taupe shades accented with glam

Taupe Nails

Are you a neutral nail kind of woman? We’re with you! Neutral nails look great all year long. We’ve noticed a lot of women feel like neutral nails, specifically taupe nails, are limiting and boring style wise. Since hearing this feedback we set out to show you how to rock a taupe nail in a variety of different ways to give you a little style boost while sticking to your beloved neutral nail tone. Sound too good to be true? We’ve stumbled across some stunning taupe nails that we’re pretty sure you’re going to fall in love with as you soon as you start scrolling through.

1Aztec Inspired Neutral

Solid taupe nails get some edge when they’re topped off with a matte finish. The color and matte finish alone make for pretty nails, but they’re transformed with these Aztec inspired embellishment. Gluing tiny triangular shaped embellishments onto an accent nail is pretty easy to do (all you need is the embellishment and glue!) but as you can see really changes the look of nails.

2Black and Taupe Striping

Want to add a dark twist to a light taupe nail color? Black is a winning choice! We love the simplicity of these taupe nails as they’re painted next to contrasting black nails. Adding black striping to one of the taupe nails creates the perfect touch of cohesiveness to the design.

3Knotted in Taupe

These nails prove to us that taupe is a great foundation color for a colorful design! We don’t often think of taupe as a foundation color but the neutral tone makes it a great choice. Give your taupe nails a playful feel with bows and polka dots painted in fun colors.

4Striped Taupe Edge

Add edge and texture to taupe nails with a design like this. Start by painting your nails in a taupe color. Once the polish dries apply a matte finishing polish over the taupe. After that dries and you’re left with a gorgeous matte taupe polish, complete the look with a simple chrome stripe applied down the center of the nails. Use a nail decal sticker OR polish to get the striping.

5Taupe Chevron Design

Chevron was a really popular pattern in fashion and nails a while back. Using taupe as the base color brings this classic pattern into the world today with a modern take. We love the way they made this a monochromatic design using taupe and silver glitter.

6Matte Taupe Elevated

There really is something about matte taupe nails that take the cake. Don’t you think? Matte finishing on nails is an easy way to transform just about any nail color, taupe included. Add texture contrast with silver chrome painted in a half circle to the base of each nail. SO edgy!

7Chromed with Taupe Glam

Monochromatic nails for the win! We love that monochrome is a big trend in nails right now, it’s so fun to see how people are implementing the trend in their own way. Using taupe as the base color for this design, it’s the perfect complement to the chrome polish used. Chrome adds sharpness to taupe polish that gives it a completely different look.

8Taupe Touched with Cobalt

For many of us when we think about taupe nails we tend to stick to pairing the color with other neutrals like black and white. These taupe nails show us how to add a pop of color to taupe nails with ease! Applying cobalt blue metallic touches to a couple of accent nails give taupe a colorful take.

9Taupe Sprinkled Style

Glitter can make any nail color look glamorous and trendy. That’s why glitter is a trend that keeps on trending! Give taupe nails a French manicure-like aesthetic using colorful glitter at the ends of the nails. We love how the glitter gets a slide faded effect as it’s brought down towards the base of the nails.

10Striped Neutral Style

How stunning are these taupe nails!? It’s incredible to see how using only neutral nail polish colors can be so unique, even when it’s a rather simplistic design. Diagonal stripes are pretty easy to recreate using tape to section off the areas. Using taupe, a lighter shade of taupe, white and gold glitter looks beautiful here.

11Feathering Taupe

It’s been a while since we have seen feathers implemented into a nail design, and we adore this! Using taupe nail polish as the foundation for the feather design allows the colors used in the feather to stand out. The feathers are fun on their own, but we never argue about the addition of a few strategically placed rhinestones.

12Glamourous in Taupe

Hello glam! Taupe is the perfect neutral nail color for any woman. It’s great because of its simplicity and versatility. If you want a nail design that’s neutral with just a hint of glamour, this is for you. Painting silver glitter onto a couple of nails, just on the tips of the nails, gives you that glam touch easily.

13Metallic Taupe

Another example of how you can make taupe nails feel more glam, this time using gold chrome AND glitter. Painting a stripe across each nail, not quite half way down the nail, gives a similar look to what we get in a French manicure but with a modern appeal. You can keep it simple with just the chrome stripe or give taupe even more glam with glitter.

14Embellishing Taupe

You know we can’t resist glitter, glamourous nail designs! Especially when they’re created using taupe polish as the base color for the look. Play off of the neutral feel of taupe by painting an accent nail in solid gold glitter polish. Gold and taupe look stunning together – as you can see!

15Gold Foiling Taupe

Like any other nail polish color, there are various tones and shades of taupe available. We love the grey undertone of this taupe nail polish. It’s a great color on its own, but we can’t get over how the color gets the perfect contrast with gold metallic. You can apply a gold metallic polish in just about any design you like to get a similar look.

16Subtle Holographic

We’ve all seen holographic polish all over the place in the nail world right now. It’s a big trend. Most of the holographic polishes we’ve seen are in the very dramatic tone which is why we fell in love with this taupe take on the trend. Taupe is the base of this holographic polish, making it perfect for the woman who wants neutral polish with a hint of that iridescence.

