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Neutral Color Nail Designs

All the neutral nail loving ladies, we’re talking to you! Neutral nails have become the new normal for many women. Sound like you? Good, because we’ve uncovered some pretty stunning ways to design neutral color nails to keep things a little more interesting than a solid nude polish. Of course, we’re all about a solid color every now and then. There’s more opportunity to showcase your personal style through your nails all while keeping it neutral. In fact, we found around 40 neutral nail color designs to share with you. We’ll stop chatting so you can get to scrolling!

1Neutral Greenery

The beauty of neutral color nails is the simplistic style it offers. When you find just the right neutral nude nail color, keep the design simple to compliment the color. Painting on a delicate design like leaves, in white polish, is a beautiful touch.

2Aztec Inspired Neutrals

Add some edge to neutral nail color by turning the nail color into a matte finish. There’s something about a matte finish on just about any nail color that gives it some edginess. To add even more edge, paint an Aztec inspired design like this to the top. The design is quite simple but instantly elevates the nails.

3I Heart Neutral Nails

Love neutral nails? Bring your love for nails, or anything else really, to your nail design. You’ve seen a few easy designs using white polish – black looks just as great. Painting a classic heart in black polish onto just two nails gives neutral nails a little extra love.

4Neutral Geometry

If you’re into a modern vibe with your nails, this is the neutral nail color design for you to give a try this year. Combining different neutral colors together is an underrated color combination. White, black and nude polish look great alone and even better together like these nails show.

5Neutral Rhinestone Chic

Simple glam hasn’t looked this chic in a while, has it? We can’t get enough of how stunning these neutral nails look. The key is strategically applying rhinestones. Gluing the stones to the base of the nail like this gives a crown like look.

6Tipped with Chrome

How chic are these neutral nails?! When it comes to neutral nails you really can keep things incredibly simple and reap major style rewards. This is such a modern twist to a French manicure. Painting the very tip of nude nails in chrome polish is unexpected – but oh so pretty!

7See Through Style

You probably know we’re no strangers to rhinestone nail designs. We can’t get enough of them, and we’re pretty sure you can’t either. Rhinestones offer instant glam with minimal paint skills required. These neutral nails bring the rhinestone look to a different level with clear stones applied.

8Neutral Artwork

Give neutral nails an artsy vibe with a design like this. Choose 1-2 colors to mix with white polish and apply in this watercolor design. Apply the design to small sections of the nails and keep the rest neutral for a modern twist.

9Modern Shapes

One of our favorite things about neutral nail colors is the modern vibe it provides to different designs. These nails are such a great example of how neutral polish is the perfect base color to VERY simple designs. Use any colors you like for the shapes painted over neutral polish, keep it neutral or add pops of color.

10Floral Ends

How about these nails for a fresh take on floral nails! Flowers painted onto just the ends of neutral nails is a modern take on the spring/summer nail classic. Instead of painting your entire nail in flowers, make it easy! Keep it simple with minimalistic flower details.

11The Modern French Manicure

Ombre + French manicure = the modern upgrade. We have been adoring this take on French manicure design for the last couple of years. One look and you understand why. It’s pretty, chic and modern. Give the classic manicure a glam touch with glitter added to just one accent nail.

12Neutral Glitter Tips

Another French manicure inspired design. This is such an easy neutral nail design to DIY, regardless of your nail shape and length. Choose a neutral nail color to apply all over each nail. After the color fully dries use a glitter polish to paint just the tips of the nails. If you’re not sure your hand is steady enough to get the glitter on straight – apply tape to section off the ends.

13Neutral Meets Chrome

Neutral polish + chrome polish = chic combination! This particular combination almost offers a monochromatic type of look because the chrome polish is in a pretty gold color. Painting chrome in a diagonal section gives this a more modern vibe.

14Nude Polish, Embellished

These neutral nails are perfection for spring and summer. They feel so light, bright and fresh. Keep all the nails in a solid neutral color or mix in a couple of nails with a marble/watercolor type of look. If you add the color addition make sure you choose a color that flows well with the neutral tone.

15Neutral Flakes

Since neutral nails do feel quite chic, we love the ideas that implement some glam touches to the mix. We all love a little added glam to nails anyways, right? Gold is always a great way to give your neutral nails that style element. Even if you just apply a small amount of gold to 1-2 nails, like this manicure.

16Neutral Nails with a Glam Touch

Gold details are limitless when it comes to neutral nail designs. We are in love with these nails and the addition of gold applied to the base of each nail. It’s sort of like a reverse French manicure vibe, but with a modern appeal. Such a great option for short nails!

17Striped in Glitter

Ok – how incredible are these neural nails?! Obviously neutral nail polish, gold, and glitter are always a great combination. The addition of stripes to one of the nails gives these nails an unexpected edge. The best part? Stripes are SUPER easy to DIY using tape.

