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Minimalist Nail Art

Throughout the years over the top nail art has always turned heads and made major style statements. Recently, some of the trends have been changing to a less is more approach. Enter: minimalist nail art. If you’re someone who isn’t really into all the bold nail art, minimalist nail art is likely music to your ears. Personally, we really love the shift – even though we’ll always love bold art. It’s always fun to see how trends and styles change. A lot of minimalist nail art is perfect for short nails, too, which isn’t the case for all nail trends we come across. Scroll through to get a better sense of minimalist nail art, we think you’re going to really love it!

1Artistically Minimal

Minimalist nail art doesn’t mean it can’t be artsy! These nails are proof of that. Adding different shapes in different colors all over clear nails gives minimalist nails that artistic flair. The best of both worlds.

2Minimal Touches of Color

We don’t know about you but we really love the clear nail trend that’s been just about everywhere lately. It’s perfect to encompass a minimalist vibe with nails. Adding just small shapes, in colors of your choice, amplifies the manicure beautifully.

3Clearly Edged Minimalism

Love a little edge to your manicure? Style minimalism with a slight edge with this nail art. Painting one nail solid black, next to clear painted nails, definitely gives the overall manicure that pop of edginess to complete the look.

4Minimally Lined

Clear nails get the minimalist nail art spin here. Isn’t it amazing what simple shapes and lines can do to transform the enter aesthetic of a manicure? Use a straight edge, or tape, to get those lines sharp and straight if you plan to DIY a mani like this.

5Outlined in Style

Over the past year or so we’ve seen our fair share of French tip manicure interpretations and design innovations. We’ve shown you quite a few, too! When we came across THIS design, we instantly became obsessed. It’s edgy, modern, and minimalistic all at once.

6Slight Edge

Another minimalist nail approach to the French tip manicure. This option has a slight edge to it, quite literally. We like that they added the black polish ever so slightly to the tips of the nails, and on an angle, for a geometric feel.

7Neutrally Minimal

Aren’t these nails so fun? They feel incredibly modern, in our opinion. Combining black and white is a sure fire way to give your nails that minimalism feel. The thing we like about this manicure in particular is the unique placement of the lines, adding some straight and some curved.

8Bolted Style

Minimalist nails doesn’t mean it’s ONLY shapes and lines. We thought the tiny lightning bolts were so cute here. Painting the bolts with a bold color, like red, adds just a hint of color to an otherwise very neutral nail design.

9Cobalt Minimalism

There’s something about cobalt blue nail polish that we really love. Ok, well it’s probably the color because – look at it! It’s such a bold color statement, which makes it perfect to use to create a minimalist nail art look.

10Minimal Rainbow Dots

Rainbow nail colors + minimal nail design = winning manicure. We thought this was such a unique design. Adding the rainbow nail trend, adding color just to the base of every nail, and adding a tiny dotted line down the center of the nail is simple yet SO chic.

11Subtly Striped

We have to say, with the warm weather we really love all the ways people have found to incorporate pops of color into minimalist nail art. These nails are amazing! The very subtle line, in different colors no less, on each nail really transforms the minimalist design.

12Colorful French

The French tip manicure interpretations just keep coming! We hope you love them as much as we do. Not only does the use of different colors make this design different, but we thought the addition of adding color at the base of the nail was another element that really elevated this look.

13Dainty Dots

This manicure is the epitome of minimalist nail art. The polka dots are VERY tiny on these nails, giving you that minimal feel. Play around with the colors you use to cater to your own personal style. This is a really easy nail design to DIY.

14Dotted Minimalism

As you can see, minimalist nail design is a great way to play around with the foundation of French tip manicures. How incredible is this design, thought? Painting a very thin black line on the ends, paired with small white dots under that line – we’re in love.

15Evil Eye Inspired

We’ve noticed the evil eye has been popular in jewelry lately, so we thought the addition of the design to nails was really fun. Whether you like the evil eye for spiritual beliefs or not, there’s no denying this manicure is a stand out.

16Eye See Minimalism

Another manicure that incorporated an eye design, this isn’t exactly the evil eye design, but it’s just as stylish. We love how they combined the checked design and a solid white nail to complement the eyes.

17Fruity Style

These nails are summertime perfection! Nothing says summer like some fresh fruit. While fruit isn’t exactly ‘minimal’ in the traditional sense of minimalism, this manicure has shown us how you can really transform any theme to fit that vibe.

