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Different Acrylic Nail Shapes and Designs

One of the best things about acrylic nails, in particular, is how they’re so incredibly versatile. Acrylic nails can be formed into a variety of different nail shapes and topped with everything from extremely dramatic and detailed designs to very simple and minimalistic. Unlike some of the other areas of beauty, like our hair, getting our nails done is pretty temporary – which means we can change and adjust them quite often so you don’t have to commit to one style for an extended period of time. That’s what’s so fun about acrylic nails, the variety and ability to change often. Today we decided to share some of the popular acrylic shapes and designs we’ve been seeing lately. If you need some fresh ideas for your acrylics, start scrolling through!

1Holographic Acrylics

This subtly pointed acrylic shape has grown to become known as the stiletto nail shape. You’ve probably seen it quite a bit recently. It’s a bit of a modern, dramatic take on classic acrylic nails. And as you can see, it looks amazing with holographic polish!

2Almond Acrylic French Tips

A bit different from the previous shape, these acrylics are much more rounded at the tips. This particular shape is referred to as almond shaped acrylics. It happens to be a great shape to apply French tip manicure design to, also.

3Monochrome Round Acrylic Nail Shape

While acrylics are often thought of as long nails, they don’t always have to be long! Here they opted for a short, rounded acrylic shape that’s really wearable. Playing around with various neutral tones, with a matte finish adds a bit of extra style.

4Butterfly Coffin Acrylic Nails

We’re sure you’ve seen this shape of acrylic nails quite a bit over the past couple of years. This is known as the coffin shaped nail and it’s become incredibly popular for long acrylics. The added length adds drama, and more space for fun designs like this.

5Clear Coffin Acrylic Nails

Another gorgeous example of the coffin shaped acrylics! This time, they incorporated the newly popular clear acrylic nail. Leaving just the ends clear is a kind of reverse take on the French tip – but with a lot more detail.

6Clear Long Acrylic Nail Shape

We aren’t quite done with the clear acrylics – they’re THAT trendy right now. The shape of these nails also fits into the coffin category, but because they’re a bit shorter than the previous they do give a bit of a different vibe.

7Jelly Themed Almond Acrylic Nails

Can you tell clear and see through acrylics are trending? These types of acrylics are just like any other, where you can chose any length or shape you prefer. Here they shaped jelly acrylics into a medium length almond shape.

8Baby Blue Coffin Acrylics

Isn’t it amazing how various lengths can really change the aesthetic of the same nail shape? Here we are with another example of coffin shaped acrylics. Paint them with your favorite nail color, top with a matte finish and you’re good to go.

9Marbling Almond Acrylic Nails

Switching things up a bit, here we have almond shaped acrylics. These are a bit shorter in length but because of the rounded shape at the ends it creates the illusion of the nails being longer. Paired with a gorgeous design, this is a stunning manicure.

10Sharp Stiletto Acrylic Nail Shape & Sprinkles

Talk about a dramatic manicure, right? This extreme stiletto shape isn’t for the faint of heart. Due to the added length and extreme pointed ends, these stiletto acrylics are definitely edgy. They’re such a fun shape to play around with design wise.

11Dramatic nail design

These nails are also in that stiletto shaped category. As you can see, compared the image before this, the sharpness at the tips aren’t quite as pointed. We wanted to show you how even within one nail shape there can be variations – it all depends on your preferences!

12Evil Eye Design

How fun are these evil eye designed nails? We love the simple yet trendy design elements here. The nail shape here is very similar to the coffin we’ve shown you a few times but it technically fits into the ballerina category. The difference between the two is with ballerina, it gets a bit thinner towards the tips of the nails.

13Eye See Chic

We’re back with another evil eye inspired design here, but with a completely different nail shape. Almond shaped nails have a way of added a bit of a feminine twist to any nail design.

14Glamorous in Coral

Coral color scheme = all the summertime vibes! We love how they’ve mixed in so many different elements and design touches throughout these acrylics. Incorporating clear acrylics adds so much dimension and style, too.

15Clear Squared Acrylics

Dive right into the clear acrylic nail trend by making every nail clear! Adding glitter and rhinestones to clear acrylics is a fun way to add your own style to them, plus a bit of glamour.

