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Tie Dye Nail Designs

Love colorful nails? Then you’re in the right place because we’re talking about tie dye nail designs today. It doesn’t get much more colorful than tie dye. You may be thinking there’s only a couple ways to incorporate tie dye onto your nails and we’ll admit we thought the same – that is, until we started doing a little online searching and stumbled upon over 30 different tie dye nail designs. Yes, we said over 30. So if you like the nail trend but want something a little out of the norm scroll through our list, you’re bound to find at least one or two deigns you love!

1Blue + Green Envy

Your friends will be envious of tie dye nails like these! Using a cool toned color scheme, like green and blue, adds a freshness to this design. Of course, we love the touch of glam with rhinestones added to the base of the nails – but that’s optional.

2Chicago Color Scheme

Whether you’re a Chicago sports fanatic or not, there’s no denying this is a fun tie dye nail design! Blue, white and orange look great together. Because the colors complement one another so well the tie dye design gets an added pop effect.

3Shades of Blue, Dyed

This is a great example of adding a touch of tie dye to your nails, while keeping the rest of the manicure on the minimal side. Adding a gorgeous tie die to one accent nail looks so pretty next to solid color nails – we love how they used the colors from the tie dye design for the solid nails.

4Rainbow Bright

Want to go all out with the tie dye nail design? This is a gorgeous option to give a try! Rainbow color scheme is the ultimate colorful option for tie dye nails. To achieve a cohesive aesthetic like this, make sure you select colors that are the same tone/brightness level.

5Glam Coral Tie Dye

Hello summer tie dye! We don’t know about you but coral nails definitely give us those summertime vibes love. That’s probably why we’re so in love with this tie dye nail design. Give the funky design a summertime feel by using coral! Mix in complimentary colors like yellow, pink and red to keep the warm summer feel but add a pop to bring out the tie dye effect.

6Tie Dye Cake

How adorable is this tie dye nail design?! The tie dye design on the nails is that classic look we all remember from t-shirts and clothing. Of course the light color scheme is gorgeous for the spring and summer! Add a fun illustration or graphic to one complimentary nail, as shown, to make it a customized look.

7Dripping Tie Dye

Add an edgy contrast to bright tie dye nails with black! It’s no secret black has a way of adding depth and edge to almost any nail look – tie dye is no exception. Keep it simple with solid black nails complimenting the tie dye nails or add the dripping detail like they’ve done here.

8Tie Dye French Tips

French manicure is getting a colorful twist with this tie dye nail design. How gorgeous are these nails?! We’re in awe of how tie dye painted onto the tips of nails instantly changes the vibe of the classic French manicure. Use any color(s) you like for a look like this.

9Rotating Tie Dye + Glitter

Give tie dye a subtly glam touch like they’ve done with this manicure. Painting every other nail with the bold tie dye design gives you an opportunity to break up the tie dye with another color/design to give the look a unique twist. Here, we really love that they kept it subtly glam by painting nails with a light pink shade and adding glitter.

10Iridescent Meets Tie Dye

You’ve probably seen us talk about the popular holographic nail polish that’s made its mark on the nail world. It’s no surprise it’s such a big trend – it’s SO fun! There are few things we love more than combining multiple nail trends into one nail design. They’ve done that with ease here by combining holographic nail polish, complimented by a bright tie dye accent nail.

11Pastel Shade Tie Dye

Give tie dye a lighter, fresher feel by using pastel colors. This screams springtime perfection, if you ask us! Although you could certain rock this into the summer months as well. This is a great option if you like the tie dye design but don’t want it to be too much of a pop.

12Watercolor Dyed

While we often think of that classic swirl look when we think of tie dye design, there are other ways you can go about embracing the design. This is a watercolor type of vibe that still gives you that tie dye effect, just in a bit more of an abstract type of way.

13Black Edge, Popped

Look at that tie dye POP in these nails. Those gorgeous, bright colors stand out even more when they’re paired with matte black polish like this. Of course you can rock this design with any nail length or shape, you will get extra edge like this with a stiletto shaped nail.

14Tie Dye Shine

Calling all metallic lovers! Whew, there is something about chrome and metallic polish that really has us swooning lately. Ok, maybe not just lately. We absolutely love how this nail design used silver chrome polish as the foundation color for a tie dye design.

15Neon Color Mix

Neon + tie dye = GORGEOUS! There isn’t a lot not to love about this tie dye nail design. You’ve got these stunning neon hues combined with tie dye. We love that they made each nail different, even implementing different tie dye placements/designs to take this look to another level.

16Mixing Neutrals in Style

We’ve shown you quite a few brightly colored tie dye nails and while we love them, we didn’t want to leave you thinking that’s only way to rock a tie dye nail look. Using neutral nail colors, just like this, will give you just as gorgeous of a manicure.

