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Nail Jewel Designs

Adding jewels to your nails = major nail moment. Seriously though, we can’t get enough of nail jewels. They can completely transform a subtle, neutral nail color and turn it into something incredibly chic glam. Of course, you can also go all out and use them to create the ultimate over the top manicure. Whatever your personal style, you can use nail jewels to enhance your nails. This year it’s really all about the embellishments on nails. We’ve found some really fun nail jewel designs we think you’re going to fall in love with so start scrolling!

1Jeweled Neutral

Aren’t these jeweled nails so chic?! This is such a gorgeous example of how you can add just a few nail jewels to a neutral nail to completely change the aesthetic. We really love that they kept the nail jewel design minimal with 3 small rhinestone jewels placed in a line onto just one accent nail.

2Grey Edged with Jewels

Coffin shaped nails are a perfect match with nail jewels. Matte grey polish is anything but basic with the gold nail jewels added in edgy designs. Add even more glam to the design with gold glitter polish. This is such a fun design!

3Sky Blue Glam

Light blue nails go glam! Solid pale blue nail color is a stunning base shade for an over the top rhinestone design. Combining different color and shape jewels, as shown, really adds to the shape and look of this diagonal line of stones.

4White + Blue Jewel

Add a pop of color to your white nails by rotating white polish with light blue polish. This combination is a major nail win in our eyes – perfect for the spring and summer! Add some cohesiveness to the rotating colors with nail jewels applied to each nail.

5Matte Brown Tone Shine

We don’t know about you but we absolutely love matte nail polish designs. Adding a matte finish to any nail color gives it a whole different look. Create gorgeous dimension and texture to neutral matte nails with iridescent nail jewels! The juxtaposition we all didn’t know we’d love so much.

6Colorful Jewel Design

Do you have short nails? This nail jewel design is perfect for you! Fortunately, no matter what length your nails are you can find a way to add nail jewels for a fun design. We’re in love with this reverse French manicure type of look done with various nail jewels.

7Major Jewel Moment

Talk about a major nail moment! Right? Gold chrome polish paired with intricate nail jewels are the elements that add so much glam to this design. Because they’re such statements, keeping the nails neutral and matte are the perfect pairing.

8Cobalt Jewels

Add a POP of color and glam to coffin shaped nails. Cobalt blue is a color we’ve seen quite a bit lately and we’re here for it because, well…hello it’s a gorgeous color! Iridescent and blue nail jewels are a great compliment to white and cobalt blue nail lacquer.

9Iridescent Jewel Designs

Iridescent realness! Pink and purple nail colors are often thought of as feminine or girly, the way the colors have been utilized in this nail design really changes that aesthetic. The stiletto shape combined with nail jewels and a touch of negative space adds an edgy modern feel.

10Neutral Nails with a Pop

For all our nude nail color loving ladies, these nails are a stylish way to add a pop of color to your go-to nude polish. We love how subtle the nail lacquer base is on these nails. Applying pink and green nail jewels to a couple of nails in unique designs gives nude polish new life.

11Delicate Jewel Nails

How pretty are these delicately designed nails? Nude polish adds that soft, delicate feel to nail jewels. Gluing small rhinestones to the center, base of each nail keeps that dainty feel consistent.

12Mermaid Designed with Jewels

Ombre colors + nail jewels + glitter = jaw dropping manicure. What can we say about these nail?! The combination of black, nude and mermaid colors are unexpected but work so well. Applying nail jewels throughout the design add even more depth.

13Navy Metallic Tones

Classic colors…combined! Matte navy looks incredible as an accent nail color with nude and gold glitter. The dark navy gives a splash of color and darkness to the overall design. We’re in love!

14Jeweled Iridescence

Another stunning nail jewel design for short nails. We told you short nails isn’t limiting! Nude polish gets a major upgrade with iridescent ombre applied to each nail. More than that, we love how the iridescent polish compliments the nail jewels applied to one of the nails.

15Clear Acrylics Jeweled

These nearly see-through coffin acrylics are a major trend right now. We’re sure you’ve noticed. Make yours unique (and glam) with nail jewels! Applying jewels all over really elevates the style.

16Iridescent Stones with Edge

These nails are giving us all the edgy feels. Matte black polish will always (in our opinion) be the go-to nail color for an edgy design. Applying iridescent rhinestones in fun designs to a couple of nails adds the perfect juxtaposition to the dark edge.

