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Clear Acrylic Nails

If you’ve scrolled through our posts in recent months, chances are you’ve seen us mention the clear nail trend. Clear acrylic nails have grown significantly over the past year and it looks as though 2020 is going to be filled with clear acrylics, too. Since this is a unique and new nail trend that not many women have had the chance to try yet we wanted to dedicate an entire post just to sharing some gorgeous clear acrylic nail ideas. If you’ve been tempted to give this trend a try scroll through our list to see if you find an idea to give a try!

1Clearly Smoking Hot

Get smoking nails with clear acrylics. Never thought you would hear that sentence, did you? We thought this was such a fun way to rock clear acrylics. Including black polish at the base and getting that smoking effect is unlike anything we’ve seen.

2Seeing Through Major Glam

Clear acrylics give such a great base to build off of. This nail art shows us how you don’t need any nail color to have a manicure that’s full glam. Applying rhinestones on top of clear acrylics is everything! You can really go all out with the stones and embellishments with a clear base.

3Chanel Inspired Acrylics

If you’re a designer lover – we’re sure you’re in love with these clear acrylic nails. Use gold glitter with your favorite designer’s logo to add some fun personality to your nail look. We love that they mixed in glitter, chains and other gold glitter pieces for even more style.

4Fluttering into Clear Nails

Not all of your nails have to be clear in order to embrace this trend. Trickle in one or two clear nails and leave the rest with color – as shown. This is such a fun way to really highlight the clear nails. Adding a few strategically placed butterfly glitter pieces adds just enough color to the clear space.

5Clear Meets Ombre Acrylic Nails

Another great example of filtering in a few clear acrylic nails and breaking it up with non-clear acrylics. This is such a unique twist combining clear acrylics with blue butterfly glitter with French ombre nails. The French ombre is a classic, minimal design that doesn’t take away from the clear acrylics.

6See Through Blue

Clear acrylics don’t mean you have to opt out of color! How fun is this clear acrylic manicure? See through colors give you the trendiness of clear acrylics but with a pop of color. Keep it simple with just the see through color on each nail, or add some touches of glitter on an accent nail if you want a little more pop.

7Feminine Butterflies

Can you tell butterfly glitter is kind of a thing for nails this year? Butterfly glitter makes creating nail art pretty easy because all you have to do is apply the glitter and you get a detailed design! Can’t beat that. Glue butterfly glitter and paint glitter polish onto clear acrylics for multi dimension.

8Clear Skies

Clouds in the sky have never looked so chic. Clear acrylics make for the perfect base to play around with unique designs like clouds! It’s not often you see clouds painted onto nails, but if they look this good we hope to see more.

9Glitter Stars

Mixing in white shimmer polish gives clear acrylic nails this incredible look. The soft color and dimension is just enough to give clear acrylics such a fun texture while leaving the clear acrylic to peek through. Leave the nails as is or add star glitter pieces, like they did here, for a little extra touch.

10Seeing Through Flames

Give clear acrylic nails an edgy vibe by adding a matte finish to them. There really is something about a matte nail look that gives that edgy feel. They’ve taken the edginess to another level here by adding iridescent flames over clear acrylics – so fun!

11Foiled Clearly

Foil pieces are a fun alternative to traditional glitter to spice up your nail designs. We’re in love with how the foil pieces look mixed into clear acrylics. It’s a great compliment to solid pink nails – with the foil color being rose gold and purple tones.

12Clear Stiletto Glam

Jaws dropped! Did yours too? When we came across these clear acrylic nails we knew we had to include them in our list because they’re just so beautiful and unique. Adding a stiletto shape to clear acrylics really adds a whole different vibe to them. The placement of the rhinestones is so pretty and really emphasizes the shape of the nail.

13Mixing Glitters

Who said you have to choose ONE glitter to use on your nails? You’ll never find us saying that because we’re all about options and variety around here. These clear acrylic nails show us just how stunning mixing glitter can be. Combining different shapes of glitter really elevates the look of the glitter.

14Louis Vuitton Goes Clear

Designer babes we’ve got you covered with these clear acrylics. How stunning are these?! It’s simple, using just white polish to paint the logo. Because the logo is painted onto clear acrylics it creates an incredibly modern aesthetic.

15Neon Clear Chic

Clear acrylic nails + neon = stunning! Seriously though how fun are these acrylic nails? The major contrast between neon polish and clear acrylics is everything and more. We’re in love with the way they outlined clear acrylics with the neon and white polish to give a frame-like look.

16Rounded Right

Clear acrylic nails don’t always have to be long. The great thing about acrylic nails is you can make them any length and shape you desire. Because clear acrylics are so unique you can really just leave them in all their glory without adding anything else and still have a gorgeous manicure.

17Sharp Stiletto Stars

Stars aren’t just in the sky – they can also be on your clear acrylics! We absolutely love the iridescent star glitter that’s used in these clear acrylics, especially the fact that they’ve mixed various sizes of the star pieces to add more dimension to the manicure.

