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Fancy Nail Designs

Calling our fancy nail connoisseurs! There really is something about an over the top manicure that feels EXTRA special, isn’t there? Expressing yourself with your nail designs is one of our favorite elements of nail art as a whole. We wanted to have a little fun and decided to take some time to look for fancy nail design inspiration to share with you. We’ll admit – we’re so impressed with the designs we have found and can’t wait for you to take a peek. Let us know your favorite fancy nail designs from the list!

1Animal Prints Combined

Here’s a wild take on animal print! In a good way, of course. Painting different animal prints on each nail is such a fun way to add major fierceness to nails. The French tip manicure design breaks up all the print and gives a modern rendition to animal print.

2Fancy in Matte Black

Ah, we just love matte black nail polish. You too? Then you probably love this fancy nail design. Breaking up the dark matte black hue with a touch of clear space and gold metallic flakes gives just the right amount of fancy.

3Edge with Pearls

If you like a rendition of French tip manicures, you’re going to love it around our website! This is a gorgeous take on the design, painting black very minimally on the tips of the nails and adding pearl embellishments.

4Black, White and Pink

Classic color combination in a fancy design. Stripes, rhinestones and more really amplify this color combination we’ve all seen used quite a bit in the nail world. You already know we’re fans of the clear space mixed in.

5Glittering in Chanel

Show your love for Chanel with this fancy nail design. We really like the dainty metallic touches with glitter and the metallic Chanel logo applied to these nude nails.

6Clearly Fierce

Leopard print has always been looked at as a fierce, fancy print in fashion and beauty. These nails are such a cool way to incorporate the print in a way we haven’t ever seen in the past. Painting leopard print on top of clear acrylics – stunning!

7Colorful Rhinestones

Even if you like to keep your nails in the light neutral color family, you can definitely add some fancy touches that make it unique and special. These nails are a great example of how embellishments can really transform neutral nails.

8Hot Pink Glam

Fancy nails gone neon! Hot pink nails have never looked better than they do here. Glitter, ombre and embellishments transform the classic color into a fancy nail design.

9Watercolor Metallic

Anytime you want to create a fancy nail design that’s unique – consider applying various trends into your manicure. Here they used metallic flakes, watercolor aesthetic, and modern black lines. Use your creativity!

10Stiletto Stones

Stiletto shaped nails are pretty fancy as is, which makes it a great nail shape to work with if you want an over the top manicure design. Even if you keep the nail polish colors neutral, like this picture, adding rhinestones is all you need for a fancy touch.

11Designed in Chanel

Calling our Chanel lovers! These nails are a major ode to the Chanel brand. White and gold are a great color scheme that adds an extra fancy feel to the design.

12Golden Hour

Gold is probably one of the colors most synonymous with ‘fancy’ anything. If you want to really embrace gold for your manicure play around with different textured polishes and embellishments to add even more design and ‘fanciness.’

13Iridescently Modern

We really love manicures that add just a touch of design to the entire look. Here they painted the nails in solid nail colors, but added a fancy element with design painted onto a couple of nails. Iridescent glitter and ombre brings all the fancy feels.

14Matte + Metallic

Mix those nail textures, ladies! Matte, iridescent, glitter and metallic are all used in this one manicure. Who would’ve known you could combine them all?! The neutral color scheme makes this feel cohesive.

15Touched in Leopard

We aren’t quite done with the fancy animal print manicures. This is such a gorgeous usage of the classic print, painting it in just a few touches throughout the nails. Gold used to separate leopard and nude polish completes things stunningly.

16Louis Vuitton Design

Another fancy nail design for our fashionistas out there. This time it’s Louis Vuitton inspired. Nude and white polish are a neutral color scheme that look anything but neutral the way they are used throughout these nails.

17Crystal Marble

If these nails don’t scream fancy nail art, we have no idea what does. The nails are painted with a marbled design and completed with rhinestones that are creating this crystal-like look. Colorful, glam and so fun!

