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40 Manicure Ideas

Who here is guilty of picking up nail polishes at Sephora and never using them? We are always wondering what look we could pull of with that new shade, but when the possibilities are endless, it is tricky to come up with anything! This guide will help you get out those last minute buys and actually use them…


Hated geometry? This manicure could get you to like it a whole lot more! We love the mix of ombré and geometric shapes that make it modern and almost futuristic. Nail transfers are your friend here, for a simple, but straight and professional-looking nail art. A glitter polish will make your nails look out of this world!

2Pink-Peach Ombré

Ombré is so easy to do and yet looks so cool. They can be for everyday, although this ombré with a classic LBD would look lush! Sinful Colors have a great range of long-lasting colors to do an ombré with. To reproduce this style, we recommend the shades Cream Pink, 24/7 and Cherry Blossom.

3Preppy Princess

Spotty manicure add a feminine touch to your look. This would even make your basic large tee and jeans look sophisticated. To add texture, we can’t say no to nail jewels – the girlier the better! Daily Charme has all sorts of jewels for all your manicures, get yourself the Princess Bow packs to replicate this style!


To all the Potterheads out there – this is definitely a manicure you have to try out! Harry Potter parties are all the rage, so why not try this look out on yourself or the birthday girl? Use a smaller paintbrush to apply the nail polish and get into those nooks and crannies!

5Brilliant Braids

We hadn’t seen anything quite like this – it is unique and plus, it features a popular color, emerald. We love the pearly texture of the emerald polish, giving almost a shiny finish to your look. Queen of Green by Sinful Colors will help you achieve this lush look!

6Amazing Arizona

We love the artwork on the Arizona bottles. If you love it just as much as we do, and are a nail art pro, then another way of changing up your manicures is by replicating the artwork! This cherry blossom manicure is a great pattern that will work from spring to fall and gives off an oriental feel. The colors are feminine and make you feel good too!

7Too Tartan

Tartan is perfect for the girls who want an edgier look. Tartan is badass and really goes well with monochrome outfits. Match it with a scarf here for a finished look. It is tricky to replicate but don’t worry, there are always ways around that! Fake nails or nail transfers are the way to go! Daily Charme have a set of nail transfers and Claire’s have even got press-on fake nails for a girl on the go!

8Lovely Leopard

Want to show off your wild side? Team leopard print with pastel colors to brighten up those wintery days and achieve an ultra-feminine look. We can see this manicure with a crisp white roll-neck sweater dress. Don’t forget to match your accessories with your nails – get your hands on a pastel pink scarf and a light blue satchel bag!

9Disney Princess

For a fun day out at Disneyland, for a Disney-themed party or just because you are such a fangirl… If you are arty, then practice this look! It features all of our original favorite Disney princesses, and it will take you back to your childhood in a flash! We warn you though – your friends will probably want this done on them too!

10Wonderful White

Who said white was just for the tips? White looks great with a glowing tan. For this summer, team white with a vibrant, hot color! Orange is so underrated and it is surprisingly flattering. If you want more white nail inspiration, check out our article here.

11Crazy Cat Woman

Are you the friend who loves cats a bit too much? Do you just follow cats on Instagram? Well, why not take your obsession one step further with a cat-themed manicure? Cat nail stickers are so easy to find, or go crazy and get cat nail jewels – check out our go-to site for everything nail-related, Daily Charme!

12Gold Glory

A touch of gold can transform your nails in a blink of an eye! This design is fun and chic! Gold and dark brown compliment each other, and the brown makes the gold even more striking. Dark brown isn’t always easy to find, but Mink Muffs by Essie is the ideal shade to replicate this look. We see this for a smart occasion, like a family dinner or a party.

13Neon Lights

Put a spin on the classic French manicure by applying bright geometric shapes. Use tape or a stamp set to perfect your straight lines and achieve a professional look. We love the touch of neon yellow, and we think this will make a great summer design, with a tan and a cute maxi dress.

14Brilliant Brown

Brown is a cool shade that can work for any occasion. This manicure has a touch of gold but can still be worn every day. Brown is a more mature, serious shade, for girls that want to impress. Along with Mink Muffs, our favorite Essie brown shades are Merino Cool, Mamba and Perennial Chic.

15Birds Of A Feather

Feathers symbolize evolution and truth, which make it a manicure that goes deeper than you thought it was. If you are a nail art pro, then the feathers can be reproduced by using a needle and flicking your line to the sides of your nail, and of course a mystical blue ombré for your base.


Are you looking at all these pictures and wondering how on Earth you are going to do these? Well, look no further nail art beginner, because this is a fun one you can try without using up all your remover! It is simple, cute, and it is a look you can get away with at school or in casual situations. It will look great with a few midi rings too!

17Sweet Heaven

These candy canes are good enough to eat! This look would be ideal for next Christmas, or for a fun family event! If you have a steady hand, you can paint the candy canes on yourself, or, if you need a helping hand, try What’s Up Nails’ It’s A Merry Christmas stencil set from Daily Charme. You have other cute shapes like Christmas trees, and stockings!

18Jewel Joy

There is nothing wrong with a bit of glitz and glamor! Try the most extravagant nail jewels out there to make your look party-ready. The more, the better in this case! We adore the Swarovski charms on Daily Charme. If you want sparkles, you might as well get the best!

19Out Of This World

Galaxy print leggings and sneakers are no longer in trend but it doesn’t mean you can’t try out the look on your nails. The pastel shades make it look more feminine and mature. As you can see, with rose gold jewelry, this look is so easy to pull off!

