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Bright Nail Designs Color Combos

Bright nails?! Yes, please! There’s something extra fun about bright nail designs, don’t you think? No matter the season, adding bright colors to your nails is a guaranteed mood booster. Sure it’s a small thing but after this year, the small things feel even more special. Add some brightness to your days with your nails. We’ve found some of the most epic, creative and stylish bright nail designs that are going to give you major nail inspo. We’d love to hear which designs are your favorites!

1Color Blocked

How adorable is this nail design? The color combination is so fun, and really goes to show you can combine just about any colors you desire for a fun manicure. Recreate this design using tape or a straight edge to get those perfectly straight lines.

2Bright Animal Print

Leopard print has long been popular in nail design. It’s really not surprising, it’s a fun and (always!) trendy print. What IS new though, is this blue and yellow color scheme used to adapt the print. Talk about a unique twist!

3Geometric Colors

Anytime you can’t choose ONE color for your manicure, just go ahead and combine your favorites! This manicure is a great example of how multiple colors amplify a nail design. The designs are quite simple with triangles and circles, but it’s the use of different colors that really make this a stand out design.

4Bold in Florals

Bright colors + flower…you can’t go wrong! We really love that they painted flowers in different bright colors to add even more personality to the design. Painting a couple of nails in a solid colors gives some dimension to the manicure, too.

5Outlining Colors

Ok, can we take a moment to appreciate this nail design?! We’re no strangers to French manicure designs, but this may be one of the most modern interpretations we’ve seen YET. The outlined effect gives you just a touch of color, with a modern twist.

6Neon Leopard Print

Neon for the win! Colors can’t get much brighter than neon hues. Adding even more boldness to neon colors with the leopard print design gives this manicure such an incredible addition.

7Bright Matte + Glam

Why paint your nails one color when you can rock TWO?! Bright purple and pink are a stunning color combination, as you can see here. We’re all about the matte finish and rhinestone embellishment to really bring the whole look together in style.

8Shocking in Neon

Neon strikes again. This time they added a matte finish and accent nail design for their own neon manicure look. Using white as the base color of the accent nail gives this really great freshness to the overall manicure.

9Bold and Modern

Isn’t this manicure fun?! We adore the modern take on neon nail polish. Beginning with a clear coat of polish, painting a couple of nails in a bright neon hue really amplifies the design. We really love that they only added neon polish to a couple of nails to allow the clear space to really be a focal point.

10Candy Coated Nails

Painting every nail a solid, different color is an easy way to give yourself a bold nail look. As you can see here, it’s the perfect DIY manicure because of its ease but it’s still loaded with major style and color throughout.

11Pop of Coral

Coral nail polish is nothing new, but what caught our eye with this manicure was the accent nail addition. This goes to show you can paint your nails a solid, bright color and add just a SMALL accent to enhance the entire design.

12Mermaid Inspired

Shifting to a more detailed nail design, scale inspired artwork is a major nail statement. Sure you can keep the color consistent throughout the design but the tie dye aesthetic really gives the scales something extra special, don’t you think?

13Shaped with Color

All we can say about this manicure is WOW. These nails are pure art. Between the color combination, artistic design and cohesion throughout this is a colorful manicure that’s dream worthy.

14French Inspired Colors

None of us are new to the various ways people have used the classic French manicure as inspiration to create an incredibly unique design. We continue to be impressed by the creativity that nail artists share online. This manicure may be one of our absolute favorites to date!

15Rainbow Bright

Rainbow nails have really come to life with these nails. Between the stiletto nail shape, glitter addition and rainbow stripes painted along one hand – they’ve set the bar high for rainbow nail art.

16Bold Metallics

You probably know we’re all about ombre nail art. It’s one of those techniques that you can’t ever go wrong in adapting. If you want to add a bright pop of color to nails, but do so a bit more subtle, this is an absolutely gorgeous way to achieve that.

17Green Meets Purple

One of the easiest ways to create an epic bright colored manicure is to simply choose two complimentary colors and paint them onto nails in a rotating pattern. Easy, bold and fun!

