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30 Blue Nail Designs


Is it the right moment to ask ourselves where is the limit when it comes to beauty trends? Judging by the newest nail polish trends as well as a few makeup trends, boundaries don’t exist. Fearless women are always ready to experiment even when it comes to nail color. This season, different shades of blue are beyond trendy. From deep navy blue to gentle pastel shades, all variations are present, and with each of them, you won’t make a mistake.

1Mood Indigo Nails

From all shades of blue, Indigo blue definitely stands out as most sophisticated. You can achieve the look from the photo by applying indigo nail polish on the entire surface of the nail. To give them a perfect finish add a topcoat. Modern indigo tones are ideal for evening and special occasion.

2Double Denim Nails

Girls cannot imagine summer without wearing denim – this time on their nails as well. The motive of ripped jeans inspired a New York beautician, Miss Poppy, to create a nail polish that is taking over social networks every summer. You can find numerous YouTube tutorials on how to achieve this effect.

3Playful Blue Pastel Nails

Pastel rosy and light blue shades intertwined in ombré style and fantastically combined with the “nude” base, can very well imitate the look of a classic manicure. And what is also interesting is that this design is a statement, yet not so striking.  This color combo is an inevitable spring trend when it comes to manicure.

4Golden Rule Naay Blue Nails

It is not the secret that navy blue and gold combo can easily give your nails that luxurious note. This color combo goes perfectly with every nail shape, however, our suggestion is long coffin shaped nails.

5Blue and White Mandala Nail Design

This mandala design has striking colors and patterns. Get the look by applying royal blue Asian style shapes over the white base. This eye-catching and playful design can be ideal if your fashion style is minimalistic. Just to spice it up a bit.

6Beyond the Blue Horizon Galaxy Nails

One of the most popular trends in the manicure world is definitively Space design. It inspired exceptional nail artists to transfer Moon, Stars, and Planets onto nails. Getting this look involves using different shades of blue combined with black and white. If you are crafty enough you can try to bring this space magic onto your nails. But if not, visiting a beauty salon is a perfect idea.

7Blue Moon(s) Nails

For the half moon nails, you will need two different nail polishes – some nude shade and oxford blue (in our case). By using a small brush (or duct tape if your hands are shaky) make single color half moons, and the rest of your nail should be pained nude. This subtle look is perfect for a day at the office or coffee with friends.

8Autumn Blue Nails

Autumn isn’t just for yellow and brown shades. For achieving the perfect autumnal nail look, we combined navy blue with refined apricot. And short oval nails go perfectly with this concept.

9Sky Blue Chic Nails

Classic sky blue nail look – even though minimalistic, it gives that special chic look to your nails. If you are a fan of subtle and pale, this is an impeccable design for you.

10Blue Geometric Nail Design

A detail that could make your blue manicure beyond authentic is geometric shapes. This type of manicure is ideal for the summer months. We went for these beautiful sapphire blue nails with an unusual design applied on the ring fingernails.

11Nautical Look

Blue stripes simply scream summer. This is one of those trends that never gets old, and that we all can see over and over again during summer months. What makes this design super summery is definitely that small helm on the index () finger.

12Marble Effect Nails

This technique will definitely draw attention to your nails. Effective and unique patterns look good on any nail shape or length. The effect like on our photo is achieved by adding two shades of gray polish into a bowl of water. The next step is gently swirling these around and dipping in one nail (or more if you like so). But before doing this, you have to apply pale aqua blue polish and let it dry well. This technique goes perfectly even with glitter.  

13Animal Print Nails

Leopard print in turquoise may seem like a difficult design to create, but in fact, that is so not true. You will only need a thin brush and a couple of blue-shaded nail polishes. As a base, you can use white or any other neutral shade.

14Feeling the Winter Blues Nail Art

Genius combination of navy, white and gray with different wintery shapes all over them instantly put us in winter mode. To recreate this look, you should be a true artist. However, visiting a nail salon will help you get this look.