17Matte Nude Goes Glam

If matte black isn’t really your style, you can always go for something lighter like matte nude polish. Similar to the juxtaposition matte black and rhinestones had in the previous picture, matte nude gives the same type of vibe but with a lighter feel.

18Golden Jewels Meets Olive Green

We don’t know about you but we don’t remember the last time we applied dark green polish to our nails. This nail design has us wondering why! How stunning are these nails? Dark green looks incredible paired with white and gold rhinestones.

19Vintage Inspired Pink

This manicure is giving us vintage vibes. Think outside the box with the types of nail jewels you use in your designs. Because they used a yellow/gold toned nail jewel it lends to that vintage feel that looks so stunning next to nude nail color.

20Minted in Jewels

Oh, hey minty nails! Another color we don’t often lean on – but this manicure is proving to us all we need to think outside the box and try some of these different colors. Mint green is absolutely gorgeous for the spring and summer season.

21Rainbow Jewels

It’s all in the details! Keep your nails really subtle with a nearly clear color. This allows the nail jewels to really shine in all their glory. We love that they combined different color rhinestones for a rainbow take on nail jewels.

22Neon Glamour

We wanted to give you some summer nail inspiration, in preparation for the warm weather! Neon nails is a winning choice for the summer. Add some glam, unexpected touches to neon nails with rhinestones and glitter.

23Hot Pink Rhinestones

If true neon isn’t really your thing, hot pink is another gorgeous option for the warm weather months. Let’s face it – pink nails are always a good choice. Pink gets different life with this manicure, combining matte finish with ombre and iridescent rhinestones.

24French Ombre Embellished

French ombre is the new French tip manicure – hello modern update. Take this modern design through yet another upgrade by using nail jewels. This design goes the glam route with all these rhinestones.

25Jeweled with Pink and Purple

Pink and purple haven’t looked like THIS before – and we’re definitely not mad about it. These nails are simply amazing. Proof you can use all your creative juices to create a manicure that’s unlike anything else. Don’t be afraid to combine different textures, colors and embellishments.

26Pale Pink Accented Jewels

Sometimes less is more. Pale pink polish looks absolutely beautiful with this almond shaped nail. Adding an accent nail in black polish creates a bit of dimension to the light pink color. The colors are tied together with pink rhinestones!

27Striped Jewel Bow

If you love pink nails you probably love this manicure. Bright pink polish gets a fun twist with an accent nail in unexpected colors. Black and white stripes isn’t a combination we would normally expect with bright pink – but we’ll start thinking of it from now on.

28Jewels Placed Chicly

Coffin nude nails need a stylish update? Nail jewels are the way to get that update. Apply the jewels in different places on each nail for added design to the neutral nail color.

29Jewel Accent Pink Ombre

We mentioned French ombre is the NEW French manicure, well that French ombre design can be adapted with a true pink polish for a colorful twist. Give the ombre even more design and style with rhinestones glued onto (at least) one of the nails.

30Pearlized with Jewels

Ok – how incredible are these nail jewel designed nails?! Nail jewels aren’t only rhinestones, as you can see with this manicure. Try pearls other fun nail jewels to create a different feel when applying embellishments to your nails.

31Royal Inspired

How beautiful is royal purple polish paired with black? The dark tones flow together so seamlessly. It adds a touch of color to dark nails that really plays well with iridescent rhinestones.

32Lilac Glam

Spring is right around the corner – and this is the perfect manicure to embrace for the season. Pastel toned purple feels so fresh and modern with glitter and rhinestones added into the design.

33Pastel Rainbow

No need to choose just one color anymore! The rainbow trend is maintaining popularity this year which means you can paint each nail a different pastel tone – springtime perfection. Add some fun rhinestones to each nail to have even more fun.

34Sharpened with Jewels

Have you gathered that nude polish is a great base for fun nail jewel designs? This is another stunning example of how nude polish is completely transformed with the use of iridescent rhinestones in over the top placement.

35Stiletto Iridescence

Stiletto nails + rhinestones = glam nails done right. The shape of stiletto nails gives this looks some additional edginess that’s unique with a soft pink nail color like this.

36Taupe Textures

37Clearly Glam

38White Jewels Placed

39Silver Stones

40Turquoise Glamour