17Subtle Design

We adore this subtle tie dye look. Use a pretty nude nail color as the base for this and just lightly apply colors (softly!) over the top allowing some of the nude to peek through – that’s how you’re going to get this subtle look.

18Color Popped with Negative Space

Oh, hey modern nail vibes! Leaving negative space (aka blank space) on your nails has become a huge trend, it instantly provides a modern vibe to your nails. Since tie dye like this is such a bright mix of colors adding a small touch of negative space really breaks things up a bit (but in a modern way).

19Patriotic Vibes

Show your American pride with red, white and blue tie dye. These nails are giving us all the summertime feels. Don’t you just want to start up the grill and get in a bathing suit with these? Ok, well even if it’s not the summer you can get that feel with this color scheme.

20Hippie Inspired Icons

Embrace all the throwback vibes tie dye has to offer by applying smiley face and peace sign icons over the top of your tie dye. You’re probably familiar with the fact that tie dye is a throwback design, originally popular in the 70’s when the hippie style was popular. Peace signs and smiley faces bring that vintage feel full force!

21Pink and Blue Chic

The great thing about tie dye is how you’re able to really make it your own. Using different colors and color schemes is the perfect way to put your own twist on the design. Here, we really love that they kept it light with blue and pink shades.

22Shocking in Pink

If you love pink nails you’re probably already in love with this tie dye nail design. Keep your love for pink nails consistent by using pink for your tie dye! Mixing white and small touches of yellow, with the pink, keeps the colors complimentary without overpowering the pink.

23Unexpected Colors Mixed

Mixing colors, even unexpected colors, together is what makes tie dye such a fun design to play around with on nails. You really can have fun with any color scheme you can dream up. This is a great example of combining unexpected colors together and getting a gorgeous result – don’t be afraid to experiment!

244th of July Style

Another great way to rock some American spirit with tie dye! If you don’t want to go full tie dye, and really want to embrace the patriotic aesthetic add in a couple of nails with blue and white stars. If this manicure doesn’t scream 4th of July we don’t know what does!

25Glam in Tie Dye

Tie dye was traditionally seen as a more casual type of look, we love how this manicure shows us how to add major glamour to the design. Going all out with rhinestones like this definitely adds a different aesthetic to tie dye. To keep from tie dye and rhinestones fighting each other when they’re applied together – paint tie dye onto just 1-2 nails.

26Rotating Placement

One of the things we love about tie dye is how versatile the design is, well that in addition to the fact that it doesn’t have to be perfect to look perfect. In fact, it’s one of those designs that looks even more artistic when it isn’t perfectly placed. These nails show us how to mix it up from nail to nail for a gorgeous design.

27Soft Matte Tie Dye

Add texture and softness to tie dye with a light color scheme combined with a matte finish. How gorgeous are these nails?! We’re in love. Soft peach looks incredible paired with blue, we love that key kept it soft by mixing in white and touches of grey to add depth to the tie dye.

28Tie Dye + Stars

Another great example of how you can change up the way tie dye is applied to nails. This is a more strategic way to implement tie dye and we’re here for it! It looks great applied over clear polish and really plays off of stars beautifully.

29Striped Style Edge

We’re obsessed with this take on tie dye nails! Applying tie dye in a center line down the center pops beautifully with black on the sides of the line. Using black as the complimentary color gives the colors an opportunity to be highlighted even more.

30Swirling Colors

Applying tie dye to every nail can typically make it difficult to find a way to make one nail pop more than the others. This design is a great example of how you can apply the design to each nail while still offering a highlight pop. We adore these!

31Tie Dye Accented

We don’t know about you but we love the nail look of applying a solid color to all the nails and leaving one nail as the accent for an added pop. It gives you a chance to rock a gorgeous solid nail color AND a design – all wrapped into one. Tie dye is a great accent nail design!

32Combining Styles Colorfully

Looking for a nail design that’s out of this world? Well, you found it! This is such a fun design combining colorful tie dye, black polish, and a fun green alien look. Not really into the alien? This would look just as great without the alien and replacing with solid black polish.

33Tie Dye Done Modern

These nails are giving us major modern vibes! Applying a tie dye look over a nude polish is stunning here. We love that they added some extra design to the tie dye by applying the tie dye in different places onto each nail.

34Dramatic Tie Dye Colors

Want a tie dye look that’s sure to wow your friends? Look no further! Tie dye gets even more of a dramatic twist when it’s combined with this paint splatter design and rhinestones. We really love that they made tie dye a bit more unique here by applying a matte finish over the top.

35Loving Tie Dye

We’ve shown you a few examples of the classic swirled tie dye design. But you probably haven’t seen tie dye painted INTO a shape – like this heart. If you look closely the tie dye within the heart is still keeping consistent with the swirl design.

36Sharp Tie Dye Style

37Coffin Mixing Colors

38White & Blue Mixed

39Tie Dye Pops

40Sunshine Bright