie nail art, it’s absolutely adorable! This vibrant pink and silver are combined with tiny clear crystals on the nails – and if you want to be even more extra, you can use pink or turquoise crystals, or use tiny bows or studs instead of the crystals.

29Mix & Match

White and silver is such a classic combination, and it fits perfectly for everyday wear. This manicure features a mix of different elements: cute chunky silver glitters, small polka dots, and gray stripes on a simple, matte white base. You can easily turn it into a party look as well by adding different colored glitters to the ring fingers.

30Contrast Shells Nails

We know, this nail art doesn’t include too much silver, but it’s so gorgeous, we couldn’t leave it out from the list. With the unique 3D technique, the white nail polish looks like a real shell on the nails, not to mention the beautiful, clear crystal detailing. To make this manicure more „Mermaid” inspired, you could also add starfish patterns to the black nails or switch from black to a reflective green polish!

31Crushed Blue Crystals Nails

Metallic royal blue mixed with reflective silver flakes and crystals…this manicure is definitely one of our favorites from the list! Even the coffin nail design matches this edgy manicure perfectly.

32Unicorns and Glitter Nails

Unicorns are a big thing right now not just in fashion but also in the nail art world. This fantastic unicorn design combines matt white color and silver glitter, and a cute “give me a kiss me” caption.

33Grey Acrylic Nails with Jewels

34Silver Chrome Nails

35Long Coffin Silver Ombre Glitter Nails

36Nude Silver Nails

37Light Grey Coffin Silver Glitter Wedding Nails

38Grey Silver Chrome Nails