mattified clear design

Matte White Nails

Looking for a way to elevate your white nail game? Enter: matte white nails. Mixing up the texture and finishes of your nails is one of our favorite ways to instantly transform the aesthetic of a nail design. Regardless of the time of year, white nails are a great classic color choice. Before you feel bored with your white nails we wanted to give you a dose of nail inspiration with some pretty creative matte white nail designs we stumbled across. We’re going to bet by the end of scrolling you’re ready to rock matte white nails the next time you get your nails done!

1Athleisure Inspired

Into the athleisure fashion trend? Bring that style to your nails! This is such a creative way to adapt your personal style into your nail design. Whether you’re an Adidas, Nike or any other brand fan adding the logo in black over matte white nails is going to be stylish.

2Striped Tips

How chic are these matte white nails? White and black is such a great color combination, and an easy one at that. These nails have the aesthetic of a French manicure but with some major edge added to the mix, replacing the white tips with matte black. We love that they added a more artistic flair to the design by bringing the stripes down from the tip of the nails.

3Mattified Shapes

Nails haven’t looked this modern and chic in a while! This design is stunning. Bringing some edge to solid matte white nails with the small black triangle painted onto the base of the nails is easy but comes with major style rewards. Of course the ombre and glitter design on the complimenting nails are stunners themselves, you can adapt those to your mani or just stick to the white nail design.

4Matte White Bling

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Matte white nails get a glam upgrade by adding rhinestones to them. This is such a great nail design idea for a DIY manicure. As long as you have a manicured nail shape/length all you need is the matte white nail polish and a few stones to accomplish this look.

5Matte Meets Clear

Leaving nails WITHOUT polish is the latest trend. Aren’t these nails so adorable? The best part of these matte white nails is how easy it is to shift the look of a solid white (and/or black!) nails. We’re all about how this nail design leaves clear space in different shapes + areas of each nail. Stick to an all-white mani or include a few matte black nails like they did here.

6Eye Love Matte White

Evil eye jewelry is so stylish but why limit the symbol to jewelry? Bring the evil eye vibe to your matte white nails. These nails are so creative how they included a clear half circle at the base of the nails and then used that shape to paint the evil eye.

7Feminine Florals

Paint your nails with a feminine personality by adding dainty flowers. Matte white nails get a softer appeal with a flower painted with delicate details. We love how they kept the flower simple and almost on the sheer side, with complimenting dainty black elements on the other nails.

8Matte Details

Keep the design element of your matte white nails simple, yet glam with rhinestones and embellishments strategically placed onto nails. Change it up and add more uniqueness to solid white nails by making each nail different.

9Glitter Vs. Matte

Glitter is such a pretty juxtaposition to matte white nails. Because of how extremely different the textures are (shine vs. flat matte) they play off of one another for a white manicure packed with personality. No matter what length or shape you keep your nails this is a great design to try!

10White Greenery

Vacation on the horizon? These nails are perfect! Keeping the foundation of nails simple and light with matte white polish allows for green leaves to pop. We’re definitely getting major tropic vibes from these nails. Make them your own with different leaf shapes, or even add a flower.

11Love White Nails

Love, love? So do we! This is such a cute way to add a personal touch to matte white nails. Even when you’re keeping your nails on the simple side with a solid polish on the entire nail(s), adding a small detail can elevate the look. Whether you write love or another word, keep it simple and cute!

12Checked in Matte White

We can’t get over these matte nails! There’s nothing easier than combining black and white on nails but this is one of the most unique ways we’ve seen the classic color combination designed in quite some time. For us, the stand out on this design has to be the check-like design on the ring finger complete with some clear space!

13Clear in Matte White

Are you inspired to have your nails done with some clear space incorporated into the design yet? We definitely are (if you couldn’t tell). Matte white gets a subtle style shift when it’s combined with a matte nude polish like they did here. Think outside the box when it comes to using negative space on your nails.

14White Flowers

Florals get a modern take when they’re painted in white polish, over clear nails. Allow the flower design to stand out by keeping the rest of the nails solid in matte white polish, like the picture shows. Add a little glam and three dimension to the design with embellishments added to the mix, or skip that part.

15Matte French Coffin

Modernize your classic French manicure by making a slight adjustment to the way the white polish is applied to the tips of the nails. We’re really into the way the tips have a triangular shape for a whole different look. Leave as is or bring some shine with rhinestones glued onto one of the nails.

16Marbled in Matte

Ahhh the marble nail design. We really can’t get enough of it. It’s been a trend in the nail world and we really don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. The fun thing about marble designed nails is when you use matte white polish it creates such a realistic look to the design. Don’t you think?

