snowflake nail designs

25 Snowflake Nail Designs

Let’s admit it: we are all secretly dreaming about the upcoming Christmas season and now, it’s time to dream and plan a bit more with these amazing snowflake nail art designs!

1Winter Ombré

Unlike most ombrés, this beautiful nail design features an ombré that keeps getting lighter towards the tips, and it looks absolutely stunning with both the larger snowflake and the smaller ones.

2Mr. Snowman

We can’t decide what we love more about this pretty nail art design – the little, cute snowman detailing or the gorgeous royal blue base color with that glossy gel finish!

3Pearls & Green

We love every little detail when it comes to nail art designs, and the added pearl on the middle of the snowflake is not only a very beautiful little touch, but it’s also really to place with the help of a tweezer and a nail art glue.

4Shimmery French Tips

This nail art beautifully imitates the freshly fallen snow with the glittery, silver and white gel tips, but you can also experiment with shimmery blue or even gold for a festive nail art. Besides the snowflake detailing, there are also little starts, which makes the whole nail art more interesting and unique.

5Black Glitter Snowflakes

Say goodbye to the regular white and baby blue snowflake nail art designs with this bold, black nail polish based manicure! After applying the black nail polish to your nails, play a bit with clear glitter and add the snowflake stickers or draw them yourself with a thin, edged brush and white nail polish.

6Blue & White Glitters

Icy blue and white is the perfect combination for a snowflake and winter inspired manicure. The trick for an even application is to layer both the white and glitter polish and apply a base coat before starting using the polishes.

7Varied Snowflakes

The mix of white, light and dark blue snowflakes look amazing with the same color palette of nail polishes! Another small detail that we absolutely love is the small rhinestones and crystals in the centre of the snowflakes.

8Glittery Snow

Instead of small snowflakes all around the nails, this manicure has a different concept of snowflake nails and uses tiny ad chunky silver glitters on the tips of the nails, almost like a refined French manicure on top of a mint blue polish. To make it a bit more luxurious, cover your ring finger in silver glitters.

9Easy Snowflake

If you couldn’t find snowflake stickers and would like to recreate the snowflake nail art design, there is a quick tutorial on how to create the perfect little snowflake.

10Dark Glitter

If you don’t want to snowflakes to be in the centre of your nail art design, keep them small and subtle on the sides or tips of your nails and create other art designs (such as French tips, a reversed French or a caged manicure).This nail art design is very simplistic with the dark glitter tips and the dark blue snowflakes.

11Refined Snowflakes

We love the simplicity of this nail art design! The black patterns perfectly match the beige base polish, and if you’d like to make it more festive, simply switch up the colors to burgundy and green with white snowflakes.

12Electric Purple

Switch things up instead of the blue and white! Use two different purple shades (such as lavender and dark royal purple or plum and smokey dark purple) to create different sized snowflakes.

13Golden Christmas

For this manicure, you’ll only need a gold and white nail polish – after applying the base colors, use stickers or create the small snowflakes yourself, and to add a bit extra to this nail art design, use a hint of glitter on your ring finger!

14Mint Snowflake

The mint, the rhinestones and the beautiful silver design reminds us of the Christmas spirit!

15Dripping Snowflakes

There are so many cute, special elements about this nail art design from the berry ombré polish to the dripping effect with the rhinestones and golden detailing. Although it can take a longer process to create this manicure, it is definitely worth the invested time!

16Black & White

Get in the Christmas spirit with this adorable with the reindeers, the Norwegian sweater print and of course, that small black snowflake on the ring finger. Because there are so many different patterns, the black and white polish combination is the perfect choice.

17Lavender Wonderland

This lavender nail art design looks super cute with the small white snow spots and the larger snowflakes.

18Candy Cane

The red, mint and white color combination, especially with the snowflake design and the polka dotted detailing reminds us of the classic candy canes and that fun, warm-hearted Christmas spirit.

19Pink & Black

Two quite unexpected colors to match the snowflake nail art design are pink and black, but mixed with this beautiful silver glitter, they look really adorable.

20Ice Queen

This has got to be one of our favorites from the list. Besides the snowflake details, there are also other small crystals and a gorgeous crystal heart on the ring finger, which makes the whole nail art design a bit more exciting.

21Lavender Glitter

The different shapes and placements of the small snowflakes with the glittery lavender nail polish is a great nail art design if you are looking for something subtle yet elegant. Rock this manicure with a glitter dress or a white maxi dress!

22Silent Night

If the simple nude and white French manicure wasn’t extravagant enough for you, create a double tip by using a beautiful, dark or light blue shade! Make it more intersting with a hint of silver glitter and beautiful snowflakes.

23White & Gold

This gorgeous, off-white Essie nail polish with the shimmery gold snowflake designs all over the nails will look stunning with any Christmas dress!

24Minimalist Nude

If you wouldn’t like to do something really over the top and “Christmasy”, try out this subtle, nude and white manicure that features super tiny, yet beautiful snowflakes.

25Red & Silver

Without a doubt, silver and red are just gorgeous together! And with the snowflake and rhinestone detailing and the silver glitter, this manicure is also suitable for any Christmas parties.

26Glitter White Snow Flakes

What a gorgeous color combination! Glitter dark grey and white snowflake design is a beautiful winter mix, it is elegant and suites for an everyday look or for a holiday party.

27Tapue White Nails

Tapue nails are our top fav this winter season! The combination of white and glitter design creates a super unique and elegant look for Christmas eve!

28Grey and Silver

This Christmasy nail design is inspired by winter and features silver snowflakes, stars and glitter nd captures.

29Sweather nails

We are obssesed with these sweather like nails with snowlake design. This white-blue ombre hue is so unique and beautiful for winter season.