18Glitter Based

Love glitter? We do, too! Keep your nails super minimal with a clear base and add glitter just to the base of the nails. It’s definitely minimal, but thanks to the touch of glitter you still have some glam with your manicure. Best of both worlds, if you ask us!

19Green with Envy

You know we couldn’t resist this minimalist nail design. We know, we know – it’s another French tip manicure look. The use of GREEN on the tips of the nails here was so unique we couldn’t resist showing you. Of course, you can use any color you like for a similar look.

20Minimal in Metallic

The thing we really love about chrome nail polish, in particular, is the way the metallic finish gives you that glamorous feel with a hint of edginess. Just look at how minimal touches of gold chrome gives clear nails new life.

21Spotted Colors

Simple shapes are all you need for an epic minimalist manicure. Again, we have the clear nail polish that’s completed with one, very simple, dot painted onto each nail. The thing that makes these nails unique is the use of different colors and placing the dots in different areas of the nail.

22Red Hot Chic

Talk about nails that are red HOT, literally! Applying even very thin lines of red polish adds so much dimension, style and artistic flair to clear nails. Giving you the perfect minimalist nail design. The addition of the second line, under the ends, really elongates the look of the nails too.

23Minimal Dainty Style

These nails are so pretty! We always love when manicures have that dainty, soft aesthetic to them. Using white and nude nail colors is an easy way to get that vibe. They also happy to be the perfect complement to minimal nail art like polka dots and simple lines.

24Neutral Stars

Nude nail polish is a classic, and common, color choice lately. It’s chic, neutral (obviously) and easy to add personality to. As you can see here, painting simple stars in a contrasting color makes for a super cute manicure.

25Pop of Color

Love neutral nail colors? We’re with you! They’re so easy to wear. But let’s face it, there are times you want to add a little touch of color without committing to a full-color manicure. Enter: minimalist nail art with a pop of color!

26Orange Minimalist

This is a gorgeous nail art design for someone who loves a colorful manicure. Combining bright colors like this get a minimalist twist when they’re painted onto the nail exposing some negative space.

27Pretty Pink Art

Here’s another fun minimal design for the person who likes to experiment with colors. While you can definitely use neutral colors, this particular design is great to showcase your favorite hues. It’s incredible how that touch of negative space really adds to the minimalist aesthetic.

28Spotted Minimally

We’ve shown you a few spotted manicures already, this one stands out though so we needed to add it to the list. The black and white color combination gives that spotted kind of feel that we thought was really fun and unique.

29Outlined in Color

Hello!! How cool is THIS nail art? Another way to bring the rainbow nail trend into the mix, but with a minimalist approach. The placement of the outline is unlike anything we’ve seen. Even such a small detail makes a major style statement.

30Curved Rainbow

Rainbow bright, done right! This curved shape around the base of the nail is often referred to as a reverse French tip manicure, with the color (or line, rather) being on the opposite end of the nail. Whatever you call it, painting the line in rainbow colors is EVERYTHING.

31Minimal Dots

It’s not often you see so many nail art designs that look SO great on short nails. That’s one of the reasons we really love the minimalist nail trend. Matte nude polish certainly isn’t basic thanks to tiny dots added to the nails.

32Reverse French Mani

Remember that ‘reverse’ French tip manicure we mentioned a couple of slides back? Well, here’s a perfect example of it – quite literal, too. Painting just the base of the nail white, instead of the tip, is a switch up that we’re here for.

33Glitter Ends

You know we’re always up for an opportunity to add some glam to even minimal nails. We thought the use of rhinestones, giving the nails a 3D effect, was so incredible. The texture of the rhinestones really adds unexpected dimension to the nails.

34Chrome Lined

White nails are a personal favorite of ours. There’s just something about a classic white manicure that feels fresh and modern, regardless of the time of year or season. Add a minimalist touch with silver chrome lines added to your white polish. Simple but SO chic.

35White Shaped Ends

White nail polish is a great color to use for minimalist nails, as you’ve seen throughout this list. These nails are another great example of how white polish can be transformed to create an epic nail design that’s artist and minimal.

36Lined in White

37Diagonal Chic

38North Star

39Minimal Florals

40Sunshine Dots