16Lavender Oval Acrylic Nails

We have yet another variation of an acrylic nail shape that’s quite popular right now. This shape is called the oval acrylic shape. One look at them and you can see why it’s called that – they look like ovals! It’s a bit more subtle than the almond shape.

17Green Envy

We’re green with envy over these nails, that’s for sure! Mint green got a major fashion update here. Not only is the design fun and dramatic, but the emphasized stiletto shape gives even more to the look.

18Rainbow Stiletto Acrylics

Isn’t it fun to see all the variations of stiletto shaped acrylics? Here they opted for longer length, but the ends aren’t quite as sharp as the previous image. Play around with the shape of your acrylics to find something that you enjoy most.

19Tie Dyed Acrylic

One of the reasons the coffin shaped acrylic has become so popular is because it gives a lot of room to design for a nail artist. The added length, solid shape, etc. makes it a perfect foundation to paint just about any design you can dream up.

20Monochrome Square

The subtle slimming effect at the ends of the nails is subtle, but does give a slight softening effect to acrylics. We love the monochromatic color scheme on these ballerina acrylic nails.

21Astrology Themed

Stiletto acrylics meet astrology design. Aren’t these edgy nails so fun? We thought so. Even using a basic color scheme like black and white can be completely transformed with a bit of creativity.

22Square Short Acrylic Nails

We love when we see examples of short acrylic nails. Because even though long acrylics are popular, they’re not for everyone and you can get a really fun manicure no matter the length – all thanks to acrylic nails.

23Pop of Neon

As if neon nail polish wasn’t a statement enough – pair it with stiletto shaped acrylic nails and you’re left with a pretty epic manicure. These are giving us major Halloween vibes – but if we’re honest we love neon polish anytime of the year.

24Neutrally Oval Acrylic Nails

For the women who like their acrylics to have a softer, more natural shape to them – oval is a gorgeous choice. These acrylics are a gorgeous shape that are great to pair with this geometric inspired design.

25Short Acrylics Coffin Glam

We’ve shown you quite a few coffin shaped acrylics so far, but they’ve primarily been on the long side. When we stumbled upon these shorter coffin acrylics we HAD to include them for you. Yes, you can rock a coffin shaped nail at ANY length.

26Fruity Style

Oval shaped acrylics may be one of our favorite shapes for French tip manicure designs. It gives the classic design a modern feel that we’re here for. We thought the addition of strawberries was too cute and perfect for summertime.

27Squared Ends

This is probably a shape you’re quite familiar with in regards to acrylic nails. The classic squared shape has long been used to get the French tip manicure, as shown here. Update it a bit by switching white for your favorite shades of pastel.

28Pastel Florals

Short, square and stylish! We love how people have found ways to make the most of short acrylics and load them up with gorgeous designs. Clear acrylics add such a fun design twist to flower nails.

29Patriotic Themed

Shorter length acrylics are often square shaped, for a number of reasons. Once again, short acrylics don’t mean your design choices are limited. These are 4th of July ready!

30Short Pink Almond Acrylic Nails

How pretty are these pink nails? We have long been fans of light pink nail polish. It’s feminine, classy and sophisticated. This shade also happens to be a perfect match of this stunning almond shape nail.

31Chic Pink

Slightly longer in length than some of the other short acrylic nails we’ve shown you, this is another fun example of square shaped nails. The sharpness of the square gives nails a bit of edge, while also being quite durable.

32Neon Pink Ombre

While when we often think of ballerinas, we think of tutus and baby pink – these ballerina shaped nails are a bit more bold. We LOVE these! Neon pink ombre, fading into white is such a cool combination.

33Purple Heart

If you’re looking for an acrylic nail shape that’s mid-length, this is a popular option to consider. You get great nail space to work with and have fun with the nail art aspect of your manicure.

34Purple Monochrome

At first glance, the shape of these nails may look vastly different from some of the others throughout this list. However, these are coffin shaped acrylics! Yep, they’re just in a shorter length than most of the others.

35Bolted Style

Here we are with the longer length coffin acrylics again. We thought this rainbow, lightning bolt design was such a fun take on the rainbow trend. Edgy and quirky!

36Feminine Acrylics

37Round Acrylic Nails Outline

38Shattered Acrylic

39Light Natural Acrylic Nails

40Yellow Mattes

41Pinkish Squoval Acrylic Nails