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Long Nail Designs

Calling all of our long nail ladies! We know it can be difficult coming up with new ideas and inspiration for your manicures. Chances are you’ve had a few go to long nail designs for quite a while now. We’re with you! That’s why we decided to do a bit of scouring the internet to uncover some new and fresh long nail designs. If you’re in the same boat, you’re in the right place. Start scrolling through our new favorite design ideas. Make sure to let us know your favorite(s)!

1Abstract Glam

Do we even have to tell you why we love these long nails? The design is EPIC! Such a fun, artsy look mixing different shapes in an abstract manner. Adding rhinestones gives it a glam addition.

2Blue Flames

Pastel blue nail polish is everywhere right now, in case you haven’t noticed. Well, pastels in general are really having a moment. This is a fun way to spice up pastel long nails – with a flame design!

3Clear Florals

You’ve probably seen clear acrylics all over social media lately, it’s because it’s another nail trend of the moment. Adding dried flowers into the clear acrylics is such a stylish take on floral nail design. We have to say we love the gold flakes mixed in here, too.

4Iridescent Blues

Pastel blue + holographic polish = combining trend into one manicure! Talk about a modern twist to long nails. Even though it’s a combination of current trends it’s on the subtle side as far as design is concerned.

5Blue + Purple Design

We are LIVING for this color scheme. Are you getting mermaid vibes too? We’re officially obsessed with blue and purple combined into manicures. Mixing in the glitter and different designs on each nail take the color scheme to the next level.

6Bright Rainbow Nails

We’ve been talking a lot about the trend of painting different colors on every nail, simply because it’s trendy and easy to recreate! All you need is to pick a few nail colors and paint them onto your nails. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

7Red Butterflies

Hello gorgeous! Touches of red definitely transform the overall feel of this manicure. We love the use of butterfly shaped glitter mixed onto the clear accent nail. Modern, colorful and minimal.

8Coral and Pink Ombre

Another color combination we love! Coral and pink – who knew?! Ok, you may have known. But we have to say these two colors are gorgeous for spring and summer when you want a pop of color that’s seasonally appropriate.

9Confetti Flowers

We don’t have to say much about this long nail design, because it’s so epic it really speaks for itself. The element we think makes this extra special and unique is the confetti style glitter mixed in throughout the nails.

10Neon Geometry

Colorful, edgy and modern manicure done right. The geometric element on these nails is what brings this design the modern aesthetic. This is a design you can really make your own using any color palette you prefer.

11Clear Butterfly

Clear nails strike again! We told you they’re trending in the long nail world. Topping off the clear nails with a matte finish gives dimension that plays off rhinestones so well. Of course, the butterfly design is an obvious focal point.

12Golden Touches

White nails are a classic choice, no matter what length your nails are, especially during the spring and summer seasons. This is a great way to elevate the classic white manicure using touches of gold for a glam addition.

13Love Marble

We have to say we really can’t get enough of the ways people are updating and designing nails with a marbled look like this. Here the touches of clear acrylic shining through gives the marbled look a trendy twist.

14Hot Pink Glitter

Can’t go wrong with neon nails! Long nails are a statement, painting them with neon nail colors just add to the bold look. Iridescent white glitter painted on in an ombre effect gives extra texture and shine to the nails.

15Modern Leaves

We’re sure you’ve seen this type of leaf design throughout interior design a lot, take a scroll through pinterest and you’ll quickly see what we’re referencing. How fun are these long nails, including the trendy leaf design?!

16Edged in Cobalt

Edgy take on French tip manicure, using cobalt blue instead of white. Painting the ‘tip’ color in this triangular shape really emphasizes long nail length – as you can see here.

17Clear LV

If you’re a fashionista, we found this long nail design with you in mind. We know fashion lovers can’t resist an opportunity to showcase their love for their favorite designers. Painting the logo onto clear nails is a great way to do that!

18Edgy in Matte Black

Well, hey edgy long nails! Matte black is a color you can always opt for when you want to achieve an edgy manicured look. We love that they mixed in a couple of nails with the v-tip design to lighten up the all black manicure.

19V-Tip Muted Colors

Slightly different from the v-tip nails we showed you previously. It’s incredible what different nail colors can do to change the aesthetic of a manicure. Here they opted for a muted color scheme, applying different shades of the same color onto each nail. So fun!

20Mint Green Glam

Mint green glam done right! The nails are giving us the monochromatic vibe, keeping mint green consistent throughout. Applying glitter and holographic polish spices up the look.

21Neon Drip

We’ve been big fans of the neon trend all year now, but we have yet to see neon polish used in a design like this. Talk about unique! Nude polish gets splashed in neon with this rainbow dripping design.

22Shades of Beige

Monochromatic nails for the win! Can you tell painting every nail in a different color and/or shade is, well…the trend we can’t get away from right now? The nude color scheme on these nails is a neutral take on the trend.

23Ombre Butterfly Design

Love butterflies? Here’s a design for you! Painting half of a butterfly on nails next to each other as shown here is a different way to design the nails with more of a modern take. There’s no denying the rhinestones and colors are top notch.

24Splattered Colors

Paint splattering on nails?! Yes! This is such a cool way to add major color to your nails. You can really have fun with nails like this and the best part is you don’t have to worry about it being ‘perfect’ to look great.

25Sunset Glam

While most of us aren’t on a beach right now (quarantine life, right?), painting a sunset inspired design is a way to bring a little bit of the beach vibe to your daily life. Until you can get to the beach for real anyways.

26Peach Designed Nails

The peach emoji is iconic around social media, that’s no secret. If you love the peach emoji, add the design right to your long nails! How fun are these?! Major summertime vibes.

27Pink and Cobalt Edge

Edge meets bright colors here. The way pink and blue were used on top of matte black polish is so artistic on these nails. Matte black is the perfect foundation color here.

28Pink Chevron

You probably remember chevron at its peak popularity a couple of years ago. Here they found a way to update the chevron design to make it feel new and trendy again. The touch of negative space (clear) is what really brings the modern twist.

29Clouded in Pink

Long nails with a nearly see through appearance have been popping up quite a bit lately. It’s kind of like a combination between clear and solid painted nails. The nearly jelly like nails make for a great background for clouds!

30Pink Marbling

Can’t go wrong with pink nails, especially when pink is used in a stylish design like this. Once again, we’re seeing fun ways of updating the marbled nail look. This time they used shades of pink and touches of gold metallic.

31Clear Purple Tie Dye

Gorgeous nails, yet again! We thought this particular design was kind of marbled, yet also has a tie dye like look because of the way the colors are meshed together. Touches of clear acrylic and gold flakes are stylish, unexpected twists.

32Tie Dye Style

Here we are with a real tie dye design. Similar to the previous, right? The difference here is the combination of blue, purple and pink tones mixed throughout the nails.

33Stained Glass Inspired

Whew these nails are pretty! Lavender nails are looking super glam here. We absolutely love the clear nail accent, giving kind of a stained glass feel but with a light iridescent finish.

34Red Glamour

Who doesn’t love a classic red mani? We don’t know anyone. It’s an old classic color choice you can always count on. The good news? There are easy ways to transform the classic vibe, like a matte finish and fun rhinestones.

35Seeing Stars

Iridescent glitter, clear acrylics, and ombre – what’s not to love about that combination? Well…the way they were combined here! Leaving the tips of nails clear is giving these long nails a reverse French tip manicure vibe.

36Teal Swirling

37Pastel V-Tips

38Gold Flake Touches

39Bold in Yellow

40Zodiac Themed