Neutral and glitter blue Blue Nails Acrylics

Blue Acrylic Nails

Feeling blue? Well, we hope you’re not ACTUALLY feeling blue but perhaps blue nails! Changing up your nail color is one of those ever evolving things in our lives that we’ll never get tired of doing. However, we’ve noticed that blue is often one of those colors that’s underutilized in the nail world. It’s a shame because it’s such a gorgeous color that can be designed so many different ways on nails. To prove it to you we’ve scoured the internet and are sharing 40 of our favorite blue acrylic nails. We’re thinking by the time you get to the end of this list, you’re going to be ready for blue acrylic nails the next time you make a nail appointment.

1Royal Blue with a Neutral Accent

We’re so in love with this gorgeous blue acrylic nail design. It’s simple, glam yet modern. Using a deep navy blue color like this is perfection for the fall and winter seasons. Gorgeous alternative to black polish that many of us lean on during the cold weather months. Nude + silver accent nail adds just the right amount of lightness to the design.

2Baby Blue Marbling

This gorgeous baby blue polish looks incredible on acrylic nails. We don’t have to tell you the color is gorgeous on its own, but it does get a glamorous enhancement with a marble accent nail. The white foundation color of the marble nail really pops next to solid blue nails.

3Pale Blue Glam

Monochromatic nails have been gaining quite a bit of popularity over the past year. These blue acrylic nails are a perfect execution of the monochromatic trend. Painting the nails a solid blue color and adding the same hue glitter to just a couple of nails gives some subtle depth and glam to the simple look.

4Summer Sunflowers

These blue acrylic nails are giving us all of the summertime feels. Make sure you save this to reference when summer rolls around. Bright blue polish is so pretty to compliment white and yellow sunflowers. The great thing about this type of floral design is how easy it is to DIY (minimal details!).

5Cobalt Tie Dye

If you’re like us you’re definitely on the bandwagon of the tie dye nail trend. These blue acrylic nails are a great example of how to implement this trend in the perfect way. Obviously this bold blue hue is a gorgeous option, it also works well paired with a tie dye accent.

6Bright Blue Butterflies

Blue polish + butterflies = beautiful blues! This combination is what nail dreams are made of. Expect to begin seeing a lot of butterfly nail designs moving forward – they’re flying onto nails everywhere. Instead of painting butterflies onto every nail, try something like this for a unique take on the design.

7Blue Textures

Applying various textures in the same color scheme is one of our favorite ways to rock a colorful nail design. Blue looks absolutely incredible when mixing solid blue polish with blue chrome and blue glitter. Easy to DIY but you’re sure to stand out from the crowd with these blue acrylics.

8Clear Iridescently Blue

Give blue acrylic nails a modern, edgy twist by adding a matte clear acrylic as an accent feature to the look. This light blue shade is gorgeous paired with clear because of the light shade it’s a subtle contrast to the color.

9Looking to the Sky

We adore this sky inspired blue nail design. Bringing the clouds in the sky right to your nails is out of the box in all the right ways. We love that instead of using a standard sky blue polish they used a light blue shimmer polish to give the design a little glam touch.

10Edged in Blue

If you’re a French manicure kind of woman but want to update the classic look – this is the design to give a try! Painting just the ends of acrylics with a pretty blue polish adds just a slight pop of color to clear nails. The squared edge gives this look an edgy feel.

11Hot Blue Flames

Typically when we all think of flames, in any sense, we think of red. That’s why we actually really love that this design used blue to incorporate a flame design onto nails. Blue is unexpected so really gives the flame design a whole different feel.

12Glitter + Matte Shine

Matte blue polish is a stark contrast to clear acrylic with glitter. A contrast that we’re fully here for, we must add. Clear acrylics are a growing trend and gives this look a light feel that really allows the butterfly glitter pieces to shine (literally!).

13Holographic Tie Dye

We’re not about limitations, especially when it comes to nail art. These blue acrylic nails are perfection in our eyes because of how they include different nail art trends. Sticking to one color allows you to have some cohesiveness to your manicure, while still experimenting with various designs.

14Blue Hologram

Holographic polish is everywhere right now – in case you haven’t noticed. You’ve probably seen a lot of iridescent polish with a silver based color scheme. That’s why we’re in love with this blue based holographic polish. So pretty!

15Light Blue Glamour

Light blue polish is a subtle enough color to act as a neutral base to build off of. Subtle touches can really transform the feel of a soft blue polish like this. Adding rhinestones to one nail, and painting another nail in a white polish are examples of small touches to change blue polish.

16Cobalt Embellished

How gorgeous is this cobalt blue polish? The color can be incredibly bold, but adding a stripe of nude polish down the center of a couple nails is a great way to break up the boldness a bit. You can definitely keep it simple and leave your nails with the polish colors, but if you’re a glam kind of woman add some gold embellishments.