18Muted Florals

Fancy nails don’t always mean bold colors, the muted colors used here prove that point. We thought this was such a pretty, unique way to paint flowers onto nails. Of course, glitter and rhinestones give a little extra fancy.

19Fancy Flowers

Floral nails are nothing new, we’ve all seen plenty of flowers painted onto nails. But we’re always up for new ways to make old designs feel fresh. These floral nails have definitely shown us how to achieve that with flowers.

20Neon Glitz

Into the neon nail trend? These fancy neon nails are perfect for you then. Combining neutrals and adding some fancy details like glitter and rhinestones complete the manicure in such a fun way. We especially like the mixture of glitter colors and shapes.

21Metallic Edged Glamour

You know we love a French tip manicure inspired nail design! We couldn’t resist sharing this design with you – it IS fancy, after all. Gold chrome painted onto the tips, glitter ombre and rhinestones make this feel so unique.

22Rose Gold Flowers

Here’s another updated take on floral nails. These flowers have a dried floral type of look to them, definitely adding that modern feel. Rose gold glitter compliments pastel pink with ease.

23Neon Leopard Print

We hope you’re not tired of leopard print yet, because this is another example we just HAD to show you. So often we see leopard print in the classic color scheme, which is great but the neon colors here give such a fun pop of color!

24Neon Tie Dye

Neon is a great color choice when you want a bold color pop for your nails. The neon pink used throughout is so pretty, and we really love the tie dye design painted onto an accent nail to add even more color.

25Clear Purple Flowers

Floral vibes! We adore a monochromatic nail design (using one color throughout the entire look), and they nailed it here. Leaving a bit of negative space breaks up the nail painted in flowers, giving that trendy twist.

26Fancy in Purple

Fancy = rhinestones and glitter! We’re firm believers in the fact that rhinestones and glitter can be added to just about any nail design to add a fancy element to things. Add rhinestones in new ways, like outlining one side of the nail or gluing one stone onto the nail – as they did in the picture.

27Rhinestone Iridescence

Pastel iridescent polish?! Sign us up! This nail polish is STUNNING. As if it wasn’t fancy enough on its own it gets more design with rhinestones and glitter (we told you it can be added to anything!).

28White Stars

Talk about a statement manicure. Reinvent white nails using this as inspiration. We always love a manicure that combines different designs and embellishments on the nails. Spice it up!

29Unicorn Embellishing

Unicorn inspiration isn’t just in fashion and makeup anymore – it’s made its way to nails. How fun is the shell textured nail?! Of course the rhinestones and blue/purple color palette adds even more mermaid aesthetic.

30Tie Dye Goes Fancy

We’re sure you’ve seen how tie dye has burst onto the fashion scene. If you like tie dye fashion, you’re going to love tie dye designed nails. Pink and purple tie dye is fairly subtle here, but it’s bold enough to stand out on these stiletto nails.

31Strawberry Marble

Marble designed nails aren’t going ANYWHERE, we hope you love them as much as we do. There have been so much fun ways artists have updated the trend, adding metallic (see picture) and using various colors.

32Damask Design

You have likely seen this classic damask design in interior décor and fashion quite a bit. It’s been used quite a bit for many years, but like any other design we’re all about a remix to an old classic.

33Rainbow Edge

Do we even have to say anything about these nails? Rainbow nails have gone edgy with this design. Adding matte black to just about anything is going to automatically create an edgy vibe to your manicure.

34Tortoise Shell Ends

Tortoise shell sunglasses? How about tortoise shell NAILS! Such a cool design here. Creating the tortoise shell look to clear acrylic nails, just to the sharp tips, is something we definitely haven’t seen in nail art.

35Flaking Watercolors

Soft color transitions, as shown here, give this beautiful watercolor effect on nails. Keep the colors similar in tone (i.e. pastels) so it’s cohesive. We adore the iridescent flakes, adding extra color and shine to the nails.

36Clear Metallics

37Glittering Whites

38Fancy White Stars

39Abstract Yellow

40Fancy Mustard Yellow