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Ombre Nail Designs with Glitter

Glitter nails will forever hold a special place in all our hearts. Don’t you agree? There’s something about glitter, no matter your age, that can instantly elevate a nail design. Even if you’re sticking with a solid nail color, adding a touch of glitter gives it some added glam that always feels right. Now, when you pair our ever favorite glitter element with beloved ombre…that’s a winning combination EVERYTIME. Ombre nail designs have grown in popularity over the years and honestly, we hope the trend never goes away because it’s just so chic. It’s easy to end up with the same few color and nail designs in your typical rotation, but if you want to get out of your routine and embrace these two nail favorites scroll through because we’ve found some pretty gorgeous ombre nail designs with glitter you’re going to be dying to try yourself.

1White Glammed Up

Kicking things off with our list, we’ve got these almond shaped beauties. Almond shaped nails add a feminine edge to any nail look, we love the nail shape combined with this white and gold ombre look. White and gold are classic colors that transition seamlessly from season to season.

2Edged with Gold

Black nails, oh black nails. Will they ever get old? We really don’t think so. It’s a great go-to nail color no matter the time of year. Adding one nail in a gold glitter ombre adds such a pretty, complimentary glitzy touch. This is such an easy look to recreate at home, too!

3Neutral Turned Edgy Glam

Neutral nails are another favorite go-to color for us, we’re sure you’re the same. If you want to transform your classic color add some glitter ombre in a dark color! It gives depth to the nail design, without a whole lot of fuss.

4Purple Haze

Get the ultimate glamorous nail design by using ONLY glitter polishes for an ombre design. Mix complimenting colors like purple blue, like they’ve done here, for a gorgeous color fade.

5Dipped in Glitter

Negative space on nails has never looked so chic! Sometimes it’s about NOT adding color to nails for a fun design. Adding black glitter in an ombre manner is just enough for this nail look.

6Mermaid Style

Inspired by The Little Mermaid remake coming out soon? Bring your mermaid vibes to your nails with glitter in turquoise, blue and purple hues. This would look great on any nail length and shape.

7Brownie Chic

Light neutral colors have been a big trend, but don’t ignore darker neutrals like this brown color. It’s just as chic, especially when you mix it in with brown glitter ombre applied to just a couple of nails.

8Girly Glam

We love a girly girl type of manicure. Sometimes you just want to feel like the ultimate feminine queen, you know? Pink tones are the epitome of feminine aesthetic. Mix in different pink glitter colors to create an ombre look you’re sure to love.

9Candy Coated

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this candy. Candy colors like this are perfection for the summertime! Apply the ombre effect in different colors for each nail and break it up with some candy colored glitter on a couple of nails. Of course, you could add the glitter on top of the ombre nails for even MORE color.

10Chromed with Glitter

We fell in love with this glitter ombre nail design INSTANTLY. It’s so chic! The gold glitter used has a chrome like finish that adds serious elevation to a simple white nail.

11Peachy Keen

Peaches aren’t just for pie with this nail design. Apply the peach to white ombre glitter to one nail, two or all five. This color scheme is great for spring and summer.

12Faded French Style

French manicure redone! Instead of sticking to your classic French manicure, why not take it up a few notches with a white glitter ombre finishing touch. The faded glitter makes for a much more modern style.

13Gray Zone

This gray glitter ombre gives us a whole new view on gray nails. Mixed with black and glitter, gray feels anything but bland. We love that there was subtle glitter applied to the top.

14Gorgeous Grays

An interesting take on a monochromatic nail look. Gray and silver do have a monochromatic aesthetic when worn together, but as you can see from this manicure the silver ombre really adds some major glam.

15Green with Envy

Who isn’t envious of this green glitter ombre design? Combining not only different shades of green, but different size glitter creates the most beautiful depth to the nails.

16Neon Glitz

Although hot pink nails are a statement all their own, you have to adore the bright color designed with glitter ombre. This manicure is loud, shocking and everything we want for a summer nail look.

17Chicly Elegant

This is great for the professional woman who needs to keep her nail designs appropriate for the office environment. The neutral color is simple and timeless and gets just enough of an elegant update with a touch of gold ombre glitter added to the base of the nails.

