Holographic Nail Designs


30 Holographic Nail and Makeup Looks

If you’re looking for the most stunning, ‘out there’ trends this season, holographic make-up and nails should most definitely be on your list of looks to try out. The shimmer and glossy look of holographic makeup makes your skin glow so beautifully, whilst the options for nail looks are endless. Check out this list of gorgeous examples for you to try out yourself at home.

1Purple Sparkle Foils

Perfect for Space lovers, these galactic-looking nails are out of this world!…Sorry, we couldn’t resist. The deep purple base color against the gold and multi colored glitters at the base of the nail are just stunning, resembling a far-off galaxy.

2Iridescent Pink

Most of us have painted our nails pink before, why not mix it up a little and try a holographic variation on an old classic. These foils are gorgeous and the way the light bounces off of them almost tricks the eye into thinking there is more than one color there.

3Holographic Eyes and Brows

It’s a bold look, but a very beautiful one. If you don’t fancy rocking this look into the office come Monday morning, we understand, it is however perfect for something like a summer music festival. You can get really creative and have fun with this look too by mixing up your eye, brow and lash color.

4Dark Navy Metallic Mix

Who says one nail color is enough? Try mixing up the colors and textures of your nails painting some of them matte, adding glitter to some, and most importantly, adding in one or two holographic nails to really lift the whole hand and add some shine to your finished manicure.

5White Nails with Holographic Art

Here is a beautiful look for more formal days, such as a wedding. The White is of course very fitting for the occasion, but the beautiful holographic art adds something a little bit different and fun to a more simple color choice.

6Holographic Ombre Lips

This stunning ombre lip is in fact very simply done. Using a dark holographic lipstick on the outer lip and a much lighter shade in the middle, simply blend the two colors where they meet, the natural shine of the holographic makeup will make that easy to do and looks simply stunning.

7Holographic Emerald Green Foils

The beauty of this look is the way the patterned emerald foils create such beautiful shapes on the nails that have complete coverage and adds a little something extra to those that are covered only on the tip. The color is to die for, dramatic and sumptuous these nails look extremely expensive.

8Shiny Holographic Glass Sheets

Nails like this look beautiful with or without the added nail art so if that’s not for you, try the glass style sheets on their own. They’re so very delicate and feminine looking, perfect for girls night.

9Holographic Under Eye Colour

Bringing out the natural color of your eyes has never been so easy! By using an ultra shiny, holographic cream or powdered shadow under the bottom lash line, you cleverly highlight the color and also make your eyes appear bigger and even more beautiful.

10Blue Nail Lacquer

No tricks or additions needed here, simply paint this blue holographic polish straight on to your nails and let it shine.

11Holographic/Matte Mix

If you’re just starting out with this trend but your not quite ready to put down the matte polish just yet, try adding just one holographic nail on each hand. It’s cute and quirky and each polish makes the other really stand out.

12Holographic Highlight Makeup

As if we didn’t love highlight enough, a holographic one is more beautiful that we can believe. It can be easy to overdo this look due to the high shine of the make-up, however, used sparingly, this can easily be used for a stunning day look that transitions to night with ease.

13Rose Gold Foils

Rose Gold will forever be one our all-time favourite shades and being able to apply it to our nails is just dreamy. The mirror effect of these foils also means that the look is always changing depending on what they reflect in your surroundings.

14Holographic Nail Powder

Silver holographic nail powder is so bold and reflective it’s giving us some serious 70’s disco vibes, and we love it!

15Holographic Opalescent Makeup

Using just one holographic colour on your face makes for one striking look. The colour itself doesn’t need to be excessively bright, like this pink example, the radiance in the pigment alone will give your face with an ethereal like glow.

16Holographic Polish with Rhinestones

If you really want to go all out with this look, try stick on holographic nails with added holographic rhinestones. Your nails will certainly stand out, like long lost treasure from deep in the sea!

17Mermaid Nail Stamping

Channel your inner Ariel with some holographic, mermaid stamp nails. The print alone is adorable and the holographic nature of the polish looks like a calm ocean glistening in the sun.

18Holographic Eye Polish with Lashes

Add some extra long, jet black lashes to your eye look. The darkness of the lashes against light-colored, holographic makeup makes for a gorgeously dramatic take on this trend.

19Gold Mirror Mosaic Nails

Gold can be a difficult colour to work with as it’s so bold, therefore wearing it on your nails is the perfect way to add it to your look. Especially if you’re doing it with these elegant, mosaic style foils.

20Aztec Print Nails

A print such as this isn’t uncommon when it comes to nail art but it’s often done with black and white polish. To really give it the ‘wow’ factor, try switching out the white for a holographic silver, it’s still a classy look but gives your finished nails a much more exciting appearance.

21Holographic Ombre Eyeshadow

This may just be our favourite holographic look. The shine emanating from the eyeshadow and the way one colour blends so seamlessly in to the other is thanks to the reflective nature of holographic makeup. It’s also a fairly easy technique to master and the outcome is so stunning.

22Black and Red Ombre

If you’re looking for a dramatic nail look, this is the one for you. The darkness of the two polishes is truly striking yet the holographic shine keeps the look from being drab. A great option for Christmas parties!

23Grey Holographic Polish

If you love the idea of going holographic but it’s too much for everyday or wearing to the office, opt for a toned down colour like this Grey shade. You get all of the beauty of a sparkle infused polish without the brightness, so you can still rock this trend under the radar.

24Dramatic Holographic Lashes

Going to a festival or a big outdoor party this summer? Go all out and try these holographic lashes for a spectacular alternative to your usual party look!

25Black Mirror Effect Polish

This is a great option if you love the Gothic look, or even if you just want to add a little something extra to your everyday ensemble. Black nail polish is a great way to add some drama to your usual attire and we just love the holographic, mirror finish of this particular polish.

26Chrome Affect Powder

Powders are a great way to get the holographic look on your nails, plus they’re very fun to use! They come in a huge variety of shades meaning you can match them to whatever you decide to wear on any given day. They also look great on any nail length, if our nails are shorter it allows them to become more of a feature, if they’re long then you get the added bonus of really making the most of the shininess as it creates beautiful extended reflections when it catches the light.

27Holographic Lip Gloss

A super fun and easy way of introducing yourself to holographic makeup if you’re not sure it’s for you, is by using a holographic lip gloss to get yourself started. It’s really not too overbearing, it’ll just give your lips an even shinier shine than usual allowing you time to fall in love with this trend!

28Black Starry Sky Polish

Wearing this polish is just like gazing in to the stars on a clear night. The jet black base colour appears bold and endless whilst the multicoloured, holographic glitter pieces shine with a beautiful glow, just like shooting stars! This is a great party/event look.

29Stiletto Press on Nails

Now, these may look a little frightening if they’re not what you’re used to. However, the holographic trend is all about being ‘out there’ and showing off your daring side. Try out some press on stiletto nails in a holographic print or if that’s too much for you, just one colour of your choice. You’ll feel so incredibly fierce you’ll never want to take them off!

30Holographic Cat Eyes

The liquid ‘cat eye’ liner, has been a firm favourite for many of us for quite some time now. If you ever get a little tired of the same old thing, try your tried and tested cat eye using a holographic, stick on liner in place of black or brown. It’s great on a night out and looks super impressive when you get the flick just right. If you’re feeling really brave, go for a holographic shadow too and your eyes will truly sparkle!