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Classy Nail Designs

Nail designs come in all shapes, styles and colors. That’s no surprise to you though, we’re sure. As much as we love the bold, trendy nail designs we often share on our site we know that isn’t everyone’s style or preference. Looking for classy nail designs? We have you covered! Since we love and appreciate nail designs that cater to all different style personalities, we wanted to spend some time focus on our classy ladies out there. Go ahead – start scrolling through to get inspired!

1Art Deco Inspired

Classy nail design, with a dark color scheme! We absolutely love this color combination. These dark neutrals are elevated with the classy gold stripe detail.

2Black and White Class

WOW talk about an updated take on the classic black and white color scheme. Simple, yet stunning, design additions as shown here add a classy touch to classic nail colors. The clear space is a modern pop!

3Pretty Blue Glitter

We’re all no strangers to glitter in nail design. Glitter has been used various ways for years, but this is such a subtle, classy way of using glitter. Adding subtle touches throughout nude polish is a gorgeous interpretation of glitter nails.

4Pastel Reverse French

Let us introduce: the reverse French manicure. How fun is this? The design is simple and classy. Using light blue and white provide a soft, feminine aesthetic to the nail design.

5Blue Shapes

Nude nail polish gets a classy, geometric upgrade here! Painting this unique shape to a small portion of the nail, using a pastel shade, adds a splash of color in a classy manner.

6Minimal Glam

If you take one scroll through our website you will see how often glitter and rhinestones are used in nail design. This nail design is completely different from anything we’ve seen before, though. Gluing just one piece of glitter onto nails – modern, fresh and gorgeous!

7Neutrally Abstract

Recently, we’ve jumped on the abstract nail design train and we’re not getting off. This classy nail design has us even more with abstract nail art. Using neutral colors gets a whole new vibe, while keeping it classy and pretty.

8French Florals

French tip manicure gone classy! Ok, it’s always been a classy nail look. Adding white polish to the base of the nail, similar to the reverse French design we showed you, gives an outlined effect to the nails that perfectly complements the floral accent nail.

9Glitter Ended Neutral

It doesn’t get much classier than a simple nude nail polish look. It’s timeless, feminine and (of course) classy. Adding gold glitter, sparingly, to the ends of a couple of nails adds a fun personality twist to the classic look.

10Classy Pink Nude

These nails are the epitome of classy nails. They’re simple, classic and feminine. The color itself pretty much speaks for itself, a gorgeous pinky nude shade. Painting a gorgeous color like this onto perfectly shaped nails = guaranteed beauty!

11Coral Coffin Nails

As much as we love detailed nail designs, we know that’s not always necessary to achieve a classy nail aesthetic. These nails show us how to keep your manicure simple yet classy. Perfectly manicured with a pretty coral nail color.

12Edged in Class

We’ve shown you quite a few light and bright nail designs, but that doesn’t mean darker hues can’t be just as classy on nails. Here is a great example of how to use a darker color scheme, red and black, to get a classy mani.

13Classy Rhinestones

Ahh the French tip ombre design. Another classic design you can count on to make your manicure look classy in an instant. Make it your own by including a couple of fun embellishments like these rhinestones.

14Pearl Embellished Pink

Is anything more synonymous with class than pearls? Ok, there may be – but pearls are something in fashion and beauty that always provide that classy twist to just about anything. Nails are now included in that!

15Matte Pink Glitter

Just wow! We love how pink polish was transformed on these nails. Topping off light pink polish with a matte finish and complimenting it with this light glitter gives you a gorgeous, girly and classy manicure.

16Metallic Class

Another take on the reverse French manicure trend that’s been making its way into the nail world. White and gold is a color palette that looks great all year long. The metallic polish gives some texture and shine to white polish.

17Shining Stripe

As you may have noticed, classy nails are easy to create using neutral shades of nail polish and glitter. This manicure proves that! Glitter and metallic stripes provide a unique, yet classy, twist to nude nail polish.

18Metallic French Tip

Ok – we are OBSESSED with these nails. French tip upgrade, with major class. Using metallic gold polish on the tips instead of white gives this design an entirely different look, with a splash of texture.

19Subtle Color

For the woman who loves a white manicure, here is a gorgeous way to add design and color with class. The very subtle addition of color is soft, but adds some dimension to white polish. Of course, there’s no ignoring what gold flakes do to the nails!

20Golden Maroon

Here’s a classy manicure for our dark nail polish ladies out there. These nails are perfection for the fall and winter time. Dark maroon, with a matte finish, gives you an edgy manicured vibe – thanks to touches of gold flakes and embellishments there’s that classy glam addition.

21Pink, White and Pearls

Pearls are back with this nail design. We just adore how versatile pearl embellishments can be when used in nail art. The way they were applied on these nails gives that fun reverse French manicure inspiration, too!

22Mauve in Matte

We really like showing you how solid painted nails can be just as fun and pretty as intricately designed nails. It’s all about choosing a color that speaks for itself! You can clearly see mauve, with a matte finish, speaks wonders on these nails.

23Horizontal Stripe

Simple, effective details can really transform neutral nail colors for the better. This is a great example of that. Gold metallic stripes applied horizontally on top of beige polish is classy and modern.

24Striped Class

Can you tell metallic stripes are effective additions to neutrally painted nails? These types of stripes can be applied in various ways to create a design that speaks to you and your personal style.

25Black Mirrored

We’ve seen our fair share of black manicures, but this is a whole new level. Mirrored black polish?! Yes, please! Pairing that super shiny polish with textured black glitter polish elevates the look even further.

26Matte Navy Class

Another manicure design we’re in love with – so pretty! Matte navy is a color we haven’t seen used very often as of recently, but with this manicure we hope to see more of it. Pairing the dark color with ivory and gold is absolute perfection.

27Nude Glitter

Nude nail polish certainly speaks to the classy nail design aesthetic, as we’ve mentioned and you’ve seen throughout this list. We thought this was such a unique, subtle way to elevate nude nails – applying nude/gold shimmer to a couple of nails.

28Neutral Glam

Clearly, nude polish is utilized a lot when creating classy nail designs. If you’re a glamorous type of woman, adding gold glitter and rhinestones to just one or two nails is all you need to do to nude polish.

29Opal Ombre

Opal nail polish for the win! This is a nail color we don’t think is used enough. It’s soft, pretty and of course….classy. Opal polish is great to use on its own, or in combination with this ombre design.

30Pastel Purple

In case you haven’t heard…pastel nail polish is trending this year. If you want to embrace the pastel trend, but in a way that’s classy, this is a great way to do so. It’s a softer pastel shade which is what gives the classy feel.

31French Pearls

The pearls are back again! We couldn’t resist one more pearl nail design – especially when we stumbled upon this particular manicure. French tip manicure + unique nail shape + pearls = epitome of class.

32Feminine Design

Pastels strike again, with class no less. Once again this is a very soft pastel shade that isn’t the bright pastels we’ve seen quite a bit this year. Adding glitter doesn’t ever harm a classy manicure, as you can see.

33Silver Accented

What a unique way to spice up pastel pink nails! Clear space and silver glitter, even in such a small area of the nail, gives new life to pink nails.

34Quilted Design

The classic quilted handbag has been synonymous with classy style for quite some time (Chanel, anyone?!). So why not add that iconic look to your manicure?!

35Bold Red Glam

Since we’ve shown so many neutral nail designs throughout the list, we wanted to give you at least one bold color option. Red has always been a go-to nail color choice when you want something classic (and classy!). Rhinestones and a matte finish give a little something extra to the manicure.

36Modern French

37Faint Pastels

38Classy White

39White to Grey

40White Stone Embellished