18Pink Edge

Typically we see pink used to create a feminine nail style. Designed with white glitter and complimentary chrome nails adds an unexpected edgy twist. Not into the chrome? Skip it and you will still have a gorgeous nail design.

19Astrology Style

Astrology lovers, this manicure is for you! Add your love of the stars and moons to your nails. The gold embellishments can be found at a variety of craft stores – you can have a lot of fun with those. Go all out with multi-color glitter for the ombre.

20Sharply Styled

As if purple glitter wasn’t fun enough, it’s SO major in this manicure. Adding various glitter sizes together to just the tips of the nails, fading into a bare nail will elongate your nail no matter the length.

21Muted with Gold

Muted nail colors aren’t just for fall, and they’re anything but muted in style. Combining complimentary tones like coral and taupe are so pretty. Give them a touch of glam and pull it all together with gold glitter ombre.

22Baby Blues

Blue and silver are a timeless color combination. Of course, it’s even better when the silver is glitter and applied in an ombre finish. Adding ombre from the base of the nail, fading as you get towards the tip feels so modern.

23Rainbow Bright

Shine bright like a…rainbow! Paint every nail a different bright color for a rainbow style like this manicure. Applying the colors most intensely to the tips, fading down, adds instant length to nails. And major style factor, obviously.

24Subtle Iridescence

Iridescent EVERYTHING is pretty much everywhere right now. Add the popular trend to your nails, in a subtly chic way like this manicure. Iridescent glitter added just to the tips of these neutral nails makes for a fun addition. With just enough color on the nails when the light hits them.

25Simplistic Glamour

How gorgeous are these nude nails? Give your favorite nude nail color a simple update with light white glitter applied to the base and fading out. Ideal for short nails, too!

26Golden Beauty

Another neutral nail look we’re head over heels for. Even if you have short nails, you can rock this nail look. Simply adding gold glitter ombre to just two nails is all you need. We love that they created the ombre in opposite directions for a fun change.

27Touched in Pink

White nails tend to be a classic during the warm weather months. It’s easy, classy and fresh. If you’re tired of the solid white, adding some pink glitter ombre to a couple (or just one) nail is a sure fire way to get a whole new look.

28Royal Edge

Whether you’ve always wanted to feel like a royal, or you just really like the deep purple color this nail design is stunning. Another manicure that can be achieve on virtually any nail length and shape. Purple glitter really pops when styled with black.

29Pretty in Purple

For the ladies who want something lighter for the spring/summer, this purple glitter ombre is ideal. The pastel tones feel appropriate for the lightness we tend to feel during the warm weather seasons.

30Red Hot

Traditionally, we tend to see red paired with gold glitter quite often. But just because that’s a classic go to doesn’t mean it’s the only option! Mix it up with silver glitter for a manicure that can be worn all year long (not just during the holiday season).

31Clearly Ombre

Metallic glitter always wins over our hearts. Most of us have stuck to applying gold glitter to the entire nail, but this proves that adding just to the ends of the nails and fading into blank space is a fun alternative.

32Glitter Goes Chic

This base nail color almost looks non-existent which is what we actually love about this style. The VERY neutral color gives the light toned glitter an opportunity to be the highlight while still being subtle.

33Gold Medal Vibe

Special occasion coming up? This manicure is great for inspiration when you have a big night out on the horizon. It won’t take away from your outfit, but definitely has some glam to give you that added style to complete your entire look.

34Faded in Silver

If gold glitter isn’t really your thing, or you’ve just worn out that color palette – give silver a try! Silver glitter is just as modern and pretty added to the tips of nails. Not to mention, it looks great if you’re wearing a lot of silver jewelry.

35Silver Styled Right

We showed you how black and gold glitter looks together (it’s pretty epic, FYI), but we couldn’t forget about black and silver. Silver glitter gives black a fresh, airy type of feel while sticking to the glamorous aesthetic glitter offers.

36Pastel Pretty

37Reversed Ombre

38Calm Waves

39Rightly White

40Flaked with Edge