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Heart Nail Art Designs

Need a little nail art inspiration? If there’s one thing we know, it’s that there’s never a time we all don’t need nail art design ideas. Changing up the color and design on your nails is one of the areas of our lives that’s pretty easy to experiment with, because it’s temporary! Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner we have hearts on our mind and what’s more appropriate than heart nail designs?! We did the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to, and gathered up a list of gorgeous heart nail art designs we know you’re going to absolutely love.

1Baby Blue Love

Give your nails some baby blue love with this nail design. We love how they didn’t just use regular baby blue nail polish, but added texture with baby blue GLITTER polish. The glitter really gives the heart a glam touch.

2Black Hearts

Typically when we think of hearts we think of colors like red and pink, but those colors aren’t necessarily everyone’s favorite. If you want a color that will give your nails edge, while still adapting a heart shape onto your nails, black is a winning option! Leaving the base of the heart nail clear adds just the right amount of dimension.

3Love French Tips

You’ve probably seen a lot of modern, unique takes on how people are using the aesthetic of a French manicure to create unique designs. This is such a fun example of that! Instead of leaving the tips with the classic white, swapping in black polish and adding the heart shape is everything. We’re in love!

4Drawing Hearts

Another way to rock black polish AND a heart shape design. We really love the illustrated type of look of this heart, it gives the nails a relaxed type of vibe. Of course, using nude polish on the accent nail doesn’t just allow black to pop but it also gives a modern aesthetic.

5Musical Heart

Love music? This manicure was made for you! Creating a heart that looks like a musical note is such a creative way to show your love for something you, well…love. Keep it simple with nude polish as the foundation color so that the detailed heart is the focal point.

6Red Hot Love

Getting back to the classic red for a heart design, this is anything but a classic nail design. Painting nails in solid red perfectly complements silver chrome and white nails. Adding white + silver stripes onto the ring finger gets that gorgeous color pop with a small heart painted onto the corner.

7Clearly in Love

Clear acrylic nails have officially become a thing. Have you noticed? We’re hooked on the trend because it’s so unique. Clear acrylics are a great foundation for heart nail art. Using heart shaped glitter gives you this fun iridescence and perfect shape.

8Pink Mini Hearts

How adorable are these mini hearts?! We’re head over heels for the dainty glitter pieces and how great they look applied to clear pink nails. The clear pink polish is a softer take on pink polish, so mini heart shaped glitter pieces keeps the delicate feel consistent.

9Conversation Heart Ends

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and this is such a fun manicure idea for the holiday. Conversation hearts are one of those traditional candies we all associate with the occasion. Bring that tradition right to your nails with this nail art. Make it your own with different words and sayings.

10Spotted in Love

Polka dots turned into a heart?! Yes, please! Painting polka dots strategically to make up a heart shape is modern, different and oh so fun. We’re all about how they used different shades of pink, red and even purple to add more style to the design.

11Soft Love Details

We can’t give you a list of heart nail art without including some pink options. Pink is a traditional color for hearts, for many of us. This nail design is so pretty. Combining classic designs together like stripes, polka dots and a heart give you this pretty, soft feel.

12Illustrated for Valentines

Solid white polish gets a Valentine’s twist with illustrated hearts painted on top. Outlining each heart with black polish adds to the illustrated feel of the hearts. Keep them all the same color or mix red and pink like they’ve done here.

13Eye of the Heart

Give hearts some added personality by painting eyes onto them. How fun are these?! Such a unique way to rock hear nail art. Changing up the placement of the hearts on each nail gives more depth and uniqueness to the overall design.

14Falling in Love

Hello beauties! We’re in love with this heart nail art design. The gorgeous nude polish color is a stunning foundation for this design. Using heart shaped glitter makes this easy to DIY at home, but it’s anything but boring.

15Neutral Heart Style

Since nude nail polish has become such a go to option for so many women, we wanted to show you a few different ways to keep your favorite nude polish color but add some heart love to the mix. This is a great way to do just that. Paining a pretty little heart in rose gold glitter onto just one nail is all you need to instantly elevate solid polish.

16Shades of Nude in Love

If you like nude nail colors but you’re looking for something with a little extra glam look no further. Nude polish gets a glam update with gold glitter and a heart painted onto the accent nail. Adding a darker nude color to the heart nail gives this even more dimension.

17Heart beating Chic

Black is back with this heart nail art. This time, the heart is getting a different twist with a heartbeat line painted going through the heart. So fun, right?! The heartbeat line tells a little bit more of a story with the heart here.

