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Stunning Gold Nail Designs

Gold will always represent elegance and luxury, and with these gold nail designs, you will surely create eye-catching, exquisite manicures! From black and gold nails to pink or rose gold nails, We’ve collected the 35 most gorgeous nail art designs, including new techniques and surprising details.

1Nude and Gold

We are starting off our list with a classic, minimalist nail art with nude base polish and thin, golden French tips instead of the regular white tips. This look is perfect if you are looking for something sophisticated yet luxurious.

2Metallic Gold

For a white, peach or royal blue summer dress, this all-gold, metallic nail design si the absolute perfect choice! Although it’s surprising and eye-catching, it’s not too over the top and doesn’t have any detailing.

3Reflective Gold Nails

Take the regular metallic nails to the next level with a gold foil nail art! This is definitely a more brave choice, and it will look amazing with small gold midi rings or a hand harness.

4White and Gold Nails Detailing

White base polish is beautiful together with any metallic detailing, whether it’s gold, bronze, silver or rose gold. This look features a gorgeous, gold Lotus sticker, which will be a huge trend this season!

5Dripping in Gold

This matte beige nail art is the perfect neutral base for all the dripping gold pattern and the clear and gold crystals. If you are not a fan of the coffin design, you can do the same nail art with almond or round shaped nails as well, just make sure to focus the dripping gold polish at the bottom of your nails instead of the tips.

6Nude and Gold Chunky Glitter Nails

This square shaped, nude and gold nail design looks great with the chunky, golden glitter pieces, and because of the placement of the glitters, it almost creates an ombré effect. To recreate this nail art, use a clean brush for the messy placing of the glitters, and apply a clear top coat to keep everything in place.

7Gold & Taupe Nails

Although there are lots of gold glitters and crystals, the matte, taupe base nail polish keeps this look sophisticated and feminine.

8Black and Gold Nails

If the contrast of black and gold wasn’t enough already, this balck and gold nail art also plays with the difference between matte and metallic textures. For this nail art, use a gold nail foil instead of a gold polish to get that reflective finish.

9Golden Textures

Another nail design that plays with different textures, but instead of black and gold, this focuses on chunky glitter and smooth metallic gold polishes. You can make this even more interesting by adding a golden foil pattern and keeping one of your nails nude.

10Baroque Gold

What can make maroon, gold, and black even more special? A hint of gold and crystals! This nail art reminds us of a beautiful, baroque painting with the tiny crystals and gold detailing.

11Golden Mermaid

Feeling inspired by The Little Mermaid? Take an edgy, sultry twist on it by switching the green and purple shades to black and gold!

12Gold Glitters

Because of the all-gold glitters, this is definitely a louder and eye-catching nail art, but with the white, crossed detailing, it is perfect for special occasions and with monochrome dresses.

13Gold Daisy

This girly manicure is definitely inspired by the iconic Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume bottle with the white and gold daisy pattern, and with the „Mrs.” and heart shape, it is also a great choice for a wedding.

14Glitter Party

With the reflective glitter pieces, it is the perfect New Year’s Eve or birthday party gold glitter manicure!

15Geometric Gold

To recreate this look, apply a matte black base polish. Once it dries down, use gold foil pieces and place them to your nails. Leave little spaces around them so the black polish can „frame” the gold pieces and create a geometric, broken gold mirror effect.

16Midnight Gold

Gold and royal blue together creates an exquisite nail design that can be mixed and matched with endless shades from simple nude and beige to deep burgundy and emerald.

17Mix & Match

This manicure probably features every current manicure trend from the gold flakes to the marble pattern and rose gold geometric print, and it looks absolutely amazing together! If you’d like to tone down this nail art, use a simple nude polish instead of the marble print or switch either to an all-gold or all-rose gold detailing.

18Turquoise and Gold Nails

Another special marble manicure that uses vibrant turquoise and gold to fill in the cracks. We really like the small, round shaped nails with this design as well, but for a more extravagant manicure, switch to coffin nails.

