neutral pink matte acrylics

Matte Acrylic Nails

Do you love matte nail polish? We have to admit – we’re a bit obsessed with matte nail texture. Adding a matte finish to even a really simple, classic nail color can instantly transform the feel of your acrylic nails. Plus, it makes any nail design look extra special. Double win, in our book. Since you’re on the matte nail train make sure you take a few minutes to scroll through over 30 of our current favorite matte acrylic nail designs. There are so many ways to rock this nail trend!

1Neutral Ombre

Aren’t these matte ombre nails perfection?! It’s such a unique way to combine white and beige polish together. If you’re a woman who likes to keep her nails on the neutral side as far as color is concerned this is a great idea! The rhinestone addition is optional, but definitely chic!

2Dark Hue Ombre

Have we mentioned we’re suckers for ombre acrylic nails? Because we are, and it’s nail designs like this that are the reason. These are a pretty subtle ombre because the colors used are quite close, but they’re just different enough to add interesting depth to matte acrylics.

3Neutrals with a Glam Twist

Now that fall is upon us, we’re all probably going to be gravitating towards the darker toned neutral nail colors like black and deep beige tones. Even if you’re choosing those classic nails colors, adding a matte finish to them is a fun way to change the feel. To really take your manicure up a notch add a contrasting texture like gold glitter!

4Black + Grey Vibes

We must admit…we tend to rock black acrylic nails throughout the majority of the winter season. Something about the color just feels right during the cold weather months. This nail design is the perfect way to keep things dark in black polish but elevate the look with matte finish, a light grey nail and some black glitter. Can’t go wrong!

5Edgy Black Glam

6Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…right? Right! So why not add your BFF to your nails! Painting the shape of a diamond is pretty easy and adds great contrast to matte nude polish when painted in black like this. These nails would look great with just about any shape painted onto the accent nail – use this as an opportunity to express your personality!

7Modern in Matte Nails

These matte acrylic nails made it to the TOP of our must try list for our next manicure appointment. They’re SO good. Break up matte black polish by leaving some negative space and adding in pastel toned polish to a design. It completely transforms the feel of black polish.

8Snake Style

You didn’t think both hands had to be the same with your nail design…did you?! These matte acrylics are such a unique design. Keeping in neutral with the use of nude and black polish, but breaking it up with one color per hand. The addition of a snake design in black on the nude nails brings the right amount of cohesiveness to the nails.

9Matte with White and Black

These matte acrylic nails have made their way to a few of our favorite nail lists, with good reason. They’re chic, trendy and super easy to recreate. Black and white is forever a winning color scheme. It’s the way that they’ve utilized simple lines and a few rhinestones that bring this look from simple to stylish.

10Sky Blue Geometric

The most gorgeous blue nail color for the spring and summer seasons. We absolutely adore how they’ve combined this pretty blue hue with white for a light color scheme. Bring the colors an updated aesthetic by adding some negative space (clear) into the triangular design. Don’t worry – you can use tape or a straight edge to get the perfect lines!

11Primary Color Scheme

Remember learning about primary colors in art class? These nails are the epitome of primary colors turned chic. We love the trend of women applying different solid colors to each nail like this. While the colors are known for their primary tones, adding a matte finish gives them a fun style.

12Clear Cobalt Love

We have to admit that cobalt blue nails are another one of our favorites, even when it’s a color applied with no other details added to the nails. But, we love the color even more when it’s given a matte finish and incorporates a unique design. Leaving nails WITHOUT color is the latest and greatest of the nail world and this is exactly why!

13Nude Matte Edge

Didn’t we say leaving blank space was all the rage? Another perfect example of how negative space is such an easy nail trend to work with this year. Yes, you can even add a matte finish to amplify the negative space for more style. We love how they’ve added small touches of color in different placements on these nails.

14Deep Matte Purple

Looking for a color alternative to black this fall and winter season? Consider a deep purple polish like these beauties! This color is so rich, fashionable and edgy. Naturally, it’s a gorgeous color left alone but even better with this matte finish.

15Matte in Mauve

Give your go-to mauvey toned polish a chic upgrade with a matte finish to add some texture. This is a color you and wear all year long because it’s so neutral. Strategically applying gold embellishments to an accent nail on each hand is one of the easiest ways to add more design to a simple nail.

16Autumn Designed in Matte

Don’t these matte acrylic nails give you all the fall vibes? Between the color palette, matte finish, and metallic details we can’t get over how incredible these look. If you don’t want an all matte nail design, mixing in a couple clear based nails is the best way to add a lighter feel to your nails.

17Matte Graphics

These matte acrylic nails definitely give us some street style inspiration, primarily because of the graphics added to a couple of the nails. Another great way to keep your nails neutral with white, black and nude polishes but add some more personality to the mix. Don’t be afraid to combine your neutral colors and even add some favorite sayings!