18Rainbow Clear

Want to rock the clear acrylic trend but with more color? Look no further! Combining multiple colors like this is so fun. Applying embellishments and/or rhinestones to the area where the color begins creates this gorgeous separation on the nails that really highlights the clear colors.

19Textured Flowers

Since we’ve shown you quite a few glitter designs we wanted to make sure we’re giving you some variety. With spring and summer right around the corner we fell in love with this beautiful take on floral nail art. The texture of the flowers makes this feel so much different from the typical flower design.

20Bouquet of Flowers

If the previous textured floral design isn’t really your thing this is another stunning way to rock flowers on clear acrylic nails. Painting simple flowers, as shown in this picture, becomes enhanced when it’s done over clear nails. It feels so modern!

21Glowing Clearly

Get glowing nails with a design like this. Nothing will glow more than glow in the dark polish! We have to say – we’re all about this design. Leaving just pieces of the design clear is such a fun take on the trend – a great option if you don’t want a fully clear design.

22Clear with Gold Flakes

For some women the full clear acrylic nail can feel intimidating because it’s so different from previous trends with a lot of details and designs. Applying gold flakes, embellishments, or any other little detail gives you a splash of design without taking away from the clear acrylic.

23Clouded in Clear

We love the way clear acrylic nails offer a blank canvas to create an instantly modern design. You don’t have to go full clear, like some of the other designs we’ve shown you, to get that modern vibe. Here they’ve mixed in a soft shimmer polish and iridescent glitter to honor the clear feel.

24Seeing Through Grids

Part of the appeal of clear acrylic nails, for some, is the minimalist aesthetic. If you want to keep that minimalism with your manicure but still want a little more design, painting simple designs like this grid in white polish is a great addition. Use tape to get perfectly straight lines.

25Valentine’s Inspired

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away now and we’re sure you’re going to want to add some v-day inspiration to your manicure. Switch it up this year by using clear acrylic nails as the base of your Valentine’s Day design. All you need is too add heart shaped glitter for the holiday touch.

26Hologram Chic

How pretty are these nails? We love the pretty, delicate feel of these clear acrylics. Applying the soft iridescent flakes to clear acrylics is a gorgeous compliment to soft pink polish. Mixing in the clear nails on every other nail really breaks up the super clear look.

27Hot Pink Clearly Outlined

Neon seems to be everywhere lately, particularly in the beauty industry. You’ve probably even noticed neon makeup as a growing trend. The juxtaposition of neon and clear acrylics is jaw dropping in the best way possible. Tying the design together by painting an outline of neon on the clear nails gives this such a modern appeal.

28Iridescent Fade

Painting holographic polish on the ends of clear acrylic nails with a faded (aka ombre) effect is everything we didn’t know we needed in our lives. Using a silver based holographic polish creates this monochromatic type of feel when combined with clear acrylics.

29Princess Style

You’ve probably noticed we’re all about adding texture to nail designs. Whether it’s with rhinestones, matte finish, or anything else you can dream up – we’re ALL about it all. Add a matte finish to clear acrylics gives this princess design an edgy twist.

30Neon Rainbow Touch

If you’re into the neon trend but not really into the designs that are super bold this is a gorgeous alternative. You’re getting the touch of neon with the small stripes painted on a small space of each nail but it feels much more toned down with a majority of the nail being left clear.

31Modern Glitter

Glam ladies rejoice! You know we can’t resist a gorgeously glam nail design. This take on glam is beautiful with the inclusion of clear acrylic nails. Rose gold glitter and iridescent flakes are a bit more subtle when applied to clear acrylics – but definitely don’t reserve any glam attributes.

32See Through Pink Acrylics

These see through pink acrylics are simple, as they’re just one solid color, but they’re not your average pink nails. It’s probably no secret that because of the see through element these pink beauties get an upgrade. This would look great with any nail length or shape.

33Pink Star Style

Love pink but want to allow the full clear acrylic to shine? Simply paint a classic shape, like stars, on top with your favorite color pink polish. To add more dimension to the design paint the shapes in different places on each nail.

34Rhinestone Acrylics, Clear

Ahh we’re so in love with these clear acrylic nails. There really isn’t anything rhinestones can’t transform. Placing rhinestones in a symmetrical design as they did here creates a uniform look to the nails. This is such a sophisticated way to rock rhinestones and clear acrylics.

35Happy Acrylics

Feeling happy? Bring some happiness to your clear acrylics! We thought this design was so cute. It’s not often we see smiley faces painted onto nails these days but we’re here for this positive design. Be sure to use small details like this so you don’t take away from the clear acrylic base.

36Snow Fall Fashion

37Clear with Edgy Tips

38Watercolor See Through

39Modern Take on White Nails

40White Clear Designs