17Lace Designed in Taupe

Painting nails in solid, contrasting tones is a trend we’ve seen a lot of this year. Keep the trend neutral using different shades of taupe! It looks stunning combined like this. Leave the nails solid if you want something easy. Give nails a lace-like feel with a white design painted over one of the nails for even more interest.

18Fierce with Taupe

Leopard print has a way of making it to a lot of nail trends. Another trend that keeps itself trending year after year. Give leopard print a neutral feel using taupe polish as the base color for the print. We really love the way they painted the leopard print over taupe using a brown iridescent polish for added dimension.

19Louis Nail Look

Designer loving ladies these taupe nails were made for you! The classic Louis Vuitton fabric is in this taupe and brown color, making it the perfect logo to incorporate into taupe nails. The use of taupe throughout these nails allows the logos and embellishments to really pop.

20Textured Taupe

These taupe nails are perfect for the at-home nail designer! All you need is a great shade of taupe nail polish and a silver glitter polish to recreate this very look. Easy but full of major style. Just make sure you’ve filed your nails and cleaned up the cuticle area to get a streamlined finish.

21Accented Pinky Nail

So often we see accent nails painted onto the ring finger of each hand. It’s been a look that’s been utilized for quite a few years. But just because that’s been a trend doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up and make one of your other nails the accent! Try using your pinky nail as the accent by painting it in glitter to complement matte taupe nails. So fun!

22Chroming Taupe

Chrome polish gets a neutral contrast with taupe polish. Aren’t these nails so pretty? We adore the minimalism of this look. Gold chrome adds a shiny texture to play off of the taupe color. The way they’ve applied chrome over taupe in a diagonal shape gives the look some sharpness.

23Modern Metallic Taupe

Have you gathered that metallic is a great addition to taupe nails yet?! These taupe nails get dimension and edge with metallic stripes applied to them. Instead of keeping it so symmetrical, apply metallic stripes in different places and patterns.

24Taupe with Neon

You probably didn’t expect to see NEON paired with taupe, did you?! We certainly didn’t expect to love this color combination as much as we do. Since taupe is such a gorgeous neutral hue, pairing it with neon is a totally different look. If you’ve been interested in trying the neon trend but don’t want a FULL neon look – this is a great way to tone down the brightness of neon.

25Spotted Taupe

Black is one of those nail colors that you can apply to just about any nail design and color and trust that it will look great. Taupe is no exception to this, as you probably already knew. We adore the way this design brought both colors together so seamlessly with polka dot lines painted onto each nail in the opposing shade.

26Quilted with Taupe

How pretty are these taupe nails?! They’re feminine, chic and sophisticated. Everything a woman wants from her nails. Creating an intended design like this allows you to establish a design in your nails without using any other nail colors. The quilted design gets the completed feel with glitter pieces glued to the corners.

27Shades of Taupe

It’s all about combining shades of the same color! Fortunately, this trend is making it even easier to recreate at home because all you’re doing is painting solid colors onto your nails. Talk about a win! Elevate the design to make it feel a little more special and unique by placing a few rhinestones onto an accent nail.

28Splitting Styles

This design is subtle but so beautiful. We can’t get over how a minimal design like this can add so much visual interest to nails using just one nail color. All you need to do is apply two different finishes to each half of the nails. SO easy!

29Burgundy Accent

Burgundy is such a gorgeous color when paired with taupe. This color combo is the perfect way to transition a light shade of taupe polish into the fall and winter to make it feel more appropriate for the cold weather season. The gold glitter addition is optional – but let’s face it, we all love a little touch of glitter.

30Glitter Accent Design

We’re all about that accent nail design. Allow taupe polish to do its thing as a gorgeous base color for a unique nail design. Using black polish and copper glitter on an accent nail is a great way to add some edgy glam to neutral taupe polish. Use stencils to get a detailed design like this on your nail!

31Taupe Tipped

These taupe nails are minimal glam at its finest. Proof that you don’t need a lot of extreme designs or details to achieve nails that are pretty and glamorous. Painting your nails with the taupe shade of your choice and completing it by applying glitter to the very ends of your nails.

32Iridescently Taupe

We showed you a subtle iridescent look a few slides back. But if you want to really go all out with the holographic nail polish trend this may be more your speed. Paint one nail as the accent in the traditional holographic polish. This allows it to really pop when it’s next to solid taupe nails.

33Marbling Neutrally

Who says you have to choose one nail design per manicure? You’ll never catch us saying that, that’s for sure! Play off of solid taupe nails by mixing in marble and metallic details. It gives you a neutral manicure in a whole new vibe.

34Contrasting Shades

Contrasting shades AND textures is going to be a chic way to give taupe nails new life. No matter what length your nails are you can create a similar design using just two shades of taupe. Mix in some matte finish and silver glitter and you’ll be making all of your friends envious of your nails.

35Love Ombre Shades

Oh yes, taupe ombre is a thing! Ok, ok ombre is a thing in just about every color. Just don’t forget to try it using shades of taupe for a lighter take on the design. Add some extra love to your nails with hearts painted over the taupe ombre. The overlapping design of the hearts makes even more special, in our eyes.

36Lightly Ombre

37Glam Taupe Colors

38Turquoise + Taupe

39Tickled in Taupe

40White Striped With Taupe