19Grunge Fantasy Balck and Gold Nails

The lips dripping with gold, the gold studs with the gold sparkles…and if you thought this look couldn’t get any cooler, take a look at the matte black base nail polish that pulls the whole manicure together!

20Olive and Gold Nails

Because of the tribal print, the mix of olive, gold and black and the heavy gold detailing is not too much at all – and it will instantly spice up a simple outfit!

21Pink and Gold Nails

If you want to have fun with gold, check out this neon pink, graffiti-inspired nail art! The roses, the geometric diamonds, the hearts mixed with the Barbie pink and gold is just the right amount of crazy.

22Rapunzel Purple Pink and Gold Nails

This summer, purple will be one of the most popular nail polish shades: Besides being a versatile and girly color, it goes really well with gold as well, whether you decide to add metallic gold shapes or glitter to your nail art…or both.

23Maroon and Gold Nails

With the glossy maroon nail polish and the metallic gold tips, these maroon and gold nails remind us of the classic Christmas color combination. If you want to rock this manicure for summer, add a pop of floral pattern or stripes to this nail art!

24Pink Nude and Gold Nails

Everything about this look is so cute and soft! From the iridescent pink glitters to the baby pink polish and gold geometric detailing, this is the absolute pink princess manicure.

25Silver and Gold Ombré

Want to take the glitter style to a whole new level? Choose a long shaped manicure (such as coffin or almond nails) and create a white-silver-gold ombré nail art using glitter polishes. When applying glitter to the sponge, make sure you are patient and avoid fallouts by using a toothpick. Once your manicure is ready, wait for it to dry and apply a clear coat on top.

26Golden Wonderland

Although gold is not the focus point of this manicure, we couldn’t leave it out from our list. Once you take a closer look at the reflective, multicolored polish and discover all the different shades of burgundy to green and gold, you will become a fan of this polish as well.

27Rose Gold Nails

A completely different take on rose is to use a pink, rose gold nail polish and mix it with silver or pink glitters to emphasize its cool undertone.

28Golden Universe

We are all used to galaxy nail art, makeup inspiration and outfits by now, so it’s time to have a different take on the “universe” theme, and this nail art does it beautifully by mixing blue and gold together. If you look at the details, you can also notice the “starry sky” under the golden patterns, which was achieved by a shimmery, clear white nail polish.

29Golden Seashells

Golden seashells and tiny beads look beautiful on top of a mix of pastel yellow, baby blue, and pink! Although it looks complicated, you can easily recreate it with a high-quality nail art glue and little nail art décors.

30Sky Full Of Stars

This is an easily variable nail art: if you want to keep it girly, use a baby pink or mint nail polish as a base, but if you want the stars to pop more, we recommend a dark green or blue polish. Instead of painting the stars on one by one, search for gold star nail stickers for faster and more precise application.

31Splash of Colors

This gold manicure was too cute not to include in our list! The matte white base with the splash of colors and the gold unicorn is super easy to recreate at home, and it’s a creative festival or summer nail art look. To create these messy splashes of nail polish, use a thin brush and smudge out polka dot patterns carefully. If it gets too messy, clean up the edges with a toothpick or a Q-tip.

32Gold Leopard Nails

Instead of the brown and beige leopard print, this manicure plays with a hint of gold both in the leopard print and on the edges of the manicure.

33Beauty and the Beast

Yellow gold and dark blue, especially with this romantic pattern symbolize the classic Disney fairytale beautifully.

34Peach and Gold Nails

Because they belong to the same color palette, peach and white compliment golden details and keep the focus on it. There are endless ways you can play with these shades, such as adding stripes, crystals or gold glitters to the manicure.

35White and Gold Nails with Chains

If you want something really different, you will love the idea of adding a tiny golden chain to your ring finger! The trick with this is to find the tiniest gold chain that will stick well to your nails.

36Gold Fall Nails

What a stunning design for the fall season! This gold-copper lor and leaves go so well with the grey background!

37Glitter hearts

Sometimes all you need is just a touch og gold to revamp your nails! This light pink nail ad olden nail art is so elegant and chic!

38Gold and White Acrylic Nails

39Gold Foil Nail Design

40Peach and Gold Summer Nails