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Cat Eye Magnetic Nail Polish and How to Apply Magnetic Nail Polish

One of the things we love most about the beauty industry is the fact that it’s ever evolving. There are always new products, trends and ideas hitting mainstream giving us so much to work with on a personal level. The nail world isn’t any different. As of now one of the new nail products that has been making waves is cat eye magnetic nail polish. This particular trend gives the appearance of a cat eye when a specific type of polish is applied. Since it’s a nail polish color/type that’s been gaining a lot of popularity we want to make sure we’re keeping you on the cusp of the trends.

The key to achieving this trend is in the application. It is cat eye MAGNETIC nail polish after all. After you prep your nail, apply a base coat of nail polish to your nails and allow enough time for it to dry completely. Once the base coat color (dark colors tend to give the most dramatic effect) is fully dry you will then apply the cat eye magnetic nail polish over the top. As the cat eye polish is drying, this is where the magic happens, you hold a magnetic over the nail (fairly close in distance) and you will begin to see a shift in the effect of the polish begin.

1Best Magnetic Nail Polish Brands

Obviously when it comes to using any nail polish you want to ensure that you are using the best brands, it makes such a difference in the result(s) achieved. Now, not every brand is producing cat eye magnetic nail polish so you may not find it everywhere. Some of the best cat eye nail polishes we’ve found are Azure Beauty, Born Pretty and Gellen. All of these brands are available on Amazon. If the cat eye polishes you purchase don’t come with a magnet, ma ke sure you get one!

2Royally Blue Cat Eye Nails

Now that fall is here, most of us are going to begin opting for darker nail colors. Dark blue is such a pretty color option this time of year. Especially when the blue is in a cat eye polish for added dimension! Add a little royal touch to royal blue polish with rhinestones in complimenting colors.

3Cat Eye French

We’ve been all about all the different takes on the classic French manicure creative minds have thought up over the past couple of years. This rendition is no different. Using a grey toned cat eye nail polish is such a great partner to black tips. Such a great fall/winter manicure!

4Ringed in Magnets

Cat eye magnetic nail polish is the perfect trend to use to create a unique manicure. Combining grey and black cat eye polish with solid black nails is everything. Alone the nail polishes are so stylish, give nails a little more style and edge with gold embellishments added to the mix.

5Neutral Cat Eye Nails

Love the cat eye nail polish trend but want to try it out a little more subtly? This is a great option to reference when you want your nails a bit more neutral but still want a little touch of the trend. Applying cat eye polish to just one accent nail is so pretty. Just make sure the other nails are painted in a complimentary nail color.

6Pops of Pink Cat Eye Nail Color

These nails are what pink lovers well…love! Change the vibe of your classic pink nails with cat eye polish. Getting the pink to shine through in a line is just enough of a pop to highlight the solid pink nails. Great nail art idea to try with any color.

7Magnet Accented in Glitter

Glitter + cat eye polish = love! There’s not much NOT to love about this combination. Select your favorite cat eye magnetic nail polish color and apply to all but one nail. The nail that you leave empty will get that glam overhaul with glitter polish.

8Cat Eye Meets Glam

This nail art is giving us major edgy glam vibes and we’re officially in love. The dark blue and black tones of the cat eye nail polish used is stunning. While the cat eye polish looks great alone, we have to admit we really love the solid black accent nail embellished with rhinestones to take this look to the next level.

9Cat Eye Cats

With Halloween right around the corner we couldn’t resist this nail design. This really brings cat eye nail polish to reality – with an actual cat designed into the nail. Use black + grey toned cat eye magnetic polish for this to get the vibe in line. Stencils make this easy to DIY!

10Mixing Magnet Cat Eye Nails

Why choose only one nail color when you can choose ALL of them?! These nails are a great example of how you can think outside the box and combine multiple nail colors together for a one-of-a-kind manicure. Consider mixing a couple of different cat eye polishes together for a similar style.

11Coral Cat Style

Springtime fresh! We adore these nails for the spring and summer season. Add some lightness to your cat eye nail polish by pairing it with a coral color nail color. Using cat eye as the accent nail adds just enough definition to the look.

12Eye of the Tiger

Keep it (somewhat) simple with nails painted in cat eye magnetic polish. The great thing about this nail polish is even when you add no other details or design elements it’s interesting enough to create a showstopping manicure. Regardless of your nail length and shape, you really can’t go wrong with an all cat eye look.

13Pearl Embellished Magnets

Embellishments have a way of making any nail look instantly more interesting. Of course cat eye nail polish is pretty interesting alone, adding a few pretty embellishments to one or two nails definitely isn’t going to do any harm. This embellishment is giving us pearl necklace vibes.