18Interlocking Love

You didn’t think we were done with the light nude polish, did you? This manicure shakes it up by using red polish to paint onto nude. Instead of just painting one heart onto the nail, painting a couple making an interlocking line across the nail is so fun!

19Loving Matte

Adding small, delicate touches onto solid nail polish is an easy way to elevate a simple nail design. Pick a couple neutral shades, like they’ve done here with white, black and pink, and paint them in a rotation. Once the polish is dried paint a dainty heart, stripes and even ‘love.’

20Glam Heart Glitter

How gorgeous are these heart nails? Major glam moment with this manicure. Keep it monochromatic, yet glam, with rose gold glitter, pink and white to recreate this heart nail design. If you need some assistance getting that perfect heart shape use stencils to make your life easier.

21Edgy Hearts

This is an edgy take on heart nail art – to say the least! Hearts don’t have to be super girly and feminine all the time, you can be an edgy type of woman and still rock heart nails. They’ve shown us how to do that with ease – using nude and black matte polishes.

22Modern Take on Love

Modern vibes galore! Nude polish as the foundation color gives this red heart a much more modern aesthetic. We have to say, we love the addition of the very thin black line going down the center as well, it’s an unexpected touch.

23Chic Stiletto Love

The nude nail options just keep coming! We can’t get enough and well, the nude nail trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so we want to keep you on the forefront of the trends. Red hearts really pop when they’re applied with nude polish as the base color. The addition of clear glitter gives this look some extra texture to play off the nude nails.

24Love is Simple

If your go-to manicure is a simple nude nail color this is a great way to add just a small touch of something different to your typical look. It’s small enough to keep the feel of your classic color choice, but just enough to give a pretty loving touch.

25Unexpected Love

While this is similar to the manicure before this, it’s different enough that we wanted to share it with you! The neutral color has a touch of pink undertone to it that really plays well with red hearts painted onto the nails. We love that they kept it dainty with mini hearts.

26Classic Feminine Heart

How pretty are these nails? They’re giving us all the feminine feels we love. Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day manicure or just want to show a little feminine feel to your nails – this is a winning choice. Touches of pearl, glitter and silver embellishments really transform matte pale pink polish.

27Love Clearly Designed

See through nails is a growing trend. The fun part about this trend is you can still get color on your nails, but still get that see through look. Here they show how to use pink to adapt the trend. We adore how they got the heart shape by leaving the space clear and painting around it.

28Perfectly Pink

Ahh the gorgeous pink! This heart nail art design was too cute not to share with you. Painting a small heart at the base of the nails, in a contrasting shade of pink, keeps this look monochromatic but still offers a pop so the heart stands out.

29Pastel Toned Hearts

How cute is this heart nail art?! They’re giving us candy vibes with the use of pastel shades in the design. Of course, you can try this design using any colors you like. If you want that Valentine’s candy look keep with the pastel tones.

30Shades of Purple

Purple isn’t often a color we associate with hearts – but with nail art like this we’re probably going to start. Swap out the typical shades of pink and red for shades of purple. The ombre look applied to the accent nails gives so much depth to the overall design and really highlights the heart shape.

31Red Ends for Love

Another modern twist for heart nail art! We can’t get enough of the negative space and unique takes on French manicure looks. This look kind of combines the two, it’s not the typical French manicure look because the color is pretty far down on the nail. But the additional color really adds to the heart shape.

323D Love

Add three dimension to your heart nails by applying rhinestones to the shapes. First, paint the shapes you want and apply polish, here they used glitter polish to really add to the dimension. Then glue rhinestones over the glitter (after it’s dried).

33Monochromatic Hearts

Soft monochrome gets a loving twist. Paint every nail a different color, using soft pink shades like they did here. This is what gets you the monochromatic feel. After the colors dry, glue one heart shaped glitter piece onto the center of each nail.

34Hearts for Short Nails

So often short nails can feel limited when it comes to nail art designs. But we didn’t forget about our short nail ladies. Give your short nails that modern feel with a soft nude polish, or use clear polish, and top them off with red hearts painted onto them.

35Pops of Red Hearts

We’ve shown you quite a few ways to implement the small heart design onto neutral color nails like this. These nails take the look and elevate it by painting multiple hearts onto an accent nail. We love the additional hearts for added design.

36Shot by Cupid

37Loving White Chic

38Love is Glamorous

39Chic White Edge

40Mellow Yellow Love