Polka Dot Nails Designs

Polka Dot Nails

Polka dots are one of those prints that never get old. Whether it’s a polka dot shirt, handbag, or nail design they’re all fun to wear. As the seasons change it’s a great time to get some nail inspiration for a fresh perspective for your next manicure. Polka dot nail designs are a great way to have fun with your nails and because it’s such a simple design there are a lot of different ways you can mix it up. Take a peek at these polka dot nails we found to give you a dose of nail-inspo!

1Modern Polka Dots

This nail design doesn’t get much easier to recreate at home. We love how simple it is, for DIY purposes, but it has a chic modern appeal at the same time. Sometimes less really is more. If you work in a professional office this can be a great option to add style to your nails while keeping it work appropriate.

2Pink, Blue and Black

If you’re looking for something playful with a springtime vibe, this polka dot nail design is perfection. Start with a black base and add different size polka dots in pink and a pale blue color. Bring on the spring season in style with this nail design.

3Black with White Polka Dot Nails

Even with all the gorgeous color nail polishes available, there’s still something about black and white that’s a go to. The polka dots in this nail design give classic white and black an instant upgrade with just two nails having polka dots.

4Blue and White Dots

Tired of black or just want something a little different? Blue is a great alternative color choice and look how great it looks with white polka dots. The shape of the nails add a little extra chicness here, too, with the pointed ends. Not to mention this shape elongates the fingers beautifully.

5Blue Striped Dots

This design is kind of a spin on a French manicure, but with varying sizes of polka dots. Blue and white are the perfect color combination for spring, too. Don’t underestimate the power of changing up the placement of dots for a fresh mani look.

6Add a Bow Polka Dot Nails

White and black are a classic color pairing with polka dots. We love the simplicity of the polka dots in this design with a slight twist added on the ring finger by adding a dainty pink bow.

7Fruity Polka Dots Nail Art

Ok, how cute are these nails?! They scream summertime chic. Polka dots are great on their own with a white base and red dots but the cherries added to the nails take it to a whole different level.

8Upgraded Polka Dot Design

So often when we think of polka dots we associate the traditional pattern of dots all over. This design shows you can embrace the concept of polka dots but instead create a design with dots for a unique look. This mani is sure to make a statement!

9Disney Inspired Polka Dot Nails

Disney lovers, this manicure is all yours. Red and white polka dots are a Minnie Mouse classic. Rotating traditional polka dots with a Mickey Mouse design instantly gives the nail look a one-of-a-kind look. Perfect if you’re going on a Disney vacation!

10Lilac and White Dots Nail Art

If this nail design doesn’t say spring is here, we don’t know what is. White nails always feel so fresh and new, especially this time of year. The addition of the purple polka dots just down the center create a fresh design.

11French Manicure Polka Dots

French manicures are getting a major overall with this design, and we love it! Adding polka dots to just the tip of the nail is so chic. Use tape to get a straight line at the tip of the nail.

12Neutral Polka Dots Nail Designs

Neutral colors don’t have to mean boring and this neutral manicure proves that. Even if you like to stick with a beige or nude type of polish color you can elevate the color by adding metallic polka dots. It’s still not overly bold but gives you a little extra style in your nails.

13Black and Orange Nails

Black and orange aren’t just for Halloween anymore. This nail design looks great all year round if you ask us. While the polka dots themselves are in bold colors, keep the base of the nail blank for a modern take on the polka dot design.

14Metallic and White Polka Nails

15Springtime Fresh Nails

16Add Some Lemon Polka Dot Nails

17Modern Simplicity Nail Art

18Neon Dots Done Right

19Easter Egg Inspired Nails

20Patriotic Polka Dots Nails

21Pink Ombre Polka Dot Nail Art

22Bright Pink and Gold Nails

23Neutral Colors Elevated Nails

24Purple Toned Nail Art

25Spring French Mani

26Neon Rainbow Dots Nail Art

27Dots of the Rainbow Nails

28Classics Combined Polka Dot Nails

29Red, White and Blue Chic Nails

30Classic Polka Dots Nail Design

31Black and White Nail Art

32Matte Stiletto Dots Nails

33Triangle Dots Nails

34Matte White Style Nails

35Spring Pastel Vibes Manicure

36Geometric Polka Dots Nails

37Simple Polka Dots Nails


Did you realize there were so many different ways to embrace polka dots into your next manicure? We love some of the abstract ways others have used the concept of polka dots to design something that’s unique and stylish.

The great thing about nail designs is that it isn’t permanent, which is why it’s so fun to experiment and really have fun with different colors, designs and nail shapes. Whatever your personal style is there’s a way you can incorporate polka dots into your nails. If you’re into edgy styles the stiletto, matte black mani is perfect for you. Or, if you’re more of a girly girl you may want to try the pink ombre with polka dots painted over.

For the DIY nail girl, polka dots are going to quickly become your best friend because they’re so easy to recreate. You can use something as simple as a toothpick to create the dots on your nails. The key is to make sure that you don’t dip the toothpick in TOO much polish, you only need a little to get the dot onto your nail. Of course, you can always use stencils or anything else if you want to play around with different sizes and want that perfect circle look.