18Neutrals Mattified Fiercely

Giving neutral nail colors a matte finish instantly changes the aesthetic of the colors. Don’t you think? Bring even more style elevation to the neutral colors with gold stripes painted across the middle of a couple nails. The leopard print isn’t a necessary accent, but definitely gives the nails some fierceness.

19Quilted Neutrals

Stick to a neutral color palette, all while adding a little pop to your nails. Matte nude polish is transformed when paired with white as an accent nail. Don’t you think? It’s such a simple color combo but offers so much style. We love how they tied the colors together with a quilted detail on the white nail.

20Subtle Ombre Styles

We mentioned we’re all about using ombre as a modern take on a French manicure design. This is such a subtle way to apply the design, particularly with the matte finish. Gorgeous for any nail length. Applying just a couple small rhinestones to one nail on each hand gives the nails a whole new vibe.

21Mismatched Neutrals

So often when we think of neutral nails we immediately think of nude and beige color tones. But there really are a variety of neutral nail colors to choose from. Embrace the nail trend of applying a different color onto each nail…with neutrals! This is a perfect neutral nail design for fall.

22Clearly Neutrals

Talk about chic! Nails have been getting a modern design element with the negative space trend. Meaning…leaving some of the nail clear, like they’re showing us in this design. It’s amazing how leaving some portion of your nail(s) can provide such a modern style to even a simple design.

23Moon Inspired Neutrals

24Neutral Chevron

You really can’t go wrong with neutral nail colors and gold glitter polish. This design is so easy to DIY using this combination. Painting one nail in a solid gold glitter polish perfectly highlights the chevron accent nail. If you need a little help to get the chevron lines at home, use tape or a stencil and you are good to go.

25Crystal Aesthetics

Crystal enthusiasts! These neutral nails are probably giving you life right about now. When we first stumbled across these crystal-like nails we immediately got rose quartz vibes. Bring some of those good vibes we appreciate from crystals right onto your nails.

26Swirled in Neutrals

Painting design onto one nail is one of our favorite ways to keep your manicure simple yet stylish. Plus, it’s a lot less work for you or your nail tech. This is a great example of how even a very simple, neutral nail can get updated with a simple design applied to one nail.

27Solid Contrast

Expect to see a lot of nail designs using solid nail colors. It’s amazing how many different ways you can spruce up a solid nail color look. Like painting one nail in a contrasting neutral tone! We have to admit we really love the small rhinestone detail added for an extra touch.

28Monochromatic Shimmer

We’ve shown you quite a few neutral nail color designs with gold glitter and metallic polish used for a pop of glam. These neutral nails give us a different way to adapt glitter into a subtle color palette. Opting for glitter in muted tones like olive, ivory and white are a way to achieve a monochromatic aesthetic.

29Golden Hour

You’ve heard of golden hour, when the sun begins to go down and we get that AMAZING lighting for the perfect Instagram pictures. Bring some of that golden feel to your neutral nails with subtle glitter touches. Apply gold glitter to the pinky nail for an unexpected twist to compliment glitter lines on the ring finger nail.

30Star Light, Star Bright

If you’re on the clear nail trend, these neutral nails are likely speaking to you. We’re in awe over how easy these nails are to recreate. All you need is star shaped glitter! We suggest applying the stars somewhat strategically to give your nails a pretty design like this.

31Tipped with Pastels

Love French manicures, but feel like adding some color to your nails? This is the perfect design mix for you. Instead of keeping the tips of your nails white, as traditional French manicures call for, opt for various colors. For a similar look, use different colors on each nail. Bring this look into any season with various color palettes.

32Touched in Pearls

Minimalists! We found these neutral nails for you ladies. It doesn’t get much simpler (or neutral) than a clear coat on top of your nails. Instead of just leaving the clear coat, add a dose of your personal style to your nails with an embellishment like a big pearl or something similar. We love how cute this is!

33Rainbow Bright, Neutrals

Sure neutral nails are pretty, but there are probably times you want to bring some bright colors into the mix. When you have that itch for some color – use these nails as inspo! Rainbow isn’t new but the way they’ve painted colorful stripes in various places on the nails feels so fresh and new.

34Pop of Silver

For our ladies who love a good DIY manicure, this is a must have for you to do at home. All you need to recreate this neutral nail design is a good neutral nail color (obviously) and some silver glitter polish. Of course you can use gold if you prefer – choose the glitter that will best compliment your chosen neutral nail color.

35Simple Metallic Stripes

Love a metallic pop, but don’t necessarily want to use glitter polish to get it? These nails are perfection. We can’t get enough of how gorgeous these nails are, even as simple as they are. The key here is to apply metallic stripes in different places and directions onto the nails.

36Studded Neutrals

37White, Clearly Flaked

38Sophisticated Glitter

39Neutrally Striped

40All The Stars in the (Neutral) Sky