Flower Nail Designs

Flower Nails

Spring is in the air! Contrary to what’s said in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ we happen to think florals for spring really ARE groundbreaking. Mostly when they’re flower nails. Regardless, will always be something refreshing and feminine about flower nails that makes them perfect for spring and summer. You’ve probably seen some typical flower nails in the past but since it’s 2019 we wanted to give you some modern flower nail ideas to help you spruce up your flower style. We’ve scoured the internet and found 40 stunning flower nail designs we know you’re going to absolutely love and want to have done on your nails.

1Classically Modern Flower Nails

Black and white gets a modern update with this floral design. Adding the simple, abstract flowers to a nude base is beautiful. For a trendy design paint the flowers different on each nail.

2Edgy Meets Floral Nail Art

Love black nails? Give your favorite nail color a warm weather twist by painting flowers on top. Incorporate colors that compliment black like white, blue and red like this design.

3Flowers and Stripes Nails

Combine flowers AND stripes for the perfect springtime manicure. Black and white stripes create an edgy appeal that looks amazing with roses added to the mix. Include the green leaves for more color or skip them for more

4Daisy Love Nails

This is such a cute flower manicure! The light blue color feels so fresh for spring and gets even more of a springtime feel with daisies mixed in. We love that the flowers weren’t added to each nail for more style.

5Bright Color Mix Nails

Daisies are one of the easiest flower designs to recreate because they aren’t overly detailed. Great for the DIY manicure woman. Think outside the box and paint daisies in bright colors for an added pop with black polish.

6Blossoming Flowers Nail Art

Cherry blossoms are famous for their beauty when they bloom once a year. Embrace their beauty with a cherry blossom inspired nail design. The dark branches break up the lightness of the pink and white beautifully.

7Detailed in Color Nails

Isn’t this beautiful!? We instantly fell in love with all of the colors used in this flower nail art. Recreate this using a handful of your favorite nail polish colors, they don’t have to be the exact same as they have used here. Combining stripes with flowers takes this look up a whole other level.

8Chic Flowers Nails

Deep blue nails are a huge trend for 2019. Give the stunning color a spring/summer aesthetic by adding white flowers to them. Place the flowers in different areas of each nail for a more abstract type of look.

9Spring Floral Vibes Nails

This flower nail art is a great example of how you can achieve a floral look in an abstract manner. You don’t have to be a detailed artist! Use a small paint brush to create a similar flower design.

103D Flowers Nail Art

Skip the painting and get flower nails with embellishments. Visit your favorite arts and craft store to find some tiny flower embellishments, all you need is some nail glue and you’ve got a 3D flower design.

11Dotted in Flowers Nails

Black and white are ready for spring with these nails. We love how they combined daisies and polka dots. Both designs are classic but feel so modern when paired together.

12Garden Style Flower Nails

How amazing is this flower manicure? We’re seriously loving the clear nail trend. Clear nails give the stunning flowers the ability to stand out even more.

13Flower Glam Short Almond Nails

Nude nails are all the rage for this year. Give nude nails a whole different, modern look with white flowers and touches of gold glitter. The glitter adds subtle glam to the nails.

14Dainty Floral Nails

Perfection for the short nail ladies! Start with a nude, transparent type of base and instead of trying to paint flowers onto the nails use flower shaped glitter. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

15Hawaiian Style Flower Nails

Even if you can’t enjoy a Hawaiian vacation, you can bring the tropics to your manicure. Bright colors are warm weather staples. Painting just one Hawaiian flower onto the nail keeps it chic.

16Drawn with Flowers Pointy Nails

We often think of flower nail art as being realistic but illustrated flowers are just as fashionable. Recreate this by using a pen or paint to illustrate the shape of roses and just fill in with paint.

17Sunny Sunflower Nails

Sunflowers are the epitome of summer, so why not add them to your nails. Create an ombre look with nude and yellow for a modern appeal. If you don’t have the materials to create a 3D sunflower like they did here, just paint it onto the nails.

18Vintage Inspired Floral Nail Design

This flower nail art has such a cute vintage aesthetic. Because the flowers aren’t perfect it makes them so much more artistic. Using muted tones like mustard yellow adds to the vintage feel.

19Earthly Garden Nails

Flower nails don’t have to be pastels and bright hues. Create a whole different look with army green nails and white flowers. It’s unexpected in the best way possible. We love the matte finish for added style.

20Springtime Beige Nails

For the classic woman who likes a neutral nail this is a great way to add some flowers to your nails, without being too over the top. Having flowers added to just two nails keeps it simple with just enough color for a gorgeous look.

21Floral Turned Pastel Nails

22Peach Glam Flower Nails

23Ombre Embellished Flowers Nail Art

24Pink in the Sun Nails

25Poppy Flower Fashion Nails

26Purple Hued Flowers Manicure

27Primarily Floral Nails

28Rhinestone Flowers Mani

29Glittery Roses Nail Design

30Shaped in Flowers Nails

31Bouquet Style Nails

32Combining Designs Nail Art

33Striped in Sunflowers Nails

34Fresh Flowers Style

35Dipped in Floral Nail Art

36Modernized Flowers Nails

37Tulip Styles Flower Nails

38Flowers Go Watercolor Nails

39Pops of Yellow Nails

40Say it in Flowers Nails

41Negative Space White Flowers

42Yellow Black Floral Nail Art


Who knew flowers could be so unique?! We’re absolutely adoring the modern take on flower nails some creatives have added to their nails. If you’re a do it yourself kind of woman you can still paint flower nails like some of these onto your own nails. But you’re going to need a few tools on hand to accomplish the result you’re looking to achieve. We suggest having some toothpicks, very small paint brushes and even considering stencils and/or sticker decals on hand. Thanks to the internet and beauty supply stores there are a ton of resources out there these days that gives you the opportunity to DIY detailed designs without being a professional.

This year it’s all about the blank space on nails. Sounds crazy right? NOT painting part of your nails? It’s an incredibly modern twist to any nail design to actually leave space onto your nails without polish. Sometimes it’s about what isn’t there that makes for a gorgeous design. One of our favorite blank space flower nails is the black and white flower designs. It incorporates the classic black and white color scheme and with the combination of the blank space it’s such a fresh, trendy look.

Of course just because blank space nails are a big trend, it certainly doesn’t mean that fully painted nails aren’t just as on trend! So many of these designs are stunning and give you plenty of inspiration to incorporate flowers into any color scheme you’re drawn to. If you like black nails but want a softer twist added to the dark hue for the spring, add colorful flowers to your standard black polish. You’re getting the best of both worlds with that style combination. Playing around with different nail shapes is another easy way to transform the look of your flower nails.