18The New Striped Nails

You’ve seen stripes on nails plenty of times. We love a good striped nail design around here. But this is a whole new way to apply a stripe design to your acrylic nails. So chic, right? Again leaving a bit of negative space on the nails! The matte finish really amplifies the design, too.

19Metallic Grey Acrylics

Swap out your typical nude, white or black neutral nail colors for a light grey tone. It’s still in the neutral color family but feels so fresh and modern. Don’t you think? We love that they added a matte finish for texture on the light color and give some juxtaposition to silver metallic on the accent nail.

20Dainty Dotted Stripes

Polka dots are no stranger to acrylic nails. They are one of the easiest designs to add to just about any nail look. We love this take on adding dots to nails – fresh, modern and totally different! Painting smaller sized dots onto the sides of a couple nails in a line is simple but oh so gorgeous. Play around with different color schemes for your own take on the look.

21Blood Red Love

Red is such a classic nail color. But let’s be honest, it could use an updated feel every so often. Especially if you wear red polish often. An easy way to lighten up a dark red nail polish is to mix in one or two nails painted in a nude polish color. Oh and add this beautiful matte finish to really bring it to another level.

22Animal Print Goes Modern

Animal print, oh animal print! We’ll never get tired of leopard print designs on nails. You with us there? To be honest, whether it’s leopard print on nails or clothing we’re all in for it all the time. These matte acrylic nails take leopard print in a modern direction. Adding in a few solid colors nails is the perfect balance to the bold, matte print.

23Cobalt Blue Acrylics

WHEW! We are in love with these solid cobalt blue matte nails. It’s such a simple nail design but it’s anything but simple in style. The color is such a stunner on its own you don’t need a whole lot else, other than a chic acrylic nail shape.

24Neutral Marbling Design

What’s better than combing two classics? Not much. If you love a nude nail color but have been wanting a way to add some different elements this is the answer to your question. Marble designed nails have been popular for the past year and show no sign of slowing down. Combing white marble art with matte nude polish = dreamy!

25Matte Nude Touched in Glam

How glam are these matte nude nails? Applying rhinestones to the pinky nail is a change from the typical ring finger as the accent nail, and we are in love with it. Adding the glam detail of rhinestones to one nail really emphasizes the matte polish.

26Light Tones Glamorized

Combining various textures is a really great way to add personality and style to your acrylic nails. Matte finish is a very distinct texture that’s quite opposite of the shine in rhinestones – which is why they work so well together. Make your matte acrylics your own by applying rhinestones in different patters to the nails.

27Clear Black Marble

We bet you haven’t seen matte black acrylic nails quite like this anytime recently. Lightening up the dark black color with negative, clear space left at the base of the nail is so modern. It adds just the right amount of contrast to acrylic nails to give them style without taking away from the matte finish.

28Fall Color Combination

Unexpected color combinations are our favorites! Mustard yellow is a trend in clothing this season and translates beautifully to nails when paired with navy like this. For the fall season, completing the color combination with matte finishing feels so appropriate. Add some extra glam to your nails with gold embellishments, glitter OR both.

29Purple with a Neon Twist

30Metallic Stylized

We talked about using rhinestones as a way to play with various textures in your nail designs. If rhinestones aren’t really your thing, or you want something different, consider using chrome polish! Let’s face it, metallic has a way of making just about anything look chic – even nails. Add a few metallic stripes to any matte nail color and you’re guaranteed to love the result.

31Girly Girl Acrylics

All our girly girls, raise your hands because these matte acrylics are for YOU! Pink and purple are synonymous with all things, well…girly. There’s no other way to say it. If you’re in that girly mood combine the girly classics together, add a matte finish and voila!

32Painted in Purple Acrylic

Purple may be one of our new go-to color choices for acrylic nails. Look at these beauties! Keep it simple with a solid purple matte nail look, or add some lightness to the deep color with nude polish mixed in as they’ve done in these nails. The purple polish design on both nude nails is such a great way to add a cohesive feel to the manicure.

33Feminine Color Ombre

You saw the ultimate girly matte acrylic nails a couple slides back, here’s another way to style the winning color combination. If you want to add a little more personality to your acrylics, instead of just keeping them solid matte, go for the ombre touch.

34Mattified Red Style

Red nails get a whole new vibe with these matte acrylics. Love red nails for the fall and winter? Consider incorporating some nude polish into the design to add a lightness to the solid color. We love that they applied a different design to each nail to include ombre, solid, and matte all together.

35Bold Matte Red Nails

Obviously we’re fans of a red acrylic nail. It doesn’t get much more classic than red nails. But let’s be honest there are times when red feels like it needs a little update, when we’re in that kind of mood. The perfect way to apply said update? Apply a matte finish, of course!

36Touched in Red Glam

37Cloudy Blues

38Classics with an Edge

39Teal Textures

40Check in Pastels