17Cobalt Blue Elevated

Since cobalt blue is such a bright, bold color you can add it in small doses and still get the gorgeous effect of the color. These blue acrylic nails are a wonderful example of how cobalt blue, when used in small touches, can really transform solid nude polish.

18Blue Ombre Acrylics

French ombre has become the new French manicure. Have you noticed? It’s a fun modern take on the classic design. We love all the renditions people have implemented with the design trend. Using color instead of just white, like this pretty blue hue, is a great way to add color.

19Edgy Blue Roses

Roses aren’t just red – at least not when they’re painted onto acrylic nails. We can’t get over how stunning this blue rose design is on nails. Black polish as the foundation color gives some edge to roses and looks gorgeous with deep blue.

20Blue Winter Chic

If you have the winter blues, these blue acrylic nails are a fun way to make the winter feel a little more stylish and fun. Matte dark blue polish is so pretty on its own but we really love the lightness it gets when it’s paired with silver glitter and a white snowflake painted onto a nail.

21Blue Glam Designs

Give your blue acrylic nails a glam feel with a fun design like this. There’s something about painting each nail a different design that really gives acrylics the ultimate glam aesthetic. Adding glitter, iridescent touches and ombre effect to blue polish will give you a stunning result.

22Cobalt Silver Style

Hey bright blues! We’re loving the glitter pop on these nails. Silver glitter is a great addition to cobalt blue. Honestly we wouldn’t be mad at every nail being painted with the glitter blue and silver ombre design. Gorgeous color pop!

23Camo Cobalt

Camo doesn’t have to be reserved for army green tones – as you can see here, camo looks amazing using shades of blue instead of the classic colors. Completing the design with a matte finish really brings the aesthetic together with ease.

24Clear Blue Flakes

Aren’t these blue acrylic nails pretty? The clear element of these acrylics gives the look this pretty softness that feels so fresh. Adding golden flakes in different places on each nail gives some gorgeous texture to the mix.

25Solid Cobalt Blue

Looking for a minimal design for blue acrylic nails? This is a great way to rock a simple look that will still make a gorgeous statement with your acrylics. Cobalt blue is a statement all its own, so you really don’t need to add anything to get a gorgeous manicure. Add a matte finish for some texture and you’re good to go.

26Clear Cobalt Love

Another way to rock cobalt blue with a minimal design. We adore the way they made the design using clear space for a different way to add art to nails. The best way to achieve this look is to use a sticker where you want the shape and paint around that. Apply a matte finish for that extra enhancement.

27Blue Chrome Acrylics

The opposite of matte nails = chrome! We’re sure you’ve seen silver and gold chrome nails quite a bit recently but thanks to the trend gaining popularity there are more and more color options becoming available. Blue is now one of those colors. This is such a fun look.

28Edged Blue Matte

Rhinestones don’t always have to add that light glam touch we associate them with. Create a monochromatic edge with rhinestones by opting for dark blue stones to add to matte blue acrylics. Isn’t this such a cool look? We adore the use of blue rhinestones here.

29Glamorous in Blue

If the edgy rhinestone look isn’t really your thing, this look may be more your speed. Light blue rhinestones mixed with the classic clear/iridescent rhinestones gives blue acrylic nails a lighter, more glam type of vibe. They look so great with light blue polish.

30Flower Embellishing Blues

There’s something about embellishments on nails…we can’t get enough! These matte blue acrylic nails get a whole different look when gold embellishments are used to amplify the design. We’re all about the addition of the 3D flower for a springtime twist.

31Blue Lace Glam

These blue acrylics are SO stunning. We can’t get over these beauties. Deep matte blue polish is an unexpected, yet stunning, pairing for black polish. This design has a sort of edgy lace feel. Including blue rhinestones brings the color scheme together with perfection.

32Matte Navy Stones

Matte blue + iridescent rhinestones = the juxtaposition we’re here for. The textures are so opposite they work (as you can see here). Applying rhinestones of various shapes all over the accent nails really gives the nail some incredible dimension that compliments matte blue beautifully.

33Neon Blue Acrylics

Neon nail polish has been all over the place – don’t forget that blue can also be a great neon nail color. We’re so in love with this shade of blue for a major color pop. Because the color is such a statement on its own you can keep it simple.

34Pale Blue Designs

Can’t decide on one French manicure update? Combine them! French ombre is one of the most popular ways we’ve been rocking the classic design in a new way. But we have to say we’re definitely here for the triangular shaped take on a French manicure as they’ve done here. Using light blue adds even more of an updated feel.

35Dark Blue Shining

Looking for a way to spice up your fall/winter blue manicure? We’ve got you covered with these blue acrylics! Select a pretty dark blue polish and add a similar toned glitter polish to an accent nail. You’re left with a monochromatic look that’s loaded with shine.

36Neon Sunset

37Blue Monochromatic

38Silver Blue Nails

39Sparkled Glam Blues

40Winter Wonderland