15Sparkle and Shiny Blue Nails

We are completely in love with these shades of blue. Both matte and shiny midnight blue in combination with glittery navy can make your nails look luxurious. Achieving this look is so simple and easy and for sure it goes best on top of the coffin-shaped nails.

16Sweater Weather Nails

A new fashion trend that we all fell in love with instantly – sweater look. This design is so subtle and unflashy that one cannot resist feeling passionate about it. The goal is to create 3D shapes that remind of your favorite sweater. Pastel blue appeared to be the most suitable color for the technique since depicting winter perfectly.

17Mandala Ombré Nails

If you think that ombré trend faded up, you are so wrong. To spice things up a bit more, nail artists started combing this technique with many other techniques and the results are astonishing. We have decided to try on this gorgeous combination of ombré and mandala technique.

18Blue Holographic Nail Art  

This technique is an absolute worldwide trend. This is definitely a choice for brave girls that are ready to dominate everywhere they appear.

19Turquoise Extravaganza And Pink Nails

Some girls find it difficult to combine turquoise with other colors; therefore they avoid using it. So, for all reluctant ladies out there, we are revealing the ideal combo – it’s pale pink! For extra glam, you can add some 3D flowers or shimmer.

20Evil Eye Nails

This is a plain and everyday design that was brought onto a next level with not so simple motive of the evil eye. It goes best with short nails and in combination with casual clothing.

21Tiffany Blue, Gray And Gold Nails Combo

The combination of tiffany blue, light gray and gold on your nails will get you a pretty elegant outcome. Instead of using simple golden nail polish, we suggest golden foils to bring this combo to a completely different level.

22Is it French Nails?

If you are not that bold to wear blue nail polish but you still want to follow trends, try this look. For the base, use any shade of nude you like, all go perfectly right with blue. After the base is dried, use a thin brush to apply two different shades of blue (in our case turquoise and navy) on the tip of each nail. And voila!  

23All in one Turquoise Nails

Couple of different techniques we mentioned previously have been included in this design. Geometrical shapes are perfectly combined to create an impeccable ombré look; blue stones are added for a dash of texture and all linked with cobalt blue.  

24Blue Velvet Nails

These babies have it all! Perfectly sharp and wild, they go along with daring and bold women who do not fear to show how confident they are. The velvety blue adds a sophisticated note to them.

25Valentines Nails in Blue

Here we have a perfect suggestion for Valentine’s manicure. Instead of choosing a typical red and pink polish, experiment a bit with this impeccable design.

26Blue Polka Dots Nails

Polka dots pattern goes perfectly minty blue nail base. Super cute yet very trendy, this look is so easy to achieve. You can totally rock the look during summer months in combination with long one-colored skirts and dresses.  

27Blue Chevron Nail Art

 It seems that we can see classical chevron print all around us. It is easy combinable summer print that best goes with a casual type of clothing. Here we have a chevron design with a twist – blue dripping one.

28Dash of Sophistication Blue Gold Nails

As we have mentioned, golden nail polish can work perfectly together with royal blue. By adding two golden stripes at each nail, you will achieve this sophisticated yet striking look.

29Hint of Gray Nails For Spring

Light blue nails are becoming an absolute trend this year. Spice up your light blue combo by adding a gray base with delicate print on your ring fingernail. This design and length is great for beautiful spring events.

30Peacock Nails

We absolutely couldn’t resist this nail design. Deep blue base along with pink, turquoise and green foils is just ravishing. This bold but very beautiful look will put you in the center of attention everywhere you go. Combine these nails with black ripped jeans and a basic shirt, and you are ready to party.

31Four Shades Of Blue Coffin Nails

This is a stunning daring nail design with four different nail designs: Ombre, marble, dark, and pastel matte hues.

32Blue Wanderlust Nail Art

This is a super cute paper plan design if you like to add extra cuteness to your long almond nails! These will look perfect with denim and leather jacket.

33Baby Blue Glitter Nails

If you like sparkly designs as much as we do you should definitely go for this sparkly baby blue color combo with white color, baby blue chrome and glitter design.