14Galaxy Inspired Cat Eye Nails

HELLO! How stunning are these nails?! We’re majorly obsessed with these beauties. Guess what? They’re a whole lot easier to recreate than they look all thanks to cat eye magnetic polish. All you have to do is apply the cat eye nail polish to your nails, after it dries top it off with glitter polish. BRB we’re painting our nails in these galaxy inspired nails now!

15Shaped in Cat Eye

We love the geometric style of this design. Pairing multiple cat eye nail colors together is such a gorgeous way to create that unique look. If you want a similar geometric style section off areas of the nail(s) using tape and paint accordingly.

16Major Glam Moments

Talk about glam, right?! If you’re looking for a manicure look that’s all out glam this is exactly what you need to try on your nails. Going all out glam on one accent nail is such a wearable way to rock rhinestones. Mix in various sizes, shapes and colors of rhinestones for a multi-dimensional look. Rhinestones look incredible complimenting cat eye polish!

17Neutrally Glam Cat Eye

Recently we’ve noticed that there isn’t a lot of nail designs that combine different neutral colors together. You’ve probably seen white and black polishes worn together but we LOVE that this manicure included brown for the perfect fall look. Don’t hesitate to include various neutral colors together like this!

18Green Envy

Your friends will definitely envy you and your nails with this look. This is a great option for the holiday season, too! Pair green cat eye polish with white for a fresh color combination. If you can’t or aren’t a fan of the white design over the green polish you can always just stick to white as an accent nail.

19Metallic Magnet

Metallic stunners! We’re totally in love with these nails. Adding silver glitter polish is an unexpected, perfect twist to grey cat eye polish. Painting an accent nail in silver glitter or a chrome polish gives this look so much depth and texture.

20Grey, Splashed

Because cat eye magnetic nail polish is so full of style and dimension on its own you don’t always need to go crazy with additional design. This is a perfect example of how you can add a few abstract elements and the result is a beautiful manicure.

21Iridescent Cat Eye Nails

Looking for a manicure that is an ALL out show stopping design?! This is for you! First select a bright toned cat eye nail polish, like this blue, to use as the foundation for the design. Complete the look with a blue undertoned iridescent polish on an accent nail. Easy but OH so incredible.

22Cat Eye Mattified

So far we’ve shown you a lot of cat eye nail polish designs that really embrace the shiny aesthetic. An easy way to really change the vibe of cat eye polish? Enter: matte finish. These beauties look like a whole different trend when they’re painted with a matte finish.

23Mixing Trends

Can’t choose just one design or trend to paint onto your nails? No need to choose! These beauties prove we can rock a different trend on each nail for a super chic look. We love how the cat eye nail polish gets amplified next to nude/black simple designs.

24Magnetic in Neon

POP your nails with neon and cat eye polish combined. The key to achieving this type of manicure is to select a neon shade that’s in the same color family as the cat eye nail polish. Here they combined neon purple polish with blue toned cat eye polish – both shades are in the cool color family so it works!

25Subtle Cat Eye Nails

Keep it light and neutral with these nails. The nude nail color trend isn’t showing any sign of slowing down, opting for a nude color cat eye polish is a great way to give the color an update. For those times you want just a little style added to your neutral nails.

26Clearly Cat Eye Chic

Another example of embracing the neutral trend with cat eye nail polish. Clear nails are everywhere right now, it’s a great option when you work in a professional environment or can’t have nails that are too over the top. But let’s face it you probably want a *little something design wise mixed in. That’s where cat eye polish comes in perfectly.

27Styled Neutrally Cat Eye Nail Art

Neutral colors are anything but boring with this design. Opting for a neutral toned cat eye polish is absolutely gorgeous when paired with a nude color. We can’t get enough of how this design added some additional embellishing to the nude painted nails.

28Pretty Pink Cat Eye Nail Design

Bring pink polish into the fall and winter with these nails! Typically pale pink shades are more appropriate for the spring/summer seasons but when you pair pink glitter up with cat eye polish you can easily transition your favorite hue into the cold weather months.

29Purple Designed

Play up purple cat eye polish with complimenting purple designs and polishes. These nails are so stylish, including glitter and a purple version of a French manicure. Together they all work well together and really enhance the cat eye polish beautifully.

30Chic in Red

Red and black are never going to be a bad color choice. Especially when the colors are combined using cat eye nail polish. Getting the cat eye to shine through in a straight, diagonal line on each nail is just enough detail to showcase the pop of red among black polish.

31Bold Red Nails

Make a bold red statement with a cat eye nail design like this. Previously you saw red shining through black polish, this design is all out red perfection. Keep consistent with red cat eye polish on every nail or break it up with a nude accent nail mixed in – it’s up to you!

32Mermaid Eyes

33Overly Designs

34Swirling in Style

35Modern Magnet Moment

36White Flower Touches