white tip nails

White Tip Nail Designs

When we mention ‘white tip nails’ we’re sure you instantly think of French manicure. There was kind of a phase when French manicure was the style everyone was going for and even though it might not be as popular as it used to be, it is still a classic nail design. It remains an easy nail design to pick if you are going for a natural look, a classy look or a simple look. The idea of a French manicure may sound too boring because there isn’t much to the design aside from the white tips. Well, we beg to differ. Those white nail tips can simple be the basis of a more unique nail design that makes your French manicure stand out from the rest. Take a look at the next 40 designs for some ideas.

1Classically French

This is the classic French manicure which is the standard white tips look. Definitely can’t go wrong with this one as it is simple and natural.

2French Accent

Create an accent nail with the French manicure design. While all of your nail tips are white, give one nail tip a different colour or some sparkle.

3Golden French

A bit of gold never hurts anyone. Add a gold line at the bottom of the white tip on each fingernail. This look still keeps the class of the French manicure.

4Don’t Cross the Line

This is a more harsh design with the white nail tips for a more casual and less conservative look. Add a strip of black polish just below the white tip.

5French Ombre

You can make your nails even more natural by opting for this nail design. Use the ombre effect for a gradual gradient from nude to white tips.

6Rock Chic Tips

This is for those are not into the dainty look. Step away from the girly look by adding edgy patterns and designs over the white tips in dark shades.

Je Suis Chanel

Quilted nail designs on an accent nail

Inspired by the French designer, Chanel, recreate the iconic quilted effect on an accent nail. Leave all other nails with a simple French manicure.

7Show Your Feathers

While all nail tips are white, paint an accent nail in white polish and then draw a feather over the white base.


Add some beach vibes to your white tips. Create a wave effect using sea shades at the bottom of the white tips.

9Baroque Motifs

Nothing is more classic that Baroque motifs. So add these patterns on accent nails to make the French manicure even more sophisticated.

10Cross Those Lines

Dainty nail art doesn’t have to be complicated. Paint your nail tips at a point rather than straight and add thin lines that cross over.

11White and Whiter

Use two shades of white or two white polish with different opacity. Colour the tips in white using the lighter shade at the base of the tip and the stronger shade at the top.

12Gems On Point

Colour the tips white with a point at the base of the tip. At each of the point stick on a small gem or rhinestone for extra effect.

13Glittered French

Start by giving your nails a French manicure. Then add rose gold glitter over the bottom of the nail tip and halfway through the nail. This a total glitzy look.

14The Grey Ombre

Ombre to a white tip doesn’t have to be nude. Another perfect shade would be a light grey. The darker base makes the white tips pop out more.

15Anchor It

Summer is on the way. Add summer vibes on an accent nail by drawing a small anchor over one of the white nail tips.

16Bright Floral

Colours pop out more over white shades. Draw on bright coloured florals over white nail tips for that bit of colour.


Who said classic? Swap the straight white nail tip for a design of a white flame. Your nails can’t be more lit than this.

18Kimono Floral

Take your design away from the nail tips. Add oriental flowers as close to the nail bed as possible leaving the white nail tips clean.

Meet Me Halfway

Black curved lines that meet at the centre

Keep it simple with a French manicure. Then add a curved line from each side of the nail as they meet half way. Add some sparkle for a more evening look.

19Lace Tips

Lace is a dainty fabric so adding the pattern to our nail design can only make it more dainty. Draw the lace effect in white at the base of the white nail tip.

20Floral Tips

21Floral Accents

223D Motifs

23Black and White

24Snow Flake

25Nails of Christmas Past

26Sparkle Galore

27French On Point

28Silver Lining

29Polka Dot It

30Bring the Gold

31Glittery Tips

32A Touch of Silver

33Dash of Rhinestones

34Flashy French

35Abstract French

36Edge of Gems

37Gothic French

38Sparkly Accents


Whatever the occasion, white nail tips will fit every look. However, if everyone had to wear this look everyone would have the same nails. Just because you want to keep it simple it doesn’t mean that you can’t express a bit of your personality. While at first it might be difficult to think of any nail art or nail designs that fit the white nail tip, we have just shown 40 unique designs. These designs vary and your choice should be based on what you want your final look to be.

Although the French manicure is a very cute and classic there are ways of making it more edgy and less girly. Similarly there are designs to make it even more dainty and sophisticated. Either way, the design remains very simple and thus perfect for people who are in a rush. These designs are also great if you want to try doing it yourself rather than going to a salon. However, if you are doing it yourself, make sure you have a steady hand because there is nothing worst than wonky tips.

Regardless of the design you pick there are a couple suggestions that we want to give you if you are opting for a white nail tip design. Firstly, leave your nails long. You need to actually have a tip to cover in white. The longer the tip the bigger the canvas for your nail art. Secondly, shape your nails well. This is a very linear design so unshaped nails will not look refined. Finally, make sure that you are using a top coat to give that shiny seal which is a classic part of the French manicure look.