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Matte Coffin Nails

Coffin nails have become one of the most popular nail shapes. Whether you have acrylics or are lucky enough to have natural nails long enough, it’s a feminine nail look – what’s not to love? Matte nails have been a go-to for many of us for plenty of reasons but combining matte nails with coffin nail shape is bound to be a stylish combination. If you’ve felt stuck on nail inspiration you’re exactly where you need to be because we’ve found some of the best matte coffin nails that you’re sure to love. Regardless of your color and style preferences we’ve got something for everyone in this list. Start scrolling to get your inspiration flowing!

1Edgy Floral Accent

Matte black is one of our favorite nail colors for coffin nails. Adding an accent nail in a light nude polish color lightens up the feel of black polish, making it feel more appropriate for the spring and summer seasons. We love that they added a black flower design to the tip to tie the colors in together.

2Matte Glam Texture

The great thing about coffin nails is the length and shape provides you with an opportunity to have more nail to design on. Mixing in matte black polish, white marble design and rhinestones gives a major glam look to these nails.

3Flat Blue Ombre

Perfection for spring and summer! This coffin manicure is a fresh take on the ombre trend. Applying a pale blue color at the tips fading into a nude color at the base gives the nails the look of even more length.

4Silver Lining Matte

You’ve probably seen silver with black and red quite often, we’re loving this fresh color combination of grey and silver. The combination provides a monochromatic type of feel, with a touch of glam and lightness to it.

5Barbie Pink

This coffin manicure is every Barbie girl’s dream. Keep it simple with a gorgeous pink color in a matte finish. Give the color a slight twist with subtle ombre fading into white on one nail.

6Wine Chic

Bring your wine appreciation into your next manicure! This deep burgundy color is so chic and warm. Because the color is so dark it also offers an edgy look, particularly with a matte finish. Gorgeous color for fall and winter this year.

7Opposing Textures

Matte coffin nails are always a win, regardless of the color you opt for. A fun way to change the feel of matte coffin nails is complimenting it with one or two accent nails in a chrome finish, like this nail design. The opposing textures give nails a whole new life.

8Shocking Blue

Want to make a colorful statement with your coffin nails? Cobalt blue polish is a sure fire way to do just that. Instead of keeping it classic give them a different aesthetic with a matte finish, it gives this bright blue polish an edgier feel.

9Colorized Matte Black

One of our favorite ways to rock matte coffin nails is adding in different textures and colors to play up the edgy feel matte polish offers. These coffin nails get a major color upgrade with an accent nail designed with all of these bold colors. Isn’t it so cute for summer?!

10Jewel Toned Jewels

Fall is coming and these matte coffin nails are getting us excited for the seasons to change. Jewel tones are always a great choice during the fall and winter months. Instead of keeping it solid with matte green coffin nails, add some glam with fun embellishments in gold or pearls.

11Fall Coffin Colors

This fall bring the colors of the leaves to your coffin nails! Painting nails in a range of colors, within the same color tone, like this gives great variety to your nail looks. The addition of the matte finish makes the colors feel even more fall-esque.

12French Ombre Shine

Keep it light and chic with your coffin nails and opt for an ombre French with a matte finish. This is great for a woman who doesn’t want a bold color, but still wants to make a chic nail statement. Applying rhinestones to one nail adds some additional texture to the manicure.

13Clear Marble Style

We love the clear vibe of these coffin nails. The clear tips give a whole different vibe to the matte coffin nails. Such a modern take! Adding marbling design to one of the nails adds even more texture and style to the completed manicure.

14Peachy Chic

This coffin manicure is summertime chicness like we’ve never seen! Combining matte peach nails with gold glitter and white marble is a winning combination if you ask us. We love how matte nails look next to glitter, two opposites that work so well together.

15Striped Tips

Another great example of combining different textures together to achieve a gorgeous coffin manicure. If you’ve been a fan of the nude nail color trend, this is a great way to spice it up a bit. Opt for a great neutral nail color like this mauve toned neutral in a matte finish, but instead of leaving it solid add gold striping to the tips. Easy to recreate at home, too!

16Gold Painted

Matte grey nails have been a go-to color choice for a while now, and we don’t see the color trend slowing down. Add some glam style to the neutral color with metallic gold “painted” onto the nails. The not-so-perfect application of the gold polish gives this an artistic vibe we love.