20I Heart Nail Art

This manicure is to go for when you have a date night, or just to add another dimension to your casual everyday look. The jewels, simple they may be, really add a great finishing touch to this design. It would not just look nice in pink but also sophisticated in brown or Burgundy.


We may be thinking a bit too far ahead, but here is another wintery design for 2017’s festive season! Use some Christmas themed nail art stickers or stencils against a white base coat for a snow-inspired manicure. Remember girls – white polish isn’t just for your tips!

22Spooky Set

This spooky manicure is perfect for your next fancy dress party or Halloween. Halloween-themed stencil sets are the key to obtaining this look. The contrast between the pink and black is striking, and everyone will be asking you where you got your nails done!

23Flower Power

Start off with a classic French manicure and end it with some floral designs! This will look gorgeous for a wedding or a date. It is feminine, elegant and we love the intricate details. We can see this with a white summer dress and tan heels to match the manicure!

24Black And Gold

If there is one color you have to wear with gold, it is black. It is sophisticated and fun too! This is another spooky design to try out one of our favorite combos with. You will certainly feel magical with this design!

25Floral Flair

This design is smart and sophisticated, it is ideal for any occasions but especially for those tricky smart ones. Use stencils or if you are quite the artist, try the nail art brushes from Gel Nails. They are affordable, and are small enough for all the tiny details. Essie’s Steal His Name, Midnight Cami and Avenue Maintain are the shades used here for this glamorous manicure. This would look stunning with a coral-colored dress and navy blue heels!

26Falling For Fall

One of our favorite parts about fall is the rich autumnal colors! The oranges and browns are amazing and brighten up our days, and make us less nostalgic about summer. Use this inspiration to brighten up your day with some cute fall-inspired nails. We are in love with the different subtle orange shades that don’t over face us.

27Bottom Of The Ocean

This manicure makes us think of cute surfers, waves and the sun beaming down on us. If you want a flashback just by looking at your nails, then this is one is a keeper! Cut off a piece of sponge to get this seabed-like manicure. This is an efficient way of using up all your blue polishes!


This manicure is worthy of a princess. It looks fancy but is so simple. The gold details add an extra feminine touch to an already girly look. Don’t forget the all important nail jewels that are forever crucial in a glitzy manicure! Golden Nuggets by Essie is a sparkly polish with actual glitter in it, so no excuses!


This nautical manicure will look great with red jeans and a white basic tee. Navy blue is a smart color, that we will never grow tired of. Look around Etsy for some truly unique nautical-themed nail decals. You will be putting anchors on everything!


Who said Pokemon was just a summer 2016 craze? For hardcore Pokemon fans, you just have to try this Pikachu manicure! It is fun, it will take you back to your childhood and it features everyone’s favorite Pokemon! Isn’t it just adorable?

31Cable Knit Nails

We love this cable knit design! It adds texture to your nails, and the colors are the must-haves for this season. Neutral, but feminine, this look will go with most of your wardrobe. We would wear this with black Chelsea boots and of course a cable-knit sweater dress.


Dip your tips into some confetti for a glorious party look! Pair this with a classic LBD for you nails to do the talking. It is glamorous, sexy and feminine, everything you want for a party design! The rose gold confetti also makes it trendy and timeless.

33First, Coffee

Are you one of those people who has to have a coffee in the morning in order to survive the rest of the day? We feel you! This fun design totally reflects this philosophy! If you are a coffee-aholic, you can’t get away with not trying this. Impress the staff at your local Starbucks with this cute manicure!

34Pink Tiger

Let out your inner tigress! The splashes of pink in this tiger print are girly yet sassy. The flawless design is perfect with a pastel-colored bomber jacket and some light blue ripped jeans! This is how you rock animal print!

35Metallic Feather Print

Metallic nail polishes are the perfect way of bringing glitz and glamor into your everyday look without going OTT! Essie have a range of beautiful metallic polishes for you to try out. For this look, why not try There’s No Place Like Chrome, a radiant silvery gray that will make a change from your average nail polish. This look could look divine with a metallic purple, like Essie’s Nothing Else Metals too!

36Pretty Pattern

We love the modern and vibrant take on the French manicure. Introducing bright neon colors spices up a traditional manicure and makes it instantly more glamorous. Add a cute nail decal for a complex and detailed pattern and voilà! Who said nail art had to be hard?

37Nice Nudes

Nude colors are definitely ones to try out, not just in clothing but also in beauty products. They are flattering, and are simple to wear every day. The white swirls make the look so much fancier and chic. This is a design you could do for a job interview or for an important meeting.

38Sunny Days

Bring sunlight into your nail design with some bright, cheerful colors. Pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds, the perfect summer colors! Get inspired by tree stencils online for this gorgeous design. This would be perfect for a summer dinner date!

39Over The Rainbow

This has to be the easiest design ever! We don’t have to explain this one. It is cute and it will bring out your inner kid. This is a manicure you would have dreamt of when you were 7! You can definitely have fun with this manicure.

40Burgundy And Gold

We didn’t realize how amazing burgundy and gold could look. It is sexy and chic, and would the ideal manicure for a party. Team this manicure with a floor-length emerald green gown and black ankle boots, you will certainly be the belle of the ball!

41Mix of Pinks and Purples

If you like pink this color mix is for you! This design is featuring 3 shades of pinks and purple: pastel purple, old and baby pinks, and shiny glitter pink.

42Teal Nails

Want to keep a clean and simple yet trendy look? Choose one of the hottest colors this year, like this vibrant teal shade.

43Metallic Blue And Pastel nails

If you like the metallic nails trend, these bluish metallic nails are super chic and combined ith a light pastel blue color.