Metallic Nails


Metallic Nail Designs

Metallic nails are the coolest and the cutest nail trend right now. Intense colors, sparkles and high shine on your nails will be inevitable this summer. So, we suggest taking a closer look at our ideas for achieving a perfect metallic nail look that will put you in the center of attention for sure.

1Elegance at Its Best!

Girls, if you are in search of a charming and refined nail look that’ll emphasize your elegance, take a look at this design. This copper nail polish complemented with almond shaped nails will help you get the look.

2Marble and Metallic Nails Combo

As you might have already noticed, we are huge fans of combining two trending techniques into one nail look. This purple look is emphasized by adding a pinkish marble effect along with some metallic detailing.

3Zebra Print Nails

Who says that animal print looks too much on metallic nails?! This design is so eye-catching that we had to share it with you.  If you don’t want to go over the top, try out this design on shorter nails.

4Turquoise Unicorn Nails

This look proves that metallic varnish looks super cute on stiletto nails. To achieve this design use turquoise and mother of pearl shades of metallic nail polish. If you want to copy the unicorn pattern from the photo, add some wavy 3D effects onto the ring fingernail.

5Subtle Metallic Nails

Okay, this design is for girls that don’t like high shine, but still want to follow the trend. The subtleness of nude nails is interrupted with metallic nail polish in gold.

6Amazing Gray Nails

This chic design is perfect for a wintery mood. It features metallic gray nails in almond shape. These nails are easy to combine with any outfit imaginable. You can get the look by either applying gel polish or adding mirror powder over the top of your gray varnish.

7Peacock Nails

These are quite something, aren’t they? Here we have a combo of glitter and chrome nail polish perfectly played together. But not only that, colors used in this look are just stunning.  

8Bridal Design Nails

For all future brides – get out of your comfort zone and give these a try. Instead of choosing classic French manicure for your wedding day, dare to try these gorgeous metallic white nails?

9Ombre Metallic Nails

If you are not sure that metallic nails are for you, try combing them with ombre technique. Use light pink as a base and metallic gray on the tips. These nails will glam up your every outfit.

10Glitter and Metallic Nails

This nail look is perfect for some glamorous events. Besides peachy base, it features rose gold metallic polish and some stylish golden shimmers.

11Colorful Stiletto Nails

White base and colorful nail foils make this dazzling and vivid look. These cuties will be a nice addition to your summer party look if you dare to wear them.

12Matte and Metallic Combo Nails

Here we have a design that features two different techniques – matte and metallic. Entire Insta world went crazy for this look. For extra edginess, add cute rhinestones.

13Purple Charm Nails

We are smitten by this dark purple design. These are just another proof that metallic nail polish can look elegant and chic even on shorter nails.

14Color Coded Nails

To achieve this rainbow look on your nails, we suggest using metallic acrylic powder. It will look good on any nail shape, and it will for sure brighten up your every day outfit.

15Black and Blue Nails

This edgy black look is just stunning. Matte black and metallic blue combo doesn’t only look bold, but also so sophisticated and stylish.

16Metallic Chevron Nails

Our next design features metallic chevron print on a white base. Since it gives the illusion of longer nails, this print is perfect for office girls. To achieve this look, we suggest using Essie’s “Penny Talk”.

17Chrome Tips Nails

Another method to rock your metallic nail look is to add gold holographic foils on the tips of nails. It doesn’t take much time or effort to do this, and it will make your nails look super chic and smart.

18Metallic Minimalism

If you are one of those girls who like to play it safe, then this design is ideal for you. Apply glossy nail polish in your favorite shade, and with a thin brush add silver lines following the bottom part of your nail.

19Dash of Silver Nails

Here we have such a cute spring nail look. Matte nudes that are jazzed up with a dash of silver nail polish will be the number one trend this spring.

20Heart of the Ocean Nails

These gorgeous coffin shaped nails are such a statement. Ombre technique makes them look like perfectly polished blue diamonds.

21Unicorn Chrome Nails

We love how this pinkish-white chrome nail look is complemented with silver rings. Combine them this summer with your favorite maxi dress or jeans.

22Mirror Nails Nails

There are a few steps that you have to follow if you want to get the mirror effect from the photo. But before you try to copy the look, make sure your nails are clean and already shaped. Follow YouTube tutorials for further steps.

23Metallic and Matte French Manicure

When we talk about metallic nail designs, we have to mention black and gold combo. This look exceeds the boundaries of conventional, in a good way though.

24Subtle Metallic Nails

The quickest method to spice up the nude nails is to add gold holographic foils in different patterns. It doesn’t take much effort to do this since you can buy online the foils in different shapes.  

25Holographic 3D Nails

The perfect way to make your nails stand out is 3D designs. Here we have some cute holographic 3D patterns that will make you look classy and glamorous. These might be a fitting wedding nail look.

26Baby Blue Metallic Nails

If you’re looking some cute yet elegant look for your summer manicure, you cannot go wrong by choosing these cuties.

27Turquoise Foils Nail Art

To shake up your nude and black nail look add turquoise chrome foils, and it’ll give your nails a dose of edginess.  

28Silver-pink Ombre Nails

Here we have another ombre-metallic combo, this time in pink and silver shades.  This design is a perfect choice for brave girls who are ready to dominate wherever they appear.

29Party Look Nails

Silver nail polish, pink shimmer, and quotes – we think this combination is epic! It’s for sure one that draws attention, thus making these nails an ideal party look.

30Golden Foils Nails

The technique of chrome squares is absolute Instagram trend lately.  This is such a plain, yet very chic design that you can copy easily.

31Midnight Glamour Nails

This luxurious look features many different techniques. The two dominant colors (black and gold) make a perfect balance here, thus bringing an elegant note to the overall design. 

32Barbie Nail Look

This design is all you need if you want to achieve a girly and playful look. Baby pink nail polish and chrome powder could help you get these romantic nails. The design is ideal for special occasions such as cocktail parties or weddings.

33Chrome Patterns Nail Art

If the metallic nails are far out of your comfort zone, but you still want to follow trends, try out the look from the photo. Here we have green and red nails that have been emphasized with chrome patterns.

34Red Metallic Nails

Red metallic manicure is always a good choice. The only thing you have to do is to pick your favourite metallic red shade and you’ll get to this minimalistic and glamorous look.

35Lavishing Nail Design

Rhinestones are a perfect addition to chrome nails, especially to long ones. Take a look at our suggestion for this combination, it is too pretty to resist. Isn’t it?

36Framed Burgundy Nails

As we have mentioned earlier, matte and metallic make a cool combo. To recreate this look apply burgundy nail polish with matte finish, and with a thin brush add golden lines following the edges of your nail.

37Metallic Design for Short Nails

Paring metallic nails with negative space is one of the options if you want your short nails really to pop. For this design, different techniques are being used to show that chrome can look outstanding on short nails. 

38Blue Stiletto Nails

Our next look will reassure you that shimmer, matte, gloss and chrome may work together in single nail design. However, these gorgeous stilettos are only for bold girls.

39Emerald Chrome Nails

The emerald polish with a metallic finish is a perfect choice for the fall. It is easily combinable, and it looks good on both, long and short nails. To get this look, we suggest RGB “Sea” nail polish.

40Fall Nail Design

We couldn’t resist this cute design. Dark green base along with gold foils and shapes is just ravishing. The look is perfect for winter weather and goes along with sweater outfits.