17White Snow Style

Winter is coming, winter is coming! Ok, ok we won’t talk too much about the holidays but there is going to be a time (rather soon) when you are going to be in the mood to embrace the holiday spirit on your nails. These matte white nails are such a chic way to design nails for the season using matte white nail polish.

18White + Black Chic

Give matte white nails major edge by pairing the solid color with matte black polish. Even if you just incorporate one nail with matte black polish it completely shifts the look of matte white. Take a note from this manicure and throw in a rhinestone finished nail for even more style, if you want!

19Golden Whites

Combining matte white with textures that are opposite, like rhinestones and glitter, is something we don’t think we can get enough of. It’s just so…pretty! Gold glitter and rhinestones add a major glam factor to solid white polish. This is a great option for the holiday season OR a cocktail event.

20Modern Matte Design

We’re pretty sure you haven’t seen nails designed this way before. How incredible, right?! Pair matte white with matte nude polish and you can count on a great color scheme. The design here is fairly streamlined, showing us that less is more.

21Simple Stunning Styles

The saying less is more strikes again with this matte white nail look. Choose one to two nails to include clear stripes onto. Not sure how to do that exactly? Tape off the striped sections and simply paint around it! That’s also the easiest way to get those perfectly straight lines.

22Delicate White Designs

You didn’t think we were done with the designs including white and nude polish as the color scheme, did you? These were too pretty not to include in our list. The design elements are delicate and mesh perfectly with the neutral color palette. Adding a matte finish gives the design even more style.

23Matte Neutral Ombre

Opt for a light and neutral color scheme with an ombre design like this. Starting with bright white polish at the tips of nails, fading into a light beige/nude color is unexpected yet modern. Complete the look and add more style with a few rhinestones glued onto one of the nails.

24Tropical in White

Beach ready?! You will be with these white nails! Sure you may often think of bright nail colors when you’re heading to the beach or on vacation. This matte white nail look shows us you can opt for neutral colors and get a perfect vaca inspired design.

25Sweater Inspired Nails

Sweater weather is approaching. Instead of feeling down about it, let’s use it as inspiration for our next nail designs like this. Matte white polish is the perfect base for this design, complimenting pale pink and grey tones to add even more brightness to the look.

26Loving White Nails

Whether it’s Valentine’s day or you just love, love – these nails are so cute. Matte white pops beautifully next to matte red. Keep it simple with solid polish on the nails in this color palette, or take a page from their book and complete the look with a black heart painted onto the white nail.

27Striping Matte

Another great example of our beloved white and black color combo. It really doesn’t get old, does it? This proves, yet again, even when the design is simple when you include a matte finish and small detailed touches that’s really all you need for a gorgeous manicure.

28Classic Matte White Nails

Ultimate simplicity in this manicure. Naturally we really love unique nail art but let’s face it there are times in all our lives where we just want our nails to be as simple as possible. Even when you want simple nails, that doesn’t mean you want boring. Solid matte white nails are the perfect balance.

29Sharply Styled White

Stiletto shaped nails have a way of making any nail art look edgy. Case in point – these beauties. While this design is pretty epic on stiletto shaped nails, we’re willing to bet this combination will look incredible on any nail length/shape.

30Neutrals Combined

These nails are such an unexpected color combination. We love it! Brown, black and white are all neutral colors and guess what? They go together seamlessly. Including matte white polish to this design really adds some lightness next to the darker colors.

31White to Blue

Ombre nails strike again! To be honest we haven’t seen an ombre nail design that we haven’t enjoyed. This is another great example of how to work with the design using matte white polish for the perfect spring/summer manicure.

32Dipped in Chrome

French manicure = upgrade! How chic are these nails? Matte white polish is such a great base color to use with silver chrome applied to just the tips of the nails. It’s kind of like the reverse, modern French manicure you never knew you’d love.

33Clear Space Styles

Including geometric shapes to solid matte white polish is an unexpected way to transform the entire aesthetic of your nails. Add shapes with different color nail polish colors OR give your nails a modern twist by leaving the shapes clear.

34White Lace Love

How gorgeous is this lace inspired design? Leave the base of the nail clear and use your creativity to paint a unique design in matte white polish to compliment solid matte white nails. Keeping the rest of the nails solid gives the designed nail to be the focal point of the design.

35French Mattified

Add a softness to your nails with this nearly sheer to matte white ombre design. There’s something about the matte finish of these nails that makes it feel so special. We have to admit we’re all about the addition of rhinestones on these beauties!

36Edgy Marbling

37Stones & Stripes

38White Meets Grey Tones

39Feminine Style

40Ying and Yang