17Lilac Marbling

Matte + clear = coffin nail beauty! The great thing about matte coffin nails is you can add the matte finish to any polish and color to instantly transform the look and feel of the nails. This is a great example of how matte finish can complete the look effortlessly.

18Zigzagging Red

We’ve long been fans of adding an accent nail to coffin nail designs. It’s
the perfect way to add more style and design to a solid color manicure.
This deep red matte color is beautiful on its own but gets even more style with the zig-zag design applied to one nail. Leaving some blank space freshens up the dark color a bit.

19Matte Nude Coffin

Want to keep your coffin nails simple? Matte nude polish is the perfect choice for you! The key is finding a great nude color to compliment your skin tone. This particular color has a slight pinky undertone that’s great for summer.

20Moss Green Boss

Moss green has never looked this good. Painting moss green onto coffin nails completely elevates the muted color. We love the way this color looks with a matte finish. This is a color choice that would be great all year long because of the tone of green.

21Matte Neon

Neon nail colors are typically seen with the classic nail polish finish, or added with a shiny top coat. Give the neon trend a fun twist with a matte finish like these coffin nails. Ideal for the spring and summer, or a beach vacation mani!

22Minimally Glam

We don’t know about you but we absolutely love coffin nails painted in this
French ombre design. It’s a modern take on the classic French we all know and love. Adding a matte finish gives this even more of a modern take. Of course, we also love how they strategically added a couple of rhinestones for some glam.

23Orange Dipped Tips

If you like the ombre French design but still want a pop of color, you have to try this coffin nail design for yourself. Replacing the classic white color for a bright orange is an unexpected pop. Completing the manicure with a matte finish adds such great depth.

24Peach Edginess

Most of the time when we think of a light peach nail color we think of a feminine manicure. Mixing peach with black and matte finish gives the pastel tone major edginess. Include one of these black designs, two, or all of them to yours to recreate a similar design.

25Rhinestone Touch

So often we see accent nails as the ring fingers, but don’t count out using other nails as the accent. We LOVE how they’ve added rhinestones to just the pinky finger of this manicure. Rhinestones add glam and shimmer as a juxtaposition to the matte nude polish.

26Shockingly Purple

It’s hard to escape the neon trend right now. Not that we’re complaining!
Keep your coffin nails simple, loaded with style, by painting them a bright neon color in a matte finish. This purple tone is a different take on neon since it’s not the typical – but you can use any neon hue for a similar look.

27Pastel Ombre

Mix and match your matte coffin nails with a design like this. The design overall is quite simple but the use of rotating the color placement is what brings this to a new level of style. Have fun with your favorite color combination, pastel pink and purple are great for warm weather months.

28Mixing Colors

Mixing colors doesn’t stop! We adore the way these matte coffin nails have a rainbow-like look, in a much more modern way because of the ombre effect. The key to mixing colors for a similar manicure is to choose colors in the same tone.

29Combining Classics

This is giving us major holiday vibes! Although, let’s be honest – we’d wear this coffin nail design all year long. Matte red and nude nails look great on their own but are given that holiday glam vibe with gold glitter and rhinestones.

30Red Roses

If you’re anything like us, matte black is hard to get away from with coffin nails. The color just looks so edgy and chic. But sometimes, you just want to add a little more personality to the mix for fun. Applying a red rose to one finger is a great way to do that!

31Shades of Blue

Monochromatic dressing is a big trend that can be used as inspiration for nail design, just like here. Painting various shades of blue onto nails with simple designs mixed in is a major win. Matte finishing pulls this look together perfectly.

32Baby Blue Coffin

Baby blues aren’t just eyes. This baby blue nail color is so pretty on coffin shaped nails. Add some extra dimension to your favorite pastel polishes by making them matte.

33Star Style

If you liked the baby blue color in the previous slide, you should love these! It’s a similar pale blue nail color, with a matte top coat, and an added star detail. Stars are easy to paint onto nails with stencils, too!

34Simple Stripes

Black and white will always be the most classic colors in fashion. Don’t be afraid to bring the classic colors into your coffin nails. Mixing the colors together with simple striping is really easy to do and completely changes the feel of matte nails.

35Subtle Textures

Black nail lovers, prepare to fall in love! Keep your coffin nails simple with matte black, adding just a subtle touch. Making stripes onto the nails in various placements is so fun, we love that instead of using a different color they’ve just used a shiny finish for the stripes for a subtle touch.

36Easter Inspired

37Warm Pastel Tones

38Classics with a Twist

39Wine Coffin Chic

40Mustard Yellow Vibes