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Gold Glitter Nails

Glitter, glitter, glitter! Who doesn’t love a pretty glitter nail design? We don’t know anyone. Gold glitter is one of those constant trends we see year after year in the nail world. Likely due to the fact that we all keep going back to gold glitter nails time after time and never get tired of it. If you’re a gold glitter nail kind of woman we’ve got you covered today with over 30 gold glitter nail designs to scroll through. Ready to get inspired to wear this go-to nail trend in new ways? Start clicking through our list!

1Army Goes Glam

Typically we think of gold glitter nails as a full glam nail look, which is why we love this earthy twist! Combining army green polish with gold glitter is the perfect juxtaposition that we didn’t know we’d love this much. Gorgeous for any nail length or shape. The gold rhinestones are optional if you want to add even more glam to the look.

2Mixing Glitters

Using just one kind of gold glitter polish is a thing of the past with this nail design. Seriously though, isn’t this so fun?! If you’re anything like us you typically use one glitter per manicure but this is showing us the ropes on combining two different gold glitters in one nail design for a gorgeous result.

3Black, Gold and Clear

Negative space on nails is the latest trend that we’re ALL, all about. You with us on this trend? We though you would because it’s just…so…fun! Leaving part of your nail clear, at the base of the nail, gives even more of a highlighted effect to the gold glitter that’s placed between the black and clear nail colors.

4Matte Blue Glam

Gold glitter polish gets an edgy, yet colorful upgrade with these nails. Selecting one nail to be the pop of gold glitter is such a fun accent to matte blue polish. The boldness of blue polish really plays off of the gold shimmering glitter for an interesting texture mix.

5Pops for Champagne

Hello New Years Eve nails! We can’t get enough of these gold glitter nails with the cutest champagne design. Glitter + champagne = epitome of New Years Eve style. Personally, we appreciate the added style effect of using matte black to accent the gold glitter – it really gives it something extra to the look. Don’t you think?

6Clearly Glamorous Glitter

This is a gold glitter nail design you can rock all year long. Clear-ish nails are a big trend but honestly it’s also just a great option for women who want their nails to be on the more conservative side. When you need to keep it neutral but still want that little dose of glam (really, when don’t we all want a little glam though?), adding gold glitter to 1-2 nails is so pretty. Keep it simple with solid gold glitter or mix in some iridescent flecks like they did on these beauties.

7Full on Glitz

If glam nails are you jam – this is the essence of your heart! Why overcomplicate things when you just want to embrace the gold glitter polish to its fullest? The key to getting a packed on glitter look like this is to start with a solid base on the nails. You can even try using loose glitter mixed with a nail polish to fill in any blank spaces.

8Golden Royals

We’re head over heels for this beautiful purple nail color. It’s perfection for the fall and winter season, and such a great alternative to the classic black polish we all tend to lean on this time of year. Allow the deep purple hue to shine in all its glory with just a subtle ombre touch of gold glitter added to a few of the nails.

9Falling for Gold Glitter

Brown and burnt orange have been nail colors we’ve noticed tend to get neglected and we’re not sure why because they’re so stunning for the fall season. They’re the essence of the fall! Combine them for the perfect fall nail look. We have to say we think it’s the gold glitter touches here that really bring the entire look together with ease.

10Neutral with Gold

Neutral nails have become one of our personal favorites around here because the nude nail color makes for such an easy foundation to build upon. This gold glitter nail design is a great example of how starting with a nude polish is anything but simple and boring when you add classic touches like gold glitter and black polish to the base.

11Glitter Dipped Tips

French manicure goes glam?! We’re officially in love! Completely transform the French manicure design by replacing white tips for gold glitter. Who knew such an easy swap could make for such a different aesthetic?! Great option for those holiday parties that are just around the corner!

12Ultimate Gold Glamour

Holographic polish burst onto the nail scene recently and we’re definitely not complaining about it. What’s not to love about an iridescent finish on your nails anyways?! We really can’t think of anything. While the holographic trend is a standout alone, we absolutely love how these nails are elevated even more with a gold glitter nail thrown into the mix. Full on glam done right!

13Gold Texture Mix

Mixing different nail textures together is the new way to create a personalized nail design. These gold glitter nails show us how to mix nail textures the right way. Keep each nail simple in itself with a classic nail shape/length. Matte black, gold chrome and gold glitter and absolute perfection together.

14Fading Glitter

Keep it simple, easy, and fully glamorous with nails like this. Ombre nails aren’t new but leaving the base of the nail clear instead of painting with a polish IS on trend. A clear nail base is such a modern twist to the ombre gold glitter. Another great holiday manicure idea!

15Freshly Placed Glitter

This is giving us major nail goals! You, too?! Pearl white and very pale pink is a stunning, feminine twist to add to gold glitter polish. Applying gold glitter to the base of the nails is a different take on using glitter polish on the nails. We love this!

16Golden Stars

Gold STAR glitter – yes please! Keeping a couple of nails clear and strategically placing gold star glitter pieces on top is the perfect complement to solid gold glitter nails. If stars aren’t really your thing but you want to recreate something similar you can swap the stars out for another shape.

