4th of July Nail Designs

Believe it or not, 4th of July is right around the corner. Yes, summer is coming! It’s the main holiday we have to look forward to and celebrate during the summer months. Of course, the 4th of July is all about celebrating the independence of our beautiful country but it’s also a great time to get together with your friends and family. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday or just want to show your love for the USA, check out these 4th of July nail designs to use your manicure to embrace some extra patriotism.

1Dotted in July Nails

We instantly fell in love with this 4th of July nail design. Seriously, isn’t it so chic?! This year it’s all about the empty space with nail designs. Adding polka dots in red, white and blue to just the ends of the nails is such a beautiful, modern take on the holiday design.

2Tie Dyed Spirit Nail Art

There’s definitely something about tie dye that resonates seamlessly with the 4th of July. So why not add some tie dye to your nails in red, white and blue? You can break up the tie dye with solid color nails or add some stars to the mix like this manicure.

3Starred French Manicure

Make your French manicure holiday appropriate with nail art like this. Mix up the traditional French manicure tip color by rotating red, white and blue. You can keep the ends of the nails to the traditional 4th of July colors, or add that extra holiday touch with stars and dots.

4Glittered Patriotic Nail Art

Red, white and blue gets a glitter twist with this mani. We love the almost undone feel of the glitter tips here. White nails are a huge trend this year, adding blue and red glitter to the ends turns the white mani into 4th of July chic.

5Textured Red, White and Blue Nails

Texture, or the illusion of texture, is an easy way to add depth to your nail design. Paint your nails with white to create a foundation and use a sponge to add the blue and red to recreate this nail design. Use tape to get straight lines.

6The New USA Flag Nails

We’re all about using the United States flag as inspiration for your 4th of July nails – there really isn’t anything better for inspo! But don’t feel limited by the flag, use it as merely as inspiration. This nail design incorporates the feel of the flag in a way that also feels a bit abstract.

7Modern Flag Nail Art

Stars and stripes have never looked more modern. Swapping out the traditional stripes for a wavy line is a chic way to paint your nails for the holiday. We love that all the nails have the red and white stripes with just one in blue and white stars to break up the colors a bit.

8Blue Dipped in Red Nails

Stick to just incorporating blue and red into your nails with a nail look like this. It’s super easy to DIY, too. Simply paint a bright blue color on the entire nail and add red glitter to just the tip of the nails. It gives an updated French manicure type of vibe to the nails. Perfection if you have a short nail length.

9Stilettoed 4th Of July Style Nails

For the woman who loves a dramatic nail look, and keeps her nails long this is for you. Stiletto shaped, long nails instantly add edge to any nail design…even 4th of July. Make it edgy by creating a different, abstract design to each nail.

10Firework Chic Nails

We all associate fireworks with the 4th of July. There’s nothing quite like watching fireworks under the summer sky. Incorporate fireworks into your nail design! If you’re a glitter gal but want a chic design this was made for you.

11Add a Star 4th of July Nails

Sometimes all you need is to add a star. Simple enough, right? This manicure is a DIY dream! All you need is red and white nail polish. Ok, you might want a star stencil to get a perfect star shape. Even though it’s fairly simple the star adds just enough of that holiday touch.

12Love You, USA Nails

Show your country a little extra love by actually spelling it out. Use a small paint brush OR pen to write the I heart USA on one nail. You can keep the rest of your nails simple or add some glitter to the ends for an added dose of glam.

13Simple Patriotic Nails

Have you ever see a more modern 4th of July inspired nail? We sure haven’t and we LOVE it. Nude nails a seem to be everywhere. It’s fresh and simplicity at its finest. Strategically adding glitter stars is genius for a holiday take.

14Make it Fashion American Nails

We told you, it’s all about empty space on nails this year. This mani is proof that sometimes leaving a portion of your nail without polish is more fun. It seems like an odd concept, we know, because we’ve been painting our entire nails for so long but if you’re going to try the trend this is the way to do it on the 4th.

15Say it, USA Nail Design

Show your American pride by actually saying it with your nails. If you don’t have loose glitter to create this exact nail design you can always use regular nail polish to do the same. The white nail color base really lets the words pop and adds an updated feel.

16Star Style Nails

Stars are always a win on nails, especially for the 4th of July. Keep it stylish with a blue nail color base and add white stars in different places on the nails. We love the stars half shown on the nails for a different look.

17Dripped Stripes Nails

We instantly fell in love with this 4th of July nail design. It has the general aesthetic of the American flag, but in an artistic way. Instead of the traditional stars in blue and white, creating the look of dripping paint is ingenious if you ask us.

18Brush Strokes Made Chic Nail Art

We are all about detailed nail designs but there’s definitely something special and unique about designs that have beauty in not being perfect. This manicure is stunning BECAUSE it isn’t perfect and symmetric. It makes the nails look like a true work of art.

19Polka Dots for the 4th Of July

Polka dots have a special place in all our hearts, particularly on nails. Keep it simple and cute with polka dots done in red, white and blue. Polka dots are easy to DIY for your at-home nail art, an added bonus.

20Reverse French Manicure

Talk about a fun flip on a French manicure! Adding the idea of the tip from a French mani to the bottom of the nail is incredible. No need to worry about having a steady hand to get a straight line, just use tape.

21Brush in Pride Nails

22Wonder Woman Inspired Nails

23Scalloped in Spirit Nail Design

24Red, White and Blue Ombre Nails

25Military Chic Nails

26Splattered in American Spirit

27Sprinkled in Spirit Nails

28Sharpen Your Patriotism Nail Art

29Classic Flag Nails

30Touched of Gold Nails

31Modern Take on the Flag Nails

32Stylish Flag Inspired Nails

33American Style in Pride Nails

34Make it Nail Art

35Updated Holiday Chic Nails

364th of July Almond Nails

37Heart You, America

38Black 4th of July nails

39Festive 4th of July glitter nail design

403 color 4th of July glitter nails

41Green Red and Stars Nails


Getting into the spirit of the 4th of July is easy with these nail design ideas. So often we think of just painting our nails one solid color for the holiday sticking with just red, white or blue but there’s a lot of room for creativity. It’s not just black and white, or should we say: white, blue and red. Since the color scheme already goes together seamlessly it takes out the need to worry about matching different colors together for your nail design here. That being said, you can opt to use just two of the three colors depending on the look you want. Like the blue and white star nail design, even though it incorporates just two of the colors it is definitely not lacking in any USA spirit.

For the woman who wants to fully embrace the spirit of the 4th of July there are some unique ways to paint stars and stripes onto your nails in new, funky ways. We love some of the elaborate designs others have done with stars and stripes. The tie dye design paired with stars is an all-out 4th of July inspired nail design. Stars are an easy go-to for the holiday and paired with tie dye it gives the nails a fun summer feel. If you’re someone who wants to show some holiday spirit, but do it in a more subtle manner we’ve still got you covered! We love the nude nail with tiny stars painted in red, white and blue for a chic way to style patriotism on your manicure. Want a little more color on your nails? The all red manicure with one nail incorporating a white star is another great alternative for something a bit more subdued.

Have fun with your 4th of July nails this year!