Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nail Art

If you’re looking to spice up your nail game with something that’s out of this world, galaxy nails are exactly what you need in your life. Ladies, we can all admit there’s something extra fun about doing your nails (or getting them done) in a design you’ve never had before. Our nails are a great way to express ourselves and switch up our style. Galaxy style is one of our favorite nail trends right now, we’re sure you’re going to be on board with us which is why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite galaxy nail designs for you.

1NASA Vibes

Nothing screams galaxy inspiration quite like planets, astronauts and a rocket. We love the cartoon vibe of the designs implemented in these galaxy nails. It’s perfect for the person who always wanted to go to space.

2Pastel Planets

It’s definitely the time of year when we’re all ready to embrace pastel colors into our style. The pink and blue shades add softness to this nail look. But let’s be honest, the black planets and stars added is what really adds the galaxy effect.

3Black Space Chic

Did you realize galaxy nails could look so chic? These nails are the epitome of chicness. With the design primarily being black, it allows the planets and other aesthetic to really pop in white.

4Space Made Fashion

We have to be honest here, we instantly fell in love with this take on galaxy nails. It’s a bit of an abstract take but we are in love. The black base coat makes the gold designs stand out in a way any fashionista would adore.

5Astrology Edge

Break up the detailed design of galaxy nails by just applying those features to a couple of nails. It adds an extra pop to your overall look, too. Have fun with some astrology symbolism like constellations and zodiacs.

6Shades of Galactic Blue

This blue toned galaxy nail design will have you feeling anything but blue. Incorporating different shades of blue and touches of white is what really adds the galaxy vibe to this manicure. It looks so realistic!

7Ombre Space

Ombre nails have been a long time trend, with good reason. But it’s not often we see ombre in this color palette. The base being nearly clear makes this nail design even more space-like. Because the ombre is such a statement simple gold decals is all you need to complete the look.

8Rainbow Outer Space

Incorporate all things outer space related with a nail design like this. Milky way, UFO and planets fully encompass what we associate with the galaxy. Have fun with bright colors for a stand out design!

9Looking Into Space

Typically when we think of the galaxy we think of a lot of darkness. This manicure is exactly what we think of when we think of the galaxy. Use a sponge to get the different colors mixed together in a way that looks fluid.

10Purple Galaxy

Bold colors are a big trend this season and purple is a great way to embrace the trend WITH a galaxy vibe. Choose a deep purple color for the base of your nails. Add some black and silver subtly to select nails.

11Out of This World Nails

If you’re going to try a galaxy nail and want a little glam – why not go all out? The two nails with the galaxy design are stunning, even adding some white stars to the mix. Of course, they’re perfectly complimented with deep blue glitter nails for added glam.

12Dipped in Space

We don’t often think of leaving some of our nail FREE of color/polish but this is incredible. The blank nail portion highlights the ends of the nails that have all the detail. Mixing different glitters together to just the ends of your nails to recreate this is easy, too.

13Stars Turned Modern

Longer, rounded nails definitely have a modern feel to them. The transparent, iridescent color of these adds even more of a modern flair. We love that the delicate gold decals add a fresh galaxy twist.

14Matte Space

The matte finish of this nail design gives it an added edge we’re obsessing over. Matte black tends to feel edgy and the addition of gold and white stars, symbols, and planets takes it to a new world.

15Spring Into Space

Spring is here! It means warm weather and most of us eager to embrace light colors. This galaxy nail design is springtime ready with pastel tones and white used to paint space-themed designs.

16Galaxy Rainbows

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a range of different colors to create a galaxy nail look. Create your own galaxy with rainbow colors and white stars.

17The Night Sky

This manicure is giving us Twilight vibes with the full moon, and we’re not complaining! Mimic what the night sky looks like during a full moon with meteors and silhouettes of a person. Talk about art!

18Painted in Space

Think outside the box with your galaxy nails. This look is full of outer space aesthetic in a fresh way. Creating a dripped paint finish to a few nails is a whole different take we never would have thought to try.

19Galaxy French Manicure

We all love a great French manicure but why stick to the classic colors? This season try the classic design with a galaxy inspired twist. Don’t forget to try different colors while you’re at it!

20Pink and Purple Sky

There’s something about pink and purple that will truly never get old. It’s the epitome of feminine vibes. The good news is you can give yourself a girly-girl manicure that’s also loaded with some outer space touches.

21Astronomy Fashion

22Stiletto Galaxy Style

23Futuristic Galaxy

24Long Galaxy Vibe

25Geometric Galaxy

26Howl at the Moon

27A Look From Space

28Fashion Meets Science

29Star Wars Style

30Matte Black Zodiac

31Pointed into Space

32What’s Your Sign?

33Just a Slice of Space

34Iridescent Galaxy

35Milky Way Manicure

36Stars That Pop

37White Constellations


Didn’t we tell you they’re incredible? Quite literally out of this world nail design with some of these manicures. Whether you have a thing for astrology, astronomy or you just want something completely unique for your nails we hope you’ll try to recreate one of these galaxy nail designs.

Even though galaxy nails have an overall aesthetic of, well…the galaxy you can definitely make the manicure your own. Choosing different color schemes and details to highlight is how you can bring your personal style into the mix. The fun thing about galaxy nails, much like a lot of other nail trends, is that even though it’s a pretty unique design you can make it as bold or subtle as you want.

For the astrology lover, you might like some of the star designs shown. You can make it even more personalized and paint the stars in the shape of your zodiac sign! If you want to embrace the galaxy look without any fuss the designs with stickers and decals are going to be your go-to looks. It doesn’t get a whole lot easier and thanks to the internet there are a ton of places you can pick up different appliques to have fun with while creating your galaxy nails.

We love bringing you nail inspiration but don’t feel bad if you can’t create the exact looks shown in the pictures we have here. Use the images as inspiration, take certain aspects you like and can do yourself to apply to your own nails. There isn’t a one size fits all approach with nails – honestly, that’s what we love about them so much! Just like clothing, it’s all about what works for you. Hopefully, you love these galaxy nails just as much as we do. Don’t forget to have fun!