17Striped in Gold

Give stripes nails a whole different meaning with the use of gold glitter! To DIY this design at home start with the gold glitter polish all over the nails (seriously…just trust us). Once the glitter polish is dried tape of sections of the nail where you want the stripes placed and then paint black polish over the tape – this will give you the look of glitter peeking behind the black polish.

18Gold Polish Elevated

These gold glitter nails are giving us modern French manicure mixed with ombre vibes and we’re definitely here for it all. Another great example of mixing different sizes of gold glitter polish in one overall design. We really love the use of gold metallic stripes to a couple of the nails, it adds some edge to the super glamorous nails.

19Centered with Glitter

Didn’t we tell you mixing nail textures is chic?! Matte black polish is such a gorgeous choice for the fall and winter. It’s edgy, classic and trendy. Bring some additional texture to the super matte nail foundation by painting gold glitter to the center of the nails in a triangle shape. Placing it down the center creates an elongated effect to the nails.

20Designed in Gold

For our ladies who want an all-out glam nail look – this is for you! There is something so fun and unique about implementing a different design using classic nail colors and gold glitter that we can’t get enough of. All you need to do is choose a unique design for each nail using the cohesive color scheme and you can get creative.

21Modern Embellishments

We’re all about adding gold glitter to clear(ish) nails for a fun twist. Keep the gold glitter fairly simple with a solid gold glitter nail to compliment clear nails. What really brings the look together to create a completed look is the addition of simple gold embellishments applied to the clear nails.

22Shine Bright Like a Star

HELLO – how stunning are these gold glitter nails?! We’re truly obsessed with these. Booking our nail appointment as we speak. Neutral nails get a major elevated design with gold glitter painted on in the shape of stars to one accent nail. Use a stencil to get those perfectly shaped stars!

23Holly Glam

With the holidays just around the corner we couldn’t resist including a holiday themed nail design. Gold glitter is definitely a go-to during the Christmas season. It’s glitzy, glam and just plain pretty. Not to mention it’s a great base to use for a simple design like holly painted onto the nails. Keep it easy with just one holly, or add the design to a couple of your nails.

24Pops of Pink

Want a pop of color added to your nails? This design is a great option to recreate. Hot pink is a classic color choice but even though it’s a classic nail color it feels anything but basic when combined with gold glitter like this.

25Glitzy Leopard

Leopard print is on trend in the fashion world this year, in case you haven’t noticed. Take a stroll through a clothing store and you’ll quickly see the trend. We love taking inspiration from fashion to apply to nails, just like these leopard print nails. It’s always a winning print and looks incredible paired with gold glitter.

26Chocolate Glamour

When we stumbled about these chocolate vibe nails we couldn’t get enough. This deep, warm brown tone is pretty unexpected but works wonders worn with a gold glitter accent. There’s something velvety about this particular chocolate brown color that really highlights glitter.

27Matte White with Shimmer

We’ve shown you a few matte black nail designs to pair with gold glitter, if black isn’t really your favorite color or you just want a light/fresh take matte white is the perfect alternative. White has a way of making any nail design feel light and fresh, gold glitter is no different.

28Holiday Inspired

You already know we couldn’t resist giving you another holiday themed nail design. We’re talking about gold glitter nails after all! This is such a unique way to incorporate glitter onto nails. Of course the color scheme screams Christmas time but it’s also the use of these large glitter pieces that gives this design a disco ball type of vibe that is SO fun.

29Muted Toned Glitz

You’ve seen bright and bold nail colors worn with gold glitter but we’re going to bet you haven’t seen a lot of muted tone nail colors worn with glitter like this. It’s a completely different look than the typical gold glitter nails we’ve seen (and even shown you) but we absolutely adore it.

30Subtle in Gold

Another ‘muted’ tone nail design to rock with gold glitter polish in a stunning manner. These nails are so pretty because it provides almost a monochromatic type of aesthetic with this shiny beige polish combined with gold glitter.

31Marbled with Gold

Add depth and style to peachy/nude polish with these beauties. The color itself is pretty neutral and subtle, making it an easy foundation to build off of to create a completely unique design. We love how they added a marble, or almost swirled, effect with white polish onto one nail to play off of the edgy shine of gold glitter.

32Chicly Painted

See a theme here? Since neutral color nails are such a major trend in the nail world right now we really wanted to show you how to combine the color trend with gold glitter in multiple ways. You really can have the best of both worlds. This design proves you can rock a super neutral nail color with gold glitter with ease. Great for any nail length or shape!

33Loving Glitter

Whether it’s valentine’s day or not, we can all use a little extra love in our lives. Red + heart shapes = the essence of love. We’re pretty sure you would agree with that. Red and gold are always a beautiful combination and this design is certainly no different.

34Red Hot Glam

We couldn’t resist another red and gold nail design. This manicure is so cute for Christmas or Valentine’s day when you just want a little touch of holiday spirit applied to your nails. Not to mention, this is a super simple look to recreate. Just start with a red nail base color and complete with gold glitter applied to the tips of nails, fading towards the base.

35Modern Glitter Design

These nails are pretty similar to the slide before but instead of getting that pop of red it’s getting a modern twist with clear space. This clear – gold glitter design is fresh and trendy making it the perfect option for when you want just a touch of glitter on your nails.

36Glitter Metallics

37Geometric Gold

38Easy Color Combinations

39Glitter French Mani

40Zebra Glam Stripes