18Hawaiian Themed

Whether you’re heading to the Hawaiian islands, or just want to dream of doing so post-covid, these Hawaiian flowers are stunning. Black polish gives a little edge to the looks and allows the bright colors to pop beautifully.

19Hot Pink Design

Hot pink is one of those “go-to” bright nail colors so many of us count on when we want that bold nail statement. This manicure is an example of what that’s the case! It’s fun, feminine and classic. Give your hot pink nails a little something ‘extra’ by painting an interesting design onto the accent nail.

20Lovely Lemons

These lemon designed nails are giving us all the summertime vibes. Even though it’s not summer right now, this is a design to save and reference once the season comes back around and you need some fresh nail ideas.

21Spotted Brightly

If you like white nails, but you want to change it up every once in a while consider adding glitter! These large glitter pieces, with multiple colors mixed together, completely change the aesthetic of a classic white manicure.

22Neon Stripes

Neon for the win, yet again! Metallic stripes painted onto the ends of two nails gives even more drama to neon nail polish. We think choosing metallic here gives this fun, unexpected addition to neon yellow.

23Stitched in Color

Another incredibly creative manicure! We were stunned when we stumbled upon this nail art. Pairing multiple bright colors together is, clearly, a great way to develop a unique manicure. Here, they took the creativity to new heights by painting this ‘stitched’ element to nails.

24Monochrome Hues

While we’ve shown you quite a few manicures that incorporate quite a few different colors, you can keep it simple with just two shades. Here they opted for this gorgeous bright orange and pink to achieve this semi-monochromatic feel.

25Seeing Through Colors

Yet again, we’re left speechless with the creativity! Pink and blue often make for a great color combination, but we have to say this particular design gave new life to the color scheme. Leaving ‘negative space’ and adding a metallic embellishment make this anything but your average design.

26Ombre Iridescence

As if bright pink and orange ombre nails weren’t enough, complete the look with an iridescent chrome finish! Even with the chrome –like finish applied to one nail it’s enough to give major dimension to the manicure.

27Primary Ends

Here we are again – with another epic French manicure style design that’s been amplified. We can’t handle this! Here they opted for a primary color scheme which we have to say, we are HERE for.

28Lavender and Dandelions

Floral designs get another modern upgrade with this manicure. Mixing lavender polish and this pastel yellow is perfection for springtime aesthetic. While the color scheme is gorgeous, what really makes this unique is the minimal floral design combined with a matte finish.

29Shades of Warmth

We sure hope you haven’t had enough of the French mani inspired designs, because we’ll admit we haven’t! Here they painted the tips of nails in a different color but created this monochromatic color scheme with warm toned hues.

30Unexpected Color Combo

One of our favorite things about nail art is the fact that it’s temporary, making it easy to experiment with unique and unexpected color combinations. These two colors probably aren’t two you would naturally think to combine but WOW – stunning!

31Money Colors

Love money? Express your love with your nail art! We thought the money bag design was too fun not to share. It’s a statement that happens to pair well with neon yellow and pink polish.

32Pink Tones

You may have noticed at this point on the list, combining nail polish in various tones of the same color is pretty much guaranteed to leave you with a stylish design. We’re in love with these shades of pinks mixed together.

33Half and Half

Taking design inspiration from the classic black and white cookies, at least that’s what it reminded us of! This is a design you can try using just about any colors you desire. Add some consistency to the design by one of the ‘halves’ being painted the same color on each nail.

34Bold Rainbow

This nail design is one that’s become incredibly popular throughout 2020. It’s likely because it’s a pretty easy design to recreate, no artistic abilities required. All you need to do is select your nail colors.

35Swirling Colors

Similar to the previous slide, in that each nail is painted a different color, this design took that trend up a few notches. Instead of painting each nail in a solid color, you can rock bold colors over white polish to soften the shades a bit.

36Coloring Tie Dye

37Turquoise Stone

38Spotted Colorfully

39Pink and Yellow

40Modern Design Color