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Matte Nail Color Designs

When matte nail polishes first appeared, girls went crazy for them. Not just because they were different from classic varnishes, but also because they brought a dose of sophistication to their nails. This season, matte nails are again trending – this time in combination with shimmer, patterns and shiny nail polish. And as you might have noticed our obsession with the matte effect is real. Therefore, we have picked out 40 most stunning matte looks that you’ll love for sure.

1Nude and Burgundy Matte Look

This design represents a perfect example of a simple yet stunning look. Matte nude look refreshed with a bit of burgundy is such an elegant combo. Add some gemstones and 3D patterns for extra glam.

2Green Matte – Dare to Wear

These gorgeous dark green, coffin-shaped, nails with embellishments are only for bold girls. If you want to give your nails royal look, this is a perfect choice.

3Almond Nails with Matte  Effect

Almond shaped nails are trending lately. If you combine this shape with nude matte nail polish, you will achieve the cute look form the photo. If these are too plain for you, add some animal print to spice things up a bit.

4Glossy and Matte Combo

Who would say that matte, glossy and shimmery varnishes work so well together? Mixing up these is perfect way to add something new to an old look. Simply stunning!

5Scarlet Matte Stiletto

If you want something extra for your nails, scarlet stiletto nails with a matte finish and cute patterns would be our suggestion. This look is ideal for the summer months.

6Maroon Matte Nails

Maroon nails never looked so ravishing. Minimalistic and chic – this design is something that you can copy easily. To recreate the white pattern, use nail stamping plates that you can get from Amazon. For the base, our choice would be “Midnight in Moscow” OPI nail polish.

7Pink Perfection

This look is evidence that matte effect can look spotless even on short nails. We tried these cuties on and instantly fell in love with them.

8Glossy and Matte French Manicure

Matte and glossy combo works so well together. Navy blue adds a bit of edginess to the look, so we think it’s perfect for both, winter and fall.

9Almond Shaped Matte

This design is something that you should remember for the future. Simple gray matte nails made super romantic thanks to lace pattern.  Who wouldn’t like them?

10Red and White Glamour

Red and white mattes perfectly go together, especially for glamorous events such as weddings. For those thinking this is a dull combo, try adding some pattern onto the ring fingernail. It will juice up the look for sure.

11Neutral Matte Ombre

White nails are always a good choice. Our suggestion for the following season are these sophisticated white ombre nails, covered with OPI matte top coat, that will make this nail design even more compelling.

12Marble Effect with Matte Finish

Two trends are combined to create this subtle and unique look. Matte finish perfectly complements this pinkish marble design. The retro look here is achieved by golden foils.

13Matte Black Coffin Nails

Trend Alert! Instagram went wild for this manicure. One thing is sure – black with a dash of sparkles will never go out of style. 

14Lavender Extravaganza

This lavender design with a negative space nail is something else.  What a perfect spring nail look!

15Chic in Pink

Here we have another example of a chic summer nail look. Glossy pink and shimmer is a perfect match. In case you decide to spice the things up a bit, add a matte varnish, it’ll completely change the look.

16 Nude and Black Combo

This dazzling look features nude and black mattes. What makes this combo super elegant are black horizontal stripes, that are so stunning. To avoid minimalism, you can add some gold glitter on one nail.

17Impressive Coffin Matte

A color is an essential element of a good design, along with the shape of the nails. The manicure we simply had to share with you is the one featuring these impressive green coffin nails.

18Mickey Mouse Matte

In 2018 we celebrated the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse. His face became an absolute fashion trend. You should try it out on your nails, and you’ll fall in love instantly!

19Eye-catching Nail Look

These are our absolute favorite when it comes to short matte nails. Colorful yet subtle, this design is perfect for sweater weather.

20Half-moon Manicure

It seems that half-moon nails are popping up everywhere nowadays. So we decided to give them a go. White base with black and yellow half-moons may appear as a bold choice, but in fact, these are so subtle and easy to combine.

21Purple and Lavender Elegance

Here we have another elegant design that we needed to share with you. The nails are painted in purple and lavender polish and decorated with silver rhinestones. It’s an ideal look for a summer cocktail party.

22Neutral Stiletto Nail Design

Neutral nails can be elegant, but it’s essential to add some details to keep the look amusing. You can achieve this by adding a matte top coat along with some simple patterns.

23Mustard Gel Matte

Mustard matte shades like this are great choice for almond shaped nails. It will look stylish on your nails all year round.

24Gray Matte Acrylics

Another color that is great for winter months is gray. Instead of using gel, go for acrylic nails topped with matte polish. Silver foils here are added for extra glam.

25Brown Matte Look

This stunning shade of brown varnish was combined with classic chevron print to get a sophisticated matte look.
Because of the neutral tones used in this design, you can combine these nails with any outfit imaginable.

26Boho Look

If you are not a fan of long and girly nails, then this is a perfect look for you. Boho design is another trend when it comes to nails. Try out the original and chic look from the photo; It’s going to spice up your casual outfit this season, for sure.

27Galaxy Matte Nails

If you want to create this magical look, you need to combine matte and gloss nail polish in the same shade (navy blue in this case). Matte polish is used as a base, and high glossed blue is splashed all over it.

28Pastel Shades

This look stands as proof that the matte effect isn’t just for the fall and winter months. Here’s such a playful design that will bring freshness to your summer style.

29Matte Sophistication

We couldn’t resist these black nails with leaf print. They will add a dash of sophistication to your look, and for sure will put you in the centre of attention wherever you go.

30Red Perfection

Red matte nails will always be trending. This timeless and chic nail design is perfect for ladies who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

31Matte Orange and Marble Nails

Two trends that work so well together are for sure matte and marble. This perfect autumnal manicure could be complemented with black retro foils just like on our photo.

32Winter Matte

Our next design features teal blue nail polish in combination with silver glitter. You can accentuate this look by adding simple geometric shapes on the index finger.

33Matte Stiletto with Patterns and Rhinestones

Matte brown stiletto nails together with black patterns and colorful rhinestones could be slightly over the top. They, for sure, go along with bold women who do not fear to dominate.

34Dusty Pink Matte

These dusty pink shades in a clean design are so subtle and unflashy that we couldn’t resist them. This cute look is ideal for spring weather.

35Foils and Matte Manicure

This eye-catching matte design is minimalistic and at the same time classy. It will look good on any nail shape or length, so give it a try.

36Classic, Chic and Sophisticated Look

Sometimes, less can be more. Nude matte colors are trending at the moment, and they’ll for sure make your nails look chic and sophisticated.

37Playful Pastels – Take Two

We have already mentioned this color combo when writing about blue nails. This time, we decided to present to you an upgraded version – gorgeous long stiletto nails, and matt finish, instead of the gloss finish. The results are divine!

38Rub of the Green

We love how the different tones of green and black have been used to create this enchanting look. We think this will make a great fall design.

39Dark Blue Combo

This design features two different techniques that work so well together. If you want a flawless and minimalistic New Year’s Eve manicure, we suggest these.

40On the Dot

This design is screaming CUTE. To recreate it, use dark matte gray nail polish as a base, add small and precise dots vertically in two different shades (you could use light blue and pink, if you want the look from the photo), and you’re ready to impress.

41Red Matte Nails

A combination of white and red is always a winner! We love this matte look with the added glitter leaves.

42Red and White Nails

This color combo of bright matte red and shiny white is so unique and super chic!