Gothic Nail Art

Edgy fashionistas! We’ve got some major nail inspiration for you to try. Love all things with an edgy vibe? It doesn’t matter the time of year, edgy vibes are always a fun aesthetic. Gothic nail art is the perfect way to adapt your personal style through your nail design. Hint: black polish isn’t the only way to rock gothic nail art. We’ve found some of the most stunning gothic nail art to share with you to step up your nail game. These will look great regardless of the time of year, when you want to embrace the gothic look.

1Textured Goth Nail Design

Mixing textures like glitter, matte and shine is a sure fire way to get an edgy look. Combine black with a taupe color for an unexpected color mix, complete the look with a few rhinestones for a touch of glam.

2Purple Rain Stiletto Nails

Deep purple is a gorgeous color that fully embodies the gothic look, especially when it’s combined with matte black. Mix it up with different designs on each nail to elevate the color combination for a gothic vibe.

3Touched in Purple Ombre Nails

Love all black? A matte finish adds instant goth appeal to nails but if you want to spice up your go-to color add some deep purple to the base of the nail for a subtle ombre look.

4Edged Softly Gothic Nails

This is the epitome of spring meets gothic style. Lighten up the darkness with a nude color as the foundation color and add the gothic vibe with black rhinestones in fun designs.

5Various Black Edge Gothic Nails

Isn’t this gorgeous? We love the varying finishes of each nail. When all the nails are black, add depth with different textures on each.

6Gothic Ombre Nails

We’ll never get tired of a gorgeous ombre nail. Give the illusion of long dimension to your nails with ombre that goes from black to white for a gothic look.

7Clearly Goth Ombre Nails

Clear space is a big trend in the nail world this year and this is a great example of making it gothic. Leave some of the nail clear and fade into black to combine ombre with gothic nail style.

8See-Through Edge Gothic Nails

We’re in awe of this gothic nail art! It’s so modern and edgy. Clear nails with black design added is pure perfection if you ask us.

9Coffin Inspired Nails

Traditionally gothic style is often associated with crosses, skulls, etc. These are giving us coffin vibes, in the most chic way possible. Adding metallic gold to black is always a winning combination, too.

10Laced Corset Nails

Corsets aren’t just for fashion anymore. The best part of these corsets is you can breathe AND sit down comfortably. That’s a win in our minds. Keep it classic with red and black to let the design pop.

11Gothic Symbols Nail Art

This is a great gothic nail design to use as inspiration. Make the base matte black and simply choose your favorite gothic inspired symbols to place on each nail. Mix it up like they did here or keep each nail the same.

12Sharp Edges Black Nails

Such a unique way to rock black nails in a modern, gothic way. Leaving some blank space at the base of the nail and added a shiny triangle completely transforms an otherwise basic black nail design.

13Glowing in Pastel Gothic Nails

Glow in the dark nails?! Yep! You’ve probably seen glow in the dark shoes on social media, bring the trend into your gothic nail art with this look. Break up the glow polish with black symbols added to the mix for that extra goth vibe.

14Embellished Edge Nails

Gold embellishments have never looked better if you ask us. Adding traditionally gothic style embellishments to black nails will give you the most fashionable gothic nails. DIY this with nail glue and any embellishments you love – find them online!

15Fashionable Goth Pointy Nails

Red and black is a gorgeous gothic nail art color combo. Take the colors to a new level with rhinestones and other embellishments added to the mix.

16Green with Envy Gothic Nails

Your friends will be green with envy with gothic nail art like this. Add fun pops of green to black nails with stripes and dripping paint to maintain the gothic look.

17Iridescently Gothic Nail Color

Stiletto shaped nails give you an opportunity to really have fun with an edgy nail look that encompasses the gothic nail look. Holographic and iridescent polishes are everywhere this year, this nail art is a stunning way to combine trend with gothic on your nails.

18Holographic Touch Nail Color

Add just a touch of the iridescent look to your gothic nails with just one nail in the holographic polish. Create depth and balance to the design with the combination of matte black nails on the rest.

19Gothic Love Nails

Hearts aren’t just for the girly girl, they can get a gothic twist with a nail design like this. Matte finish polish always provides an edgy look. Get the best of both world with nail art like this.

20Matted Moon Black Gothic Nails

Stars and moons are often used to represent gothic style. Make it easy on yourself and keep your nails simple in matte black and paint the symbols in white over the top. Use stencils to make it easy to DIY at home.

21Phases of the Moon Nails

22Pastel Skulls Gothic Nails

23Neon Fire Nails

24Edged in Black Gothic Nails

25Dripped with Goth Nail Art

26Lilac Moon Gothic Nails

27Starry Red Night Design

28Crossed in Matte Nails

29Swirled Goth Vibe Nails

30Gothic Star Style Nails

31Extreme Edge Pointy Nails

32Silver Gothic Glam Nail Design

33Skull Style Gothic Nails

34Spiked Nails

35Nude-Black Edgy Vibe Nails

36Steampunk Goth Short Nails

37Gothic Harness Nail Art

38Tattoo Inspired Nails

39Blue Goth Babe Nails

40Written in Edge Gothic Nails

41Black Lace Gothic Nails

42Almond Black Nails and Diamonds


Stereotypically when we think of gothic style anything our minds immediately go to the color black. We love that these designs adapted so many different colors while maintaining the overall gothic vibe. It really goes to show that there’s a lot of creative leeway with beauty and fashion. Whether you dress with a gothic style aesthetic or you’re just thinking of trying something new with your style and adapt an edgier twist there are plenty of ways you can make gothic nail art your own.

Now that we’re in the midst of the spring season you may not necessarily want to go with a black nail look, but still want something with a gothic twist. We love the pastel and multi-color skull gothic nail art design for the season. It’s the perfect combination of the typical spring colors we all love, while staying true to the edgier look of gothic nail art with the skull design on one nail. We’re also in love with the glowing gothic nail design. This season there’s been a lot of glow in the dark fashion, those nails are a fun way to add the trend into your nails! Not to mention, if you have glow in the dark nails you will be the talk of the night at any party you attend on the weekend. What a statement!

While a lot of the gothic nail art designs are featured in long, stiletto shaped nails any nail length or shape can be used to recreate some of these looks. Even if you don’t have a lot of nail to work with, use your favorite designs as inspiration for your own unique take on the look. Play around with different textures and colors to embody the gothic look on your nails. Most importantly – make sure you’re having fun with it!