super glamorous glitter stiletto

White Glitter Nails

White nails are chic, they’re stylish and look great with everything. Don’t you agree? Well, since you’re here we’re going to go ahead and assume you’re on the same page. That being said, you’ve probably worn out the solid white nail look by this point. We’ve definitely been rocking solid white nails manicure after manicure. Because the color is so chic it’s hard to stray away from, which is why white GLITTER nails are another great alternative. Let’s be honest with ourselves – there are few things glitter can’t make better. Combine your love of white nails with glitter and you’re going to be a nail trendsetter – scroll through to see some of our favorites!

1Chic White Glitter

White nails are chic as they are, especially when you have a gorgeous nail shape like these almond nails. Adding just a splash of glitter to them is the perfect, subtle addition. We love how the glitter used on these white nails are in various sizes, applied in a diagonal line. Easy but SO chic!

2Ombre White Glitz

Want an updated take on a French mani? Of course you do! Opt for an ombre effect using a similar color palette with white polish at the tips of your nails. Instead of leaving the base of the nail neutral paint some glitter on! Glitter really gives this classic design a unique twist.

3White Nails with a Glitter Pop

These white glitter nails are the essence of style simplicity and we’re ALL about it. Easy nail design = always a win in our book. Regardless of your nail length or shape you can rock this same design. Blue glitter not really your thing? Swap it out for your favorite glitter polish color, everything goes well with solid white polish!

4Metallic Meets White

Typically when we think of white glitter nails we think of glamour and feminine nail designs. These white glitter nails are giving us edgy vibes and we adore it. Applying silver or gunmetal glitter to one nail is what brings the edge to this look. That and the compliment of rhinestones applied in a straight line on one of the nails.

5Clearly Chic in White

Do you want glitter added to your white manicure, but with a little more subtly? These are for you! Opting for clear stones is the perfect way to add texture and depth to white nails but not getting the full glam aspect traditional rhinestones offer. We love this!

6See Through White Glitter

We’ve been all about clear and see-through nails this year. The trend feels so fresh and modern. We can’t get over how incredible these white glitter nails are – with some clear showing through the white glitter. It gives such an unexpected aesthetic to nails.

7Golden Goddess White

Golden goddesses unite! These white and gold glitter nails are everything. You really can’t go wrong with this nail combination. Whether you adapt one, two or all of the different designs included in these nails you’re bound to end up with a super stylish nail design.

8Gold Medal Inspired

We told you we’re all about easy nail designs, especially when you’re DIY-ing it. This is the perfect at home white glitter nail look. All you need is white polish and gold glitter polish – voila! Apply the colors in rotation onto the nails to break up the colors and give an updated feel to your nails.

9Edgy French Glitter

Give your French mani a glam edge with a design like this. Instead of leaving the tips of your nails solid white, mix glitter into them. We love that they made a triangular shape at the tips here, it really gives this look that edgy feel.

10Sharp White Glamour

Ok, are these white glitter nails amazing or are they amazing?! We know…they’re AMAZING. We really can’t get over just how stunning these nails are. Combining various types of glitter is such a unique way to add your own twist to nails. Mixing in some iridescent, larger sized, glitter to a couple nails really takes it to another dimension.

11Edged in Gold Glitter

You know we’ve got you covered on the DIY nail designs. We’re all about the detailed designs but we know a lot of women stick to doing their nails at home. Whether you’re one of those women, or you just want a simple white glitter nail design this is a great idea. Applying gold glitter in a triangle design to the BASE of the nail is easy and chic.

12French Glam

Holy cow we love these French manicure nails! We know a lot of women are loyal to their French manicures. Understandably so, it’s classic and easy. But we want to inspire you to switch it up a bit and add some glitter into the mix. Even this small amount of glitter in the space between the tips and base of the nail is enough to elevate the style significantly.

13Trendy White Glitter

Another show stopping white glitter nail design. Even if you don’t have stiletto shaped nails, mixing in different designs on each nail is a great way to add your personal style to your nails and get a show stopper manicure like this. The key? Use your creativity!

14French Glitter Goes Modern

We weren’t done with the French manicure updates! This is another stylish way to change up the vibe of your French manicure by replacing solid white tips for glitter. For more depth included in the overall style, paint one nail solid white glitter. It gives a fun update, don’t you think?

15We Heart Glitter

A super simple way to instantly change the vibe of white nails is to mix up the texture, applying a matte finish to the top is one of our favorites! Give your nails some juxtaposition to the style by painting a delicate design in glitter, like this simple heart. The combination of matte and glitter is everything!

16Modern Glitzy Stripe

Solid white nails get a modern take with glitter when it’s painted in a thin line long ways on the nail. We adore the way this stripe looks on nails. We typically see stripes applied to nails in the opposite direction and this take really gives nails an elongated effect.

17Silver White Glam

We love when nail designs include different elements on the nails. Like this white manicure which includes one nail in solid silver glitter, two painted white with silver glitter painted in an ombre effect, and the others solid white with rhinestones. When you break it down they’re all rather simple but look elaborate when paired together.

18Shaped in Glitter

Sometimes you just have to think outside the triangle. Get it? You’ve seen glitter painted in stripes and ombre designs, this is a whole different look. Painting glitter over white polish in a triangle design = edgy style!

19Subtle Glitter Ombre

Short nail ladies these are perfection for you. Even when you don’t have a lot of nail space to work with, you can achieve a really stylish white glitter nail design. Applying gold glitter in an ombre effect transforms solid white nails easily.

20Dotted in Gold

Don’t be fooled by these white glitter nails – they’re actually rather simple in design. All you need to do in order to get those glitter dots on the nails is use a toothpick or small brush. SO simple but look at how that small detail gives white nails a modern appeal.

21Flecks of Gold

We’ve all seen traditional glitter polishes used in nail designs. It’s always a winning combination because let’s face it glitter is a good idea no matter what color polish you’re wearing. Mix up your white glitter nails by choosing different style/shapes of glitter like this gold fleck glitter.

22Trendy White Glitz

Anytime we see nails that include the use of negative space, or clear nails, into the design we’re all in. There’s something so refreshing and unique about it. Like these nails leaving part of the nails clear! We’re also really into the skinny line down the center of two of the nails.

23Rose Gold Style

Chances are you’ve used gold glitter, and probably silver glitter as well. But what about ROSE GOLD glitter? Rose gold phones and things have been popular so why not bring that gorgeous color to your nails. Even that slight color difference gives these nails a fun twist.

24Complimented in Mint

An easy way to change up your white glitter nails? Add a pop of color! This mint polish is such a gorgeous compliment to white and silver polishes. Of course you can rock any complimentary color you like.

25Modern Striping Glam

How incredible are these nails? It’s amazing what a few, simple lines can do to transform the entire design of a nail. Paint thin, black lines in any arrangement you like and add a touch of glitter in one of the spaces. To compliment the touch of glitter paint the nail next to it in a solid glitter.

26Disco Glitter Flakes

Give your nails a disco effect with larger sized glitter. Don’t be afraid to step outside the norm when it comes to selecting your glitter polishes, there are so many different colors, sizes and shapes available. These white glitter nails are a great example of how a simple switch in the type of glitter used can create a whole different style persona.

27Multi Glitter Acrylics

Like we were saying…mix it up with the types of glitter polishes you’re using on your nails. Furthermore, consider combining different sizes of glitter together like they’ve done here. The combination adds so much style and depth to this simple white polish.

28Accented in Pink

Pink ladies! We thought of all our pink lovers when we stumbled across these white glitter nails. It’s so fun experimenting with different glitter colors and styles of nail polish. Since pink polish is quite a statement on its own, it’s the perfect addition to solid white nails.

29Pink Gold Glam

Continuing our pink glitter affair, we can’t get enough of these pink gold glitter nails. It’s such a subtle change from the traditional gold glitter but definitely has a special look. Add more glitter to the mix by including rose gold rhinestones for THE MOST glam.

30Purple Glitter Glitz

Can you tell we’re all about switching up your white glitter nails with different types of glitter? We’re so into the purple glitter on these nails. Purple is such a pretty pop next to white polish. Both colors stand out on their own when worn together like this.

31Seeing Through Glam

If you’re interested in the clear nail trend but don’t want to go FULL clear, see through is for you. This is the perfect alternative to a true clear nail. To add more definition to the clear/white color of the nails glitter is gorgeous.

32Side Style Glitter

Talk about a fresh take on glitter polish! Applying silver glitter to the tips and side of the nails is such a creative way to work with glitter. The shape glitter is applied makes for a unique style over white polish.

33Silver Flecks

Love silver glitter? Of course…who doesn’t really? Applying various sized silver glitter polish together, to the base of white nails is classic and so chic. This is a great option for the holiday season, too! Holiday party nails done right.

34Snowflake Style

Speaking of the holidays, we came across these snowflake white glitter nails and couldn’t get enough of them. If you want holiday themed nails but with a fashionable take use these as inspiration! They went all out with various types of glitter on each nail that really highlights the snowflakes.

35Unicorn Vibe Glitter

Playing around with textures on nails tends to be an under-utilized way to mix up designs. We’re in awe of this unicorn horn-like texture added to these white nails. It totally transforms white nails and with the unicorn vibe it highlights multicolor glitter perfectly.

36Blue Ombre White

37Clearly Loving Glitter

38White Designed in Glitter

39Coffin Chic

40Glitzy Leaves