glitter heart nail designs

Heart Nail Designs

Heart shaped anything is always a win in our book, especially when its heart nail designs. It’s easy to get into a rut with your nails, opting for the same manicure color or look time and time again. As you get ready to bring out your spring and summer wardrobe why not get an added dose of style inspiration to use for your next manicure? Hearts have a serious place in our heart, and we’re confident you feel the same which is why we wanted to share some of our favorite heart nail designs we’ve come across online.

1Pink Heart Chic

Most of the time, when we think of hearts we also think of the color pink. Sometimes classics are the way to go. We love that this nail design combines those two classic elements but add a unique twist. Isn’t it adorable?

2Stiletto Shape with a Heart

If you’re a long nail kind of gal this stiletto shaped nail is perfection. Long nails add length to your hands and when the nail is shaped with this strong of a point it adds a certain level of edginess to the overall look.

3French Tip with a Heart Touch

This design is ideal for long nails, so you have enough room for the full design. The black tip is an updated, edgier take on the traditional French tip we all know and love. The gold hearts add a touch of glam.

4Monochromatic Black Hearts

Ok, what’s not to love about this heart design? The monochromatic color scheme is subtle and SO fun. Proof you don’t have to use a lot of colors to have a fun nail design. The different finishes in this design create a subtle contrast that stands out.

5Black Heart Edge

Black manicures are a favorite for many women, mix it up a bit with one nail being left with a neutral base and add a black heart. It breaks up all the black and gives you just enough design. This is an easy one to DIY, too.

6Black and White Hearts

Have you ever seen a black and white manicure so chic? Instead of keeping all nails the same, change up the designs on each finger for a manicure that is art. We love that this particular design combination is done with just black and white, too.

7Matte Flat Heart

An instant way to give you manicure a different feel is by using a matte finish polish. The finish paired with the squared shape of the nails is the perfect balance to the tiny black heart. Even though the heart is pretty small it’s certainly a gorgeous touch.

8Conversation Hearts

These nails were too cute not to share! You can rock these ALL year long, not just around Valentine’s Day. Have fun with different sayings to show off your personality. Making conversation with your nails has never been so easy.

9Undone Hearts

Some designs are better when they aren’t quite so perfect. Like this manicure. The undone feel of the hearts gives the whole manicure a unique personality we love. Use contrasting colors like this dark blue and white to make the heart design really pop.

10Embellished Heart Style

This manicure is every glam girl’s dream. The pointed nail shape adds to a feminine vibe when paired with the pale pink color. Of course the embellished nails highlighting a heart shape really stand out and take this entire manicure up a notch.

11Glitter Heart Stencil

Glitter never gets old with nails. Don’t you think? It’s adds instant glam to your nails. These nails have a touch of color with a slight ombre feel that’s super chic. Of course the stenciled heart makes it even more special.

12Golden Heart

It’s gold baby, solid gold! Heart decals are one of the easiest ways to add design to your manicure. Even if you don’t have a steady hand, or the patience to try, decals can make it happen for you.

13Heartbeat Chic

Add some edginess to your heart design by adding a heartbeat element. Even though hearts are generally thought of as a girly-girl shape you can rock a heart manicure that fits your style.

14Love for Neutrals

15Red and White Heart Stripe

16Animated Hearts

17Ombre Hearts

18Glitter Hearts

19Shades of Pink

20Striped Hearts

21Swirling Hearts

22Heart Tips

23Baby Heart Love

24Love Your Nails

25Pale Pink Classic

26Pink Shades and Glitter Hearts

27Pink and Black Styled Hearts

28Polka Dot Heart

29The Purple Heart

30Rainbow Heart Design

31Red and White Done Right

32Hearts Made Art

33Black Heart Edge

34Rose Gold Love

35Side Hearts

36Long Nail Love

37Neutral Touched in Love

38Purple Hazed Heart

39Extreme Love

40Dainty Heart


Hearts have never looked so chic, right?! There’s a heart manicure for every woman’s style preference from this list. Regardless of the length of your nail or the shape, there’s plenty of different ways you can add a heart to your manicure.

As you probably noticed from some of these designs it’s not always about an extremely elaborate nail design either. Adding a tiny heart to one nail or in a unique position can instantly change the entire look of your nails. Of course, if you love a lot of design on your nails you can definitely incorporate hearts into a unique design that turns your nails into artwork.

Whether you want to make a statement with your heart nail design or just have a little something different that isn’t quite as noticeable – think outside the box! Even though hearts are often associated with pink and red, they look just as great when they’re painted in colors like white, gold and blue just to name a few. Take these pictures into your next manicure to show your nail artist what you want to try next. For the woman who prefers to do her nail art herself, there are a ton of ways you can accomplish these designs at home.

We suggest getting a variety of different stencils, tools, glitter and polishes to make it easy (and fun) to do at home. There are more and more stencils and stickers available to make it SUPER easy to paint hearts – even if you don’t have an incredibly steady hand with the nail polish.