gray nails

Gray Nail Designs

It seems that gray nail varnish never fails to disappoint. Even though this color is often being associated with something gloomy and dark, it will make your nails look so chic and stunning.  You can replace your usual nude and pink shades with gray ones, thus bringing a dash of freshness and sophistication to your nails. Check out our suggestions for achieving trendy nail looks the following season.

1Simplicity at Its Finest!

The glossy gray with a purple undertone is a perfect choice for this season. We think that this nail design is ideal for businesswomen who don’t have enough time but still want to be trendy. It is easily combinable, and it looks good on both, long and short nails. To get this look, try JINSOON nail polish in shade Auspicious.

2Winter Wonderland

This beautifully romantic design is ideal for a wintery mood. In this look, gray and white varnishes are intertwined to create winter magic. Also, the matte effect is added to give the nails a bit of texture.

3Color Coded

It is not the secret that gray and lilac work together beautifully. Here we present such a plain yet so eye-catching nail design. It is so fun and easy to recreate the look from the photo, that will go perfectly with almond shaped nails.

4Marble Matte

Marble looks great in any color you can imagine, and gray and white is a safe combo. But if you want to achieve a chic look, we suggest adding matte topcoat on your marble nail art. You can very easily combine these nails with any outfit imaginable.

5Bold Elegance

These nails are elegant and subtle, and at the same time bold and impressive. The technique of foils on your nails, will for sure put you in the center of attention wherever you go. Here we opted for pastel shades of gray and pink, and combined them with gold foils on a white base. Aren’t these just breathtaking?

6Gray Glam

Matte nails are so popular in the beauty world these days. And as you might have noticed our obsession with the matte effect is real. This stunning look features gray matte nails embellished with rhinestones. You can accentuate this look by applying gorgeous purple and green glitters on the pinkie finger.

7Winter Ombre

Another nail look that is perfect for winter months. It may seem that this design is effortless, but in fact, it’s so intricate that only the best salons could recreate it. Use glittery gray and white nail polish to create an ombre effect. When that dries up, apply black nail polish by using thinner brushes to create a branch effect on your nails.

8Glittery Gray and Geometric White

The combination of light gray, white and silver on your nails can make you look pretty elegant and chick. This design, featuring both glitter and geometrical shapes, might be an ideal solution if you want to add a bit of edginess to your nails.

9Marble Nails Topped With Crystals  

The glossy marble base with 3D elements creates the combo that could be found all over Instagram these days. For all of you bold girls, these babies could be a perfect inspiration for the next manicure.

10Slate Gray and Pollen Yellow

How do you feel about slate gray and pollen yellow on your nails? It’s a combination you didn’t think of for sure. But in fact, these two shades work perfectly together. We have added a matte top coat to make this nail design even more compelling.

11 Black’n’Gray

The black rhinestones and patterns on a gray background, really stand out. We instantly fell in love with this elegant yet edgy nail design. Try to recreate the look by using nail stamping plates.

12Matte and Holographic Art

The quickest method to spice up your gray nail look is to add gold holographic foils on the tips of your nails. It doesn’t take much time or effort to do this, and it will for sure bring your nails to life.

13Eye-catching Combo

What are your thoughts on this pink and gray spring design? We love this playful pattern on the top of a gray background. And above all, it is so simple to recreate this look. Along with pink and gray varnish, you will need a thin brush for applying the patterns.

14Moody and Romantic

This design is all you need if you desire to achieve the look of old Hollywood glamour. Dark gray varnish and nail foils could help you get this romantic look. This design is ideal for some special occasion such as cocktail parties or even weddings.

15Matte Nude to Gray Ombre

This design is for sure something that only bold girls would dare to try. The not so simple ombre effect complemented with intricate line work, would be perfect for some stage performance or maybe for some evening occasion

16Gray Geometry

Geometric shapes on your nails can never be a wrong choice. This design is characteristic by sharp lines that divide your nails thus creating (in this case) symmetric shapes. Because of the neutral tones, you can wear this nail design with any outfit. It’s a perfect fall trend.

17Ravishing Look

At first sight, this design might look plain and subtle. However, it is the number one trend on social networks. To recreate this look you need four different shades of gray nail polish, and a bit of precision, that’s all. We will for sure add this design on our wish-list for the following season.

18Leopard Print

As we have mentioned earlier, gay and pink make a perfect combo. And we all know that you can never go wrong with an animal print on your nails. Therefore we spiced up a bit this simple design by applying the animal print on the ring fingernail.

19Taupe Ombre

The ombre effect, as we already wrote about, is for sure trending at the moment. And here we have this pretty minimalistic yet so sophisticated look that is so easy to copy. Adding a couple of silver rings onto your nails will only emphasize the beauty of the design.

20Back to Black

Paring gray nail polish with nude and black is one of the options if you want your nails to pop. For this design, we used different techniques and shades to show that short nails can still look outstanding.

21Gray Base with Purple Shimmer

The shimmer on your nails can add glam to the overall look. To get nails like this, apply light gray varnish and top it with some purple shimmer. It is ideal for long summer nights and parties.

22Gold Foils

Have you ever thought of mixing the two hottest trends of the season – matte and foils? Thus you would get the look that is both, dazzling and one of a kind.  It isn’t that easy to copy this design, so we suggest checking the YouTube for some tutorials.

23Negative Space Nail

We adore this nail design! This negative space completely changed our perception of the look. These almond-shaped nails are a presentation of a perfect mixture of colors and techniques.

24Dark Gray Stiletto

If you are a fan of stiletto nails but don’t like designs that are over the top, neutral color like gray will make your nails look very chic.

25Reverse French Manicure

It seems that classical French manicure became passé. But if you’re a fan of it, do not worry, we have a perfect solution. The classy look from our photo, you can achieve by adding glitter onto the bottom part of your nail. The base we used for this manicure is light gray polish. Did we inspire you to try the look yourself?

26Kylie Jenner Inspired

The combination of royal blue and light gray on your nails will get to an elegant outcome. Accentuate the look by adding green and gray glitter onto the ring fingernail. And, let’s be honest you are never too old for a dash of glitter.

27Dark Gray Chrome

We are sure that you’ve already noticed that Instagram went wild for chrome nails. You can achieve this look by applying mirror powder over the top of dried nail polish.

28Summer Combo

We love the design of these nails; it’s perfect for the spring and summer months. If you are a big fan of subtle and pale shades, you cannot go wrong by choosing this design.

29Minty Green and Gray

We think this color combination is so epic and for sure one that draws attention. However, the accent here is on these gorgeous golden foils rather than on the color combo. This element brought the entire look into a completely different level

30Tropical Mix

And last but by no means least – we have these funky, unique and vivid babies. This nail look reminds us of some sunny and tropical island. The gray and white base topped with gold and black pattern/foils is going to be trending this summer. So give it a try, it won’t be a mistake we assure you.

31Light Grey Nails with Diamonds

This gray color is so subtle it almost looks white. The glitter and